unit 5 Early to bed..

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unit 5 Early to bed..

    Unit 5 Early to Bed…

I Teaching Aims

    1.1 Text: to learn about our body clock

    1.2 Vocabulary practice: to comprehend words of health problems

    to revise modal verbs 1.3 Grammar in use

    1.4 Listening and speaking skills: how to express dissatisfaction or losing temper. 1.5 After class reading: Naturally Hot--Anisworth Hot Springs and Rotorua

II Time Allotment (3 periods in total)

    Contents Time allotted

    TextEarly to bed… 1 period

    Vocabulary practice 1 period

    Grammar in use 0.5 period

    Listening and speaking skills 30 mins

    After class reading 15 mins

?. Teaching Methods adopted

    3.1 Group activity, students‟ teaching, exercise training and answers checking,

    3.2 Role play, teacher‟s presentation

? Teaching procedure

4.1 TextCan you feel the rhythm?

    4.1.1 Lead in

    T: The title is a well-known proverb. Can you complete it, what does it mean? SS: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. T: Yes, in Chinese, it means: 早睡早起使人健康、富有又聪明。So what does it mean?

    SS: it‟s good for us to go to bed early and get up early.

    T: yes, that‟s a good point. Always we compare our health to the number one, and all the other things like wealth, beauty, fame, status, etc to the number zero, only if we have one with a lot of zeros followed, it becomes meaningful. On the opposite side, if we only have lot of zeros but no “one”, it will be meaningless at all.

    4.1.2Listen to the tape for a main idea of this passage

    4.1.3 Reading comprehension

    Ask the Ss read the text again and choose the correct answer for questions 1-6 and check answers together.

    4.1.4 Text analyzing, paying attention to the Language points a. round the clock, 24 hours

    e.g. He works round the clock to finish the job.

    b. routine


e.g. Having three meals a day is a daily routine for all of us.

    c. in tune

    e.g. You‟re not singing in tune.

    Dance in tune with the rhythm of the music. d. prone, be prone to

    e.g. She‟s prone to be hurt.

    Error-prone, injury-prone, prone to infection; e. deprive sb of sth

    e.g. You can take away everything from me, but you can‟t deprive me of my freedom. f. risk, run the risk of

    e.g. run the risk of failure

    If you don‟t come on time, you will run the risk of being punished by the teacher.

    g. immune, be immune to , not affected by sth or a disease

    e.g. I‟m immune to flu.

    He seems to be immune to my criticism. AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome h. 词汇辨析reject, eject, inject, deject, subject, object (词根记忆法;


    1. deject v 使沮丧(de向下+ject?情绪向下扔?沮丧;

    2. subject n 主题,主观a. 服从的(sub下面+ject_?扔下去?服从的,扔下

    去让大家讨论的主题;?subjection n 服从,臣服(sbject+ion)

    3. eject v 喷出;驱逐(e+ject?扔出?喷出;?ejectionn

    4. project v 投射n. 设计;目标(pro向前+ject?向前扔?目标;项目;?projection n 投射;放映

    5. object n 物体;目标v. 反对(ob+ject?反着扔?反对,引申为扔向目标;

    ?objection n 反对?objective a 客观的n. 目标(object+ive)

    6. inject v 注射(in+ject?扔进去?注射;?injection, n

    7. reject v 拒绝,驳回(re+ject?扔回来?拒绝;?rejection n 拒绝

4.1.5 Useful expressions

    Nine-to- fivers Body clock

    At the crack of dawn Accident prone

    Round the clock Heart disease

    Physical and psychological well being Digestive system Immune function Stay up all night Random noise In tune with

    Run the risk of In harmony

    Dprive sb of sth In the long run

    4.2 Vocabulary practice

    4.2.1 Lead the Ss to learn about some common diseases, including their symptoms

    and common cause. Meantime check their answers to the exercises on page 72.

    4.2.2 Role play

    Two students act out as two doctors of a new clinic and other Ss play as the patients.

    The patients come to the clinic to see the doctor, the doctor diagnoses and tell what‟s


    wrong with the patients. They can begin like this: Doc: Good morning, what‟s the matter with you?

