Medical Licensing Board of Indiana

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Medical Licensing Board of Indiana




    AND SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION. If after reading the instructions you

    have questions please contact our office.


    Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

    Medical Licensing Board

    402 W. Washington Street, Room W072

    Indianapolis, IN 46204


    (317) 234-2060

    (317) 233-4236 (fax)


    Processing time depends on the applicant. The applicant is responsible for the submission of all documents. The sooner the documents are requested and received the quicker the license can be issued. If you have a positive response, the license/temporary cannot be issued until it has been reviewed by the Board. The Board meets on a monthly basis.


    In compliance with IC 4-1-6, this agency is notifying you that you must provide the requested information or your application will not be processed. You have the right to challenge, correct, or explain information maintained by this agency. The information you provide will become public record. Your examination scores and grade transcripts are confidential except in circumstances where their release is required by law, in which case you will be notified.

    Your social security number is being requested by this state agency in accordance with IC 4-1-8-1. Disclosure is mandatory, and this record cannot be processed without it.


    Licensure is entirely at the discretion of the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana. Licensure in another state does not in any manner assure or guarantee licensure in

    Indiana. The completion of an application does not guarantee licensure in Indiana.

    The issuance of a temporary permit does not in any manner assure or guarantee full

    licensure in the State of Indiana.


    When submitting a notarized copy of an original document, the notary MUST make a statement to the fact that the notary has seen the original document. If this is not done the document will NOT be accepted.


    You may view the statute and rules on our website. For your convenience you may click on the following link:


    The Medical Licensing Board of Indiana highly recommends and accepts the Federation Credentials Verification Service. You may apply for the FCVS packet through the Federation of State Medical Boards. Their website is


    Adopted May 22, 2008

    IC 25-22.5-3-1(c)


    ; CIFAS School of Medicine, Santo Domingo (closed) as of 10/18/1984

    ; Universidad Mexico American Del Norte as of 11/15/1984

     (Northern University School of Medicine)

    ; St. Lucia Health Sciences University, St. Lucia as of 10/18/1984

    ; Spartan Health Sciences University, St. Lucia as of 10/18/1984

    ; Clayton University Osteopathic School as of 06/01/2000

     (American International Open University)

    ; St. Matthews University, Grand Cayman as of 12/05/2002

    ; University of Health Sciences Antigua, St. John’s as of 12/05/2002

    ; Grace/St. Kitts/London Medical College as of 12/05/2002

    ; International University of Health Sciences (IUHS) as of 12/05/2002

    ; Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and Holistic Health

    Sciences (Hamilton) as of 8/23/2007

    ; Osteopathic Health and Wellness Institute (Hamilton) as of 8/23/2007

    ; Canadian College of Osteopathy (Toronto) as of 8/23/07

    ; Sutherland Academy of Osteopathy (Oakville) as of 8/23/07

    ; CETEC University, Santo Domingo (closed) as of 5/22/08

    ; UTESA University, Santo Domingo as of 5/22/08

    ; World University, Santo Domingo (closed) as of 5/22/08

    ; Universidad Federico Henriquez y Carvajal, Dominica Republic as of 5/22/08

    ; Kigezi International School of Medicine, Cambridge, England & Uganda as of


    ; Universidad Eugenio Maria de Hostos (UNIREMHOS), Dominica Republic as of


    Internet Programs: All schools of medicine whose curriculum and primary requirements are internet based and/or distance learning shall be disapproved. Most specifically, the internet based schools of medicine listed on the Federation Alert are hereby disapproved by the board.


    ; American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine as of 12/20/1984

    ; Ross University of Medicine as of 12/20/1984

    ; St. George’s University School of Medicine as of 12/20/1984

    ; Saba, Netherlands Antilles (coursework from 1/1/02 to present)

    In addition to this list, the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana has recognized the Medical Board of California as having similar standards to those of LCME when considering foreign medical schools. Therefore, in compliance with IAC 844 4-4.5-3 the Board has accepted schools listed on the published Medical Schools Recognized by the Medical Board of California. A list of their approved and disapproved programs can be found at

    Those schools that are neither approved by Indiana or California (and not on the disapproved list) are reviewed on a case by case basis. The Board uses IMED FAIMER and ECFMG as tools to determine whether those schools are LCME equivalent.


