Drug Abuse

By Carolyn Evans,2014-03-08 19:59
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Drug Abuse

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    Drug Abuse

     Drug abuse has become a very serious issue recently. A large number of people who are addicted to drugs not only harm them but also cause lots of social problem. However, why is drug abuse prevailing? There are some reasons such as individual cause, growing background and social cause.

     First of all, individual cause is one of important factors of drug abuse. It includes ones personality, curiosity to unknown things, and desire for excitement. For example, if someone usually tends to be in bad mood, like frustration or anxiety, they may not endure such anguish and then turn into help of drugs. On the other hand, some people have to a try at drugs just out of curiosity. Unknown area of drugs attracts their attention, and they try to go to drugs. In addition, people, especially teenagers, want to look for excitement, and drugs meet their wishes. This individual cause is common to be observed but hard to be avoided.

     Secondly, growing background and environment also bring about drug abuse. For instance, inharmonious families may cause children to be in apprehensive or fretful state. Staying in such situation for a long time probably makes them asks drugs for help. Over the long period of time, they are likely to become addicts and can not quit drugs. Moreover, stress from school is a severe problem studying

    unhappily and competition with peers lead students yearn to be relaxed. On account of those conditions, they may suppose drugs can release their pressure. Hence, they go to drugs, and afterwards it is possible to become immersed in drugs.

     Whats more, social cause is an essential factor of drug abuse, too. Negative news, economic pressure and accessibility to get medicine are categorized in social cause. If people are exposed to negative news in long term, they may feel downcast at this society so that they may rely on drugs generally to help them give a wide berth to reality. Also, economic pressure is arduous to bear. As an economic support a family, he/she has to be more responsible than any other members of his/her family. However, if he/she can not make both ends meet any more, or even has to pay for debt, these kinds of burden may make him/her want to escape. At this time, they may go to drugs to forget such despair. Furthermore, accessibility to get medicine is a terribly acute problem. Getting medicine easily makes people take too much drugs which are sometimes unnecessary.

     Drug abuse, all in all, results from many causes and may induce a lot of social problem such as committing crimes, and waste social resource. Therefore, how to avoid efficiently misusing drugs is very significant. For example, we should be more concerned with our friends or family members especially when they feel down. Besides, the government also has to enact bills to prevent people from abusing drugs

and set up well-appointed institutions to counsel those who have already gone to

drugs. Only when everyone in our society squares up to the problem of drug abuse

and is determined to solve it, we can have better lives and brighter futures.

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