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    Group One

    41.For many patients, institutional care is the most ______ and beneficial form of care

    A) pertinent B) appropriate C) acute D) persistent

    42.Among all the changes resulting from the ______ entry of women into the work force, the transformation that has occurred in the women themselves is not the least important.

    A) massive B) quantitative C) surplus D) formidable

    43.Mr. Smith became very ______ when it was suggested that he had made a mistake.

    A) ingenious B) empirical C) objective D) indignant

    44.Rumours are everywhere, spreading fear, damaging reputations, and turning calm situations into ______ ones.

    A) turbulent B) tragic C) vulnerable D) suspicious

    45.The ______ cycle of life and death is a subject of interest to scientists and philosophers alike.

    A) incompatible B) exceeding C) instantaneous D) eternal

    46.She remains confident and ______ untroubled by our present problems.

    A) indefinitely B) infinitely C) optimistically D) seemingly

    47.Fiber-optic cables can carry hundreds of telephone conversations ______.

    A. simultaneously B) spontaneously C) homogeneously D) contemporarily

    48.The police were alerted that the escaped criminal might be in the ______.

    A) vain B) vicinity C) court D) jail

    49.Whether you live to eat or eat to live, food is a major ______ in every familys budget.

    A) nutrition B) expenditure C) routine D) provision

    50.Now a paper in Science argues that organic chemicals in the rock come mostly from ______ on earth rather than

    bacteria on Mars.

    A) configuration B) constitution C) condemnation D) contamination

    51.There is much I enjoy about the changing seasons, but my favorite time is the ______ from fall to winter.

    A) transmission B) transformation C) transition D) transfer

    52.I think we need to see an investment ______ before we make an expensive mistake.

    A) guide B) entrepreneur C) consultant D) assessor

    53.The ______ on this apartment expires in a years time.

    A) treaty B) lease C) engagement D) subsidy

    54.The elderly Russians find it hard to live on their state ______.

    A) pensions B) earnings C) salaries D) donations

    55.There is supposed to be a safety ______ which makes it impossible for trains to collide.

    A) appliance B) accessory C) machine D) mechanism

    56.After four years in the same job his enthusiasm finally ______.

    A) deteriorated B) dispersed C) dissipated D) drained

    57.No one can function properly if they are _______ of adequate sleep.

    A) deprived B) ripped C) stripped D) contrived

    58.For years now, the people of that faraway country have been cruelly ______ by a dictator.

    A) depressed B) immersed C) oppressed D) cursed

    59.Ever since the rise of industrialism, education has been ______ towards producing workers.

    A) harnessed B) hatched C) motivated D) geared

    60.The prospect of increased prices has already ______ worries.

    A) provoked B) irritated C) inspired D) hoisted

    61.The suspect ______ that he had not been in the neighbourhood at the time of the crime.

    A) advocated B) alleged C) addressed D) announced

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    62.Although the colonists ______ to some extent with the native Americans , the Indiansinfluence on American

    culture and language was not extensive.

    A) migrated B) matched C) mingled D) melted

    63.E-mail is a convenient, highly democratic informal medium for conveying messages that _______ well to

    human needs.

    A) adheres B) reflects C) conforms D) satisfies

    64.The wings of the bird still ______ after it had been shot down.

    A) slapped B) scratched C) flapped D) fluctuated

    65.The disagreement over trade restrictions could seriously ?______ relations between the two countries.

    A) tumble B) jeopardize C) manipulate D) intimidate

    66.When you put up wallpaper, should you ______ the edges or put them next to each other?

    A) coincide B) extend C) overlap D) collide

    67.Under the present system, state enterprises must ______ all profits to the government.

    A) turn down B) turn up C) turn out D) turn in

    68.Oil companies in the U.S. are already beginning to feel the pressure. Refinery workers and petroleum-

    equipment-manufacturing employees are being _______.

    A) laid out B) laid off C) laid down D) laid aside

    69.Well ______ you for any damage done to your house while we are in it.

    A) compensate B) remedy C) supplement D) retrieve

    70.She cut her hair short and tried to ______ herself as a man.

    A) decorate B) disguise C) fabricate D) fake

    Group Two

    41.If you want this painkiller,you’ll have to ask the doctor for a ______.

    A)transaction B)permit C)settlement D)prescrition

    42.The ______ form childhood to adulthood is always critical time for everybody.