    (To reinforce the notarized copy information listed on the top of page two: When submitting a notarized copy of an original document, the notary MUST make a statement to the fact that the notary has seen the original document.)


    Please type or legible print when completing the application.

    All information requested on the application must be completed.

    The application must have an original signature and date.

    ***Please be sure to include a current email address as we will send you

    status notifications via email.


    Regardless as to when your license is issued it will expire on the upcoming June th30 odd year. Example: License issued on January 3, 2009 it will expire June

    30, 2009; License issued on November 3, 2008 it will expire June 30, 2009; stth**Licenses issued from May 1 through June 30 of each odd year will be issued

    through to the next odd year. Example: License issued May 25, 2009 will have

    an expiration date of June 30, 2011.

    Renewals: A renewal reminder will be sent out to the address we have on file tharound April 30 odd year. When you renew your license at this time it will be

    for a two (2) year period. Please make sure that IPLA always has your current



    You must submit one (1) passport quality photo taken with in the past three

    (3) months.


    You must submit an application fee in the amount of $250.00; payable to

    Professional Licensing Agency. All fees are non-refundable and non-



    If you have answered any of the questions on the application “yes” you must

    submit a NOTARIZED AFFIDAVIT detailing the occurrence/situation, the

    outcome, date of occurrence, if it is a malpractice payment the amount paid

    in your behalf. If applicable please submit copies of all court documents

    and/or arrest records. Letters from attorneys or insurance companies are

    not accepted in lieu of your statement.


    A ninety (90) day temporary permit may be issued to an applicant who holds

    and shows proof of holding a valid license to practice medicine in the United

    States, its possessions or Canada.

    If you are also requesting a ninety (90) day temporary permit; along with the

    first four (4) items listed above you must also submit:

     --Proof of Current Licensure. You must submit a notarized copy of a license

     with a current expiration date (pocket card/billfold license).

    --You must also submit an additional temporary permit fee of $100.00;

     payable to Professional Licensing Agency. All fees are non-refundable and


    The permit expires ninety (90) days from the date of issuance or when final action

    is taken on the application for full licensure.


    You must request a “License Verification or Letter of Good Standing” from

    each State/Country in which you currently are or have ever been licensed,

    certified, or registered in any regulated health profession or occupation.

    This includes all licenses etc., that are active, expired, inactive, retired,

    delinquent etc. In addition to any Medical license/permit etc., this also

    pertains to any professional health license such as an EMT, Nursing,

    Pharmacists, etc. You will need to print off the verification form; contact the

    appropriate entities/States to see if they charge a fee for completing this form

    and send the form directly to them. They will in turn complete the

    verification and mail it directly to our office.

    We do not accept web verifications; the verification must come directly from the State in which you were licensed in.


    You must submit an official transcript of grades from the

    medical/osteopathic school showing degree has been conferred and date of graduation. Graduates of foreign medical schools must submit notarized copies of all subjects and grades (mark sheets). Include official translation if not in English.


    You must submit a notarized copy of your medical degree. Include official translation if not in English.


    You must submit proof of postgraduate training. Those who have graduated from approved schools in the United States, its possessions or Canada must have at least one (1) year of postgraduate training, in the United States, its possessions or Canada. Those who have graduated from school outside of the United States, its possessions or Canada must have two (2) years of postgraduate training, obtained in a recognized program in the United States, its possessions or Canada.

    You must submit official proof of all postgraduate training programs you attended. You may submit proof in one of two ways, both are listed below:

    1. A notarized copy of your certificate of completion issued by the Hospital

    with beginning and ending dates.


    2. An ORIGINAL letter from the postgraduate training program Director

    with the seal of the program with beginning and ending dates. (Copies

    will not be accepted.)



    If you are a foreign medical graduate, you must submit a notarized copy of your ECFMG certificate. If your ECFMG certificate has an expiration date you must request a permanent validation sticker from ECFMG.

