(09.23.11)Culture and communication skills

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(09.23.11)Culture and communication skills

Full Name:Ya Wen, Chang(Chloe)


    Course CRN:Culture and communication skills for Graduate School


    th Date: 23Sep,2011


    Briefly describe the authors main analogies, If I could make a analogy for Taiwanese, what would you compare it? Why?


    As far as I am concerned, I think the author point out the many different between western- style and Japanese-style in many section, it is not just in language. She uses two examples to show what it is. The first part is the conversational ballgame, it likes a tennis game between two people and it supposed to be exciting and interesting in a good conversation.

    The second one is, if there are more than two people join this conversation, it would be like volleyball. In western-style, everyone should take their own turn automatically and try to keep the conversation going.

    However, the Japanese-style is totally different from Western-style, no matter in a group with two people or up to. It is like bowling, the conversation depends on your age, relationship and position when you want to talk in it. ‘’All the balls run parallel.’’ The author said.

    In conclusion, the author made a brief sum up, the main reason why she felt she could not have the right conversation with Japanese, it just because she plays the wrong game with them.

    I think the different between Taiwanese and western, the main point is we always waiting until the last time. For example, when I was senior high school student, the teacher asked about the questions and there was no one wants to be the volunteer to speak up. Also, when I finished my high school, I became not very talkative. When I studied in university, It did challenge me to be outstanding and strong in talking. Therefore, I think I am suffering the style of Taiwanese education, although it helps me enter a good university, be correct in logical thinking and follow the rule to be a good student. But I still felt empty and like a person without thought.

In conclusion, the culture plays an important part in everyones life. It is hard to separate different

    culture into good or bed. In my opinion, everyone can adjust themselves when they need to talk with foreigner. Being respect the different, like culture shuck between country to country.

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