    A)conversion B)transition C)turnover D)transformation

    43.It is hard to tell whether we are going to have b boom in the economy or a ______.

    A)concession C)submission B)recession D)transmission

    44.His use of color,light and form quickly departed from the conventional style of his as ______ he developed own


    A)descendants B)predecessors C)successors D)ancestors

    45.Failure in a required subject may result in the ______of a diploma.

    A)refusal B)betrayal C)denial D)burial

    46.To help students understand how we see,teachers often draw an ______between an eye and a camera. A)image B)analogy C)denial D)axis

    47.A 1994 World Bank report concluded that ______girls in school was probably the single most effective

    anti-poverty policy in the developing world today.

    A)assigning B)admitting C)invlving D)enrolling

    48.The authome of report is well ______with the problems in the hospital because he has been working there for many years.

    A)acquainted B)informed C)accustomed D)known

    49.When the farmers visited the city the first time.they were ______by its complicated traffic system. A)precludes B)bewildered C)diverted D)expires

    50.If Japan ______ its relation with that country it will have to find another supplier of rawmaterials. A)precludes B)terminates C)partitions D)expires

    51.They were ______ in their swcientific research,not knowing what happened just outside their lab.

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    A)submerged B)drowned C)immersed D)dipped

    52.You should ______ to one or more weekly magazines such as time,or Newsweek. A)ascribe B)order C)reclaim D)subscribe

    53.The automatic doors in supermarkets ______the entry and exit of customers with shopping carts. A)furnish B)induce C)facilitate D)allocate

    54.Each workday,the workers followed the same schedules and rarely ______from this routine. A)deviated B)disconnected C)detached D)distored

    55.The little girl was ______ by the death of her dog since her affection for the pet had been real and deep.

    A)grieved B)suppressed C)oppressed D)sustained

    56.Avisitor to a museum today would notice ______ changes in the way museums are operated. A)cognitive B)rigorous C)conspicuous D)exclusive

    57.Most people tend to think ghey are so efficient at their job that they are ______ . A)inaccessible B)irreversible C)immovable D)irreplaceable

    58.Bejing impatient is ______ with being a good teacher.

    A)intrinsic B)ingenious C)incompatible D)inherent

    59.For a particular reason,he wanted the information to be treated as ______. A)assured B)reserved C)intimate D)confidential

    60.Fortune-tellers are good at marking ______ statements such as “Your sorrows will change,”

    A)philosophical B)ambiguous C)literal D)invalid

    61.The tenant mush be prepared to decorate the house ______the terms of the contract. A)in the vicinity of B)in quest of C)in accordance with D)in collaboration with 62.The winners of the football championship ran off the field carrying the silver cup ______ . A)turbulently B)tremendously C)triumphantly D)tentatively

    63.He said that they had ______ been obliged to give up the scheme for lack of support. A)gravely B)regrettably C)forcibly D)graciously

    64.The law on drinking and driving is ______ stated.

    A)extravagantly B)empirically C)exceptionally D)explicitly

    65.There counms to damages have not been convincingly ______.

    A)refuted B)overwhetmed C)cepressed D)intimidated

    66.Please don’t ______ too much on the painful memories.Everything will be all right.

    A)hesitate B)linger C)retain D)dwell

    67.The jobs of wildlife technicians and biologists seemed ______to him ,but one day he discovered their difference.

    A)identical B)vertical C)parallel D)specific

    68.Mary became ______ homesick and critical of the United States,so the fled from her home in west Bloomfield

    to her hometown in Austria.

    A)completely B)sincerely C)absolutely D)increasingly

    69.Despite almost universal ______of the vital importance of women’s literacy,education remains a dream for far

    mary women in far too many countries of the world.

    A)identification B)compliment C)confession D)acknowledgement

    70.In today’s medical,little agreement exists on the ______for defining mental illness.

    A)legislation B)requirement C)criteria D)measures

Group Three

    4l. It was that the restaurant discriminated against black customers.

    A) addicted B) alleged C) assaulted D) ascribed

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42. The medicine his pain but did not care his illness.

    A) activated B) alleviated C) mediated D) deteriorated 43. He is the only Person who can in this case, because the other witnesses were killed mysterious1y

    A) testify B) charge C) accuse D) rectify

    44. Professor Hawking is as one of the world’s greatest living physicists.

