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    project please contact:

    Marina Kaneti

    GSB Broker Albania


    Growing Sustainable Business Initiative

    Project Name: Agricultural Commodities Info Sharing

    Country: Albania

Main objectives

    1. Design system for collection and processing of time-sensitive data on agricultural commodities prices

    2. Structure a product allowing transmission of commodities prices 3. Disseminate the information via mobile telephony. Data is disseminated upon

    SMS request from the client (modeled after fee-based SMS upload services

    available to customers)

    Rationale for GSB involvement


    Partnership Facilitate partnership between software/data processors, mobile telephony

    Objective(s) companies, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Statistical Institute, donors and

    organizations currently working in the filed of agricultural commodities data

    collection and processing.

    Coordinate partners commitment and involvement throughout the process and

    liaise with other interested parties.

     Assist with designing co-financing model for the data collection and processing

    system (Main objective #1).

    Co-fund for preliminary technical assistance (Main objective #2). Assist with cost and profit-sharing agreements from the end product/service.

    Develop new business line both for:

    - mobile telephony providers - new SMS telephony product Expected - software/data processing companies (in provision of direct support to Business government and public offices) Outcome

    This also allows for further market penetration/development of a new

    customer segment

    Expected Increase knowledge and bargaining power of small and medium holder

    Development farmers throughout Albania. Hence, undercut middle men margins and

Impact generate additional income for local farmers. Potentially all 450,000+ farmers

    in Albania could benefit from this initiative

    Allow for better planning and specialization related to cultivation and

    processing of agricultural commodities

    Direct support to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection

    and the National Statistical Institute

    AMC, GTZ, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection, Project Mountainous Areas Development Agencies (MADA), Microsoft, Vodafone, Partners UNDP

    First collaborative meeting, 7/12/07 focused on project description,

    clarification of accomplishments to-date, steps needed for forward action,

    partnership potential and responsibilities

    stMain outcomes of 1 meeting:

    - partners agreed on the benefits of such initiative in principle

    - Ministry of Agriculture needs support in collecting and processing the

    data; willing to invite an external expert to asses the needs prior to

    Current status engaging private IT firms in to providing support

    - Providing fast IT solution for data collection and processing would be

    relatively easy however the system needs to be legalized and

    institutionalized beyond the mandate of the current Ministry appointees

    - Market for SMS text services well developed in Albania (customers can

    sign for pre-paid packages for daily horoscopes, songs lyrics, weather

    information, etc.) similar approach could be utilized for disseminating

    information on agricultural commodities prices. Broker to discuss

    marketing campaign options/challenges with both mobile providers

    Lead Company Vodafone, AMC, Microsoft, Ark IT, others TBD Name

    Vodafone Albania Sh.a. is the second largest provider of wireless

    telecommunications services in Albania and a subsidiary of Vodafone Group

    Plc, a UK-based global wireless operator. Vodafone Albania won a second

    license to operate GSM 800/1800 network in February 2001 and has been

    Brief Company providing services since August 2001.


    Vodafone Group the world specialist in mobile phones. Vodafone Group

    (British) is one of the rare groups that have a significant world coverage in the

    telecommunications field. It principally specializes in the mobile telephony

    and telephonic transmission network sectors (which it builds after developing

     ? No partnership agreements or LOIs at present ? No commitments made at present

their architecture

    Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC) operates since 1996, and was the

    sole provider of mobile telecommunications in Albania until February 2001,

    when the international tender for a second license in Albania was completed.

    AMC is majority owned by Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications, the leading operator in Greece. AMC had nearly 639 000 subscribers at the end of

    September 2004, of which 98% were prepaid subscribers. Microsoft Corporation engages in the development, manufacture, licensing,

    and support of software products for various computing devices worldwide. It operates in three divisions: Platforms and Services, Microsoft Business, and

    Entertainment and Devices. Microsoft was founded in 1975 by William H.

    Gates III and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft is

    currently looking to i)expand its presence in Eastern Europe and ii) champion

    public-private initiatives

    ARK IT provides information management and information technology

    consulting, solutions and products to its customers. The ARK IT in Albania

    works closely with governmental institutions as well as with the private sector,

    with multinational and national businesses.

    The main business partner of ARK IT in Albania is Deloitte & Touche.

    As system integrator type Oracle Partner, Ark IT provides network services,

    consulting, custom and specific application programs integrated with Oracle

    products. Ark IT has close relationships with Oracle Greece (Adriatic Region).

    ARK IT works in the Swiss market in a close collaboration with ARK

    Management AG, Mediscope AG, and Proxena Gmbh - other software and data processing companies to be approached

    Date last edited: July 13, 2007

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