    ECFMG Contact Information

    3624 Market Street

    Philadelphia, PA 19104-2685 USA

    Telephone: (215) 386-5900

    (Telephone assistance available between 9:00a.m. and 5:00p.m. Eastern Time)

    Fax: (215) 386-9196



    When the name on any document differs from the applicant’s name, a notarized or certified copy of a marriage certificate or legal name change must be submitted.


    Please contact the National Practitioner Data Bank/Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank and request a report. The report will be sent directly to you. DO NOT OPEN the report, but forward the unopened envelope to our office. If you do open the envelope please send the ENTIRE CONTENT of the envelope to our office. (There are not two copies of the report in the envelope but two separate reports and we need both for licensure purposes.)

    NPDP/HIPDB Contact Information

    P. O. Box 10832

    Chantilly, VA 20153-0832



    Please request that your official FLEX; National Boards; USMLE; LMCC or State Board scores be submitted by the appropriate agency directly to the Professional Licensing Agency.

    EXAMINATION Contact Information


    Federation of State Medical Boards

    400 Fuller Wiser Road

    Euless, Texas 76039

    (817) 868-4000



    (215) 590-9500


    The request form is now available only on the NBME website. Only those applicants who either passed the former NBME Parts or a combination of NBME Parts and USMLE Steps should complete this form and send it to the NBME.

    Those applicants who passed only the USMLE Steps must complete the EBHAR

    form and forward it to the Federation of State Medical Boards. They should not

    complete the endorsement of certification form found on the NBME website.


    National Board of Osteopathic Medicinal Examiners

    8765 West Higgins Road, Suite 200

    Chicago, Illinois 60631

    (773) 714-0622



    Medical Council of Canada

    1867 Alta Vista Drive

    Case Postale, Box 8234

    Ottawa, Canada K1G 3H7

    (613) 521-6012


     You must have the state board where you took the examination complete the

     verification of state licensure form and attach the subjects, scores, date of

     examination and average. This can be done in conjunction with the license

     verification of the State where you took the examination.


    The Indiana Medical Licensing Board does not accept the Puerto Rico examination. All graduates from Puerto Rico must take the English version of the USMLE in order to be considered for licensure in Indiana.


    An applicant for unlimited licensure must be certified by one of the following examination combinations:

    1. FLEX Examination (Component 1 & 2)

    2. National Board of Medical Examiners (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

    3. National Boards of Examiners for Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons ( Parts 1,

    2 & 3)

    4. USMLE (Steps 1, 2 & 3)

    5. National Boards of Medical Examiners Parts 1 & 2 and FLEX Examination

    Component 2

    6. National Boards of Medical Examiners Parts 1 & 2 and USMLE Step 3

    7. FLEX Examination Component 1 and USMLE Step 3

Please note the law regarding the USMLE (effective July 2008):

    844 IAC 4-4.5-12 Passing requirements for United States Medical Licensing Examination states:

    Sec. 12. The following are the examination passing requirements for licensure:

    (1) A score of seventy-five (75) is the minimum passing score for all steps of

    the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

    (2) An applicant may have a maximum of three (3) attempts to pass each step

     of the USMLE. Therefore, upon the third seating of each step of the exam,

     the applicant must obtain a passing score.

    (3) All steps of the USMLE must be taken and successfully passed within a

    ten (10) year time period. This ten (10) year period begins when the

    applicant first passes a step, either Step 1 or Step II. In counting the number

    of attempts regarding USMLE steps, previous attempts on the National

    Board Medical Examination and the examination of the Federation of State

    Medical Boards of the Unites States are included.

    If you do not meet the ten (10) year period, you may apply for licensure and retake Step 1 and/or Step 2 of the USMLE to put you within the ten (10) year period if it does not put you over the three (3) attempts. You must make application and request to retake Step 1 and/or Step 2. Our agency will send out the appropriate letters to the Federation so that you may reapply to take the appropriate steps of the USMLE.

If it has taken you more than three (3) attempts to pass a step of the USMLE you are not

    eligible for licensure in Indiana.

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