    Patient: Oh, doctor, I feel terrible. You see I can‟t sleep all night for a month…

    4.2.3 Useful expressions

    Splitting headache 剧烈的头痛

    Black eye 黑眼圈

     Sprained wrist 手腕扭伤

    Travel sickness 晕车、晕船

    Pulled muscle 肌肉拉伤

    Food poisoning 食物中毒

    Sore throat 喉咙痛

    Streaming cold 流鼻涕的感冒

    Nose bleed 流鼻血

4.3 Grammar in use

    4.3.1 Modal verbs

    Instructions: revise the usage of modal verbs and ask the Ss to do the exercises

    afterwards and check their answers in the class. 4.3.2 Phrasal verb

    Instructions: Ss are asked to learn as many meanings of the phrases as possible.

    a. Give away:

    1) 赠送; 赠予; 颁发e.g. He decided to give these old clothes away. 2) 泄露; 告发e.g. We heard a shot. The smoke had given us away. 3) 失去; 丧失; 抛弃e.g. You've given away a good chance of success. 4) (在婚礼仪式中)将新娘交给新郎e.g. Mr. Jackson gave away his daughter. b. Give off发出; 放出; 散发出; 放射出

    c. Give out

    1) 分发; 散发e.g. They stood there, giving out the leaflets to the passers-by.

    2) 公布; 宣布e.g. The minister gave out the wrong number of the rooms. 3) 耗尽; 用完e.g. He plans to stay there until his money gives out. d. Go back on 背弃,违背诺言

    e. Go down with 患病

    f. Go after 追赶

    g. Go for 袭击、攻击;喜欢;主张

    h. Go around 分配

    4.3.3 Idioms and Fixed phrases

    Instructions: Ss should not only finish the task, what‟s more important

    is to know how to use them by making sentences. 1) a sweet tooth, liking sweet stuff. 爱好吃甜食

    e.g. Forrest Gump has a sweet tooth, because he likes chocolates and he says,

    “ momma always says „ life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are

    going to get from it‟”.

    2) get that off one‟s chest. 吐出心里话

    e.g. we all need to get that off our chest to our friends.


3) put one‟s finger on , figure sth out 看出问题所在

    e.g. I can‟t put my finger on what‟s wrong.

    4) a strong stomach 不恶心

    e.g. You have to have a strong stomach to watch animals being slaughtered. 5) feel it in my bones, be certainly sure of sth 深知,确信

    e.g. I feel it in my bones that you did it on purpose.

    6) put words into one‟s mouth 声称说过什么

    I never mentioned going away for a holiday. Don‟t put words into my mouth.

    7) do impression of sb, imitate sb 模仿

    e.g. If you have the talent of doing impression of other people, it can be fun to turn this talent to imitating famous people.

    8) break the ice 打破冷场

    e.g. She broke the ice of the class by a laughter.

4.4 Listening and speaking

    4.4.1 Expressions for surprise or dissatisfaction

    Instructions: Comprehend the following expressions and imitate the tones in the dialogues on page 79, Ss are asked to memorize the short dialogues during the class. Surprise:

    For crying out loud!

     I don‟t believe it

    Good grief!

    For goodness sake!



    I can‟t stand it anymore!

    You must be joking!

    I‟m fed up with this!

    I can‟t put up with this!

    I‟ve had all I can take!

    I don‟t know what to do!

4.5 Literature Clip Naturally hot!

    4.5.1 Background information

    Cody Caves is a unique provincial park located in the Selkirk Mountains above Ainsworth Hot Springs. In the Cody Caves System, an underground stream flows for over a kilometer through ancient limestone. Visitors are provided with a one hour tour underground with a professional interpreter to view a spectacular array of formations such as stalactites, soda straws, waterfalls, flowstone, rimstone dams, stalagmites and draperies.

    4.5.2 Text analyzing competition


    Ss are divided into two groups, each group assigned one passage. Each representative


    of either group is given one paragraph to present. During presentation, members from their own group can give supporting supplement and correction in time, while the other group picks up their mistakes. The group with more mistakes loses the competition and should do what the winners ask them do.

    4.5.3 Key points

    Relaxation and therapeutic purposes


    holiday resort 度假胜地

    steam bath 蒸气浴

    work its way down 倾泻而下

    at waist height 齐腰深

    bubbling geysers 间歇泉

    mud pool 泥浆池

    hot springs 温泉

    pain-relieving qualities 止痛功能

    healing properties 治疗功效

    wildlife reserve 野生生物保护区

?. Assignment

    Preview and revise each part and dictate the useful expressions of this unit in the end.

? . Reflections after teaching


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