unit 4 Earthquake Teaching Design

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unit 4 Earthquake Teaching Design

    Teaching Design

    Teaching material: Warming up & Reading, Unit 4 Earthquake, NSEFC Book 1 Teaching Aims:

    ?. Knowledge aims:

    1. Get the students to learn the following useful new words and expressions in this passage:

    shake well (n. ) rise crack smelly pond pipe burst canal steam dirt ruin injure

    destroy brick dam useless steel shock quake rescue electricity disaster army

    organize bury coal mine shelter fresh right away at an end lie in ruins be trapped

    under sth. a (great) number of

    2. Get the students to know basic knowledge about natural disasters. ?.Ability aims:

    1. Develop the students reading ability and let them learn different reading skills.

    2. Train the students’ ability to collect useful information from the Reading passage by


    ?.Emotional aim:

    1. Get the students know damages earthquakes bring about and the ways to reduce losses of earthquakes.

    2. Get the students to know how to protect oneself and help others in earthquakes.

    3. Get the students to be aware of terrible disasters, meanwhile get them to face it, treat it in a

    proper way, and never get discouraged.

    Teaching important points:

    1. Get the students to know basic knowledge about natural disasters.

    2. Get the students to learn about Tangshan Earthquake.

    3. Get the students to learn different reading skills.

    Teaching difficult points:

    Develop the students’ reading ability.

    Teaching methods:

    1. Task-based teaching and learning

    2. Cooperative learning

    3. Discussion

    Teaching Procedures:

    Step?: Lead-in & Warming up

    1. show the following pictures and make the Ss talk about them in group of four:

    Since the Ss are familiar with the events happened on the two dates, they may be very active

    and anxious to express their opinions.

     T: Well done, as we all know, the two dates refer to the two terrible earthquakes which broke out in our motherland in 21th century and caused tens of thousands deaths and huge damage. The

    thfirst one refers to Wenchuan Earthquake (on May 12, 2008),while the other Yushu Earthquake(on

    thApril 14 ,2010) But meanwhile do you know another terrible earthquakeTangshan


    2. Show some pictures and offer some background materials about Tangshan Earthquake

A new city of Tangshan:

     thT: The Tangshan Earthquake broke out in the early morning on July 28,1976, and it caused

    more than 242,000 deaths and more than 164,000 seriously injured. The earth was shocked, and it

    this known as one of the ten most serious natural disasters in 20 century.

    Step ?: Reading

    1. Pre-reading

    T: As is known to all of us, earthquakes can be very terrible and no one can stop them, fortunately however, we can predict them before they really break out using scientific equipment, and even we can do it just by watching strange things happen in rural areas. Now please open your books on P25, look at the pictures and tell me what will happen before an earthquake in your own words.

    S1: Bright light flash in the sky.

    S2: The well have deep cracks in it and the water in it rises and falls.

    S3: Pigs and cows are too nervous to eat, and chickens are flying , and dogs are barking. S4: fish jump out of the pond, and mice run wildly out of fields.

    2. fast-reading

    T: Now let’s come to the text ―A NIGHT THE EARTH DIDN’T SLEEP‖ and see what it tells us.

    Task 1: Please read the text and get the general idea of the passage. You should pay attention to the first sentences of each paragraph. In what order is the text written? (The text is written in time order. The general idea is the mixture of the first sentences of each paragraph, that is, the text tells us something that happened before the earthquake, during the earthquake and after the earthquake.) Task 2: Divide the passage into three parts

    T: Since the passage is written in time order: Before during after the earthquake, now

    please work with your deskmate and divide the passage into three parts, and summarize the mean ideas of each part.( After 5mins, check the answers with the class.)

    Part 1 (para 1) Strange things were happening before the earthquake, but no one took any notice

of them

     Part 2 (para 2-3) The earthquake destroyed the city of Tangshan and shocked the people very much

     Part 3 (para 4) The army came to help the survivors, bringing hope for a new life Task 3: True or False?

    Ask the students to decide whether the following statements are true or false. If it is false, try to correct it.

    (1)People in Tangshan were warned of the earthquake and didn’t go to bed that night.

    (2)People in Beijing also felt the earthquake.

    (3)More than 400 000 people were killed in the quake.

    (4)Many rescue workers and doctors were trapped under the ruins during the aftershock. (5)People tried to get fresh water from under the ground in Tangshan.

    Suggested answers:

    (1)F People in Tangshan thought little of the signs of the earthquake and went to bed as usual that night.


    (3)F More than 400 000 people were killed or injured in the quake.


    (5)F Fresh water was taken to the city Tangshan by train, truck and plane. Step ?: Summary & Homework

    1. Summarize the general idea of the text.

    2. For homework, the Ss are wanted to read the passage carefully after class and underline the

    difficult words and expressions in it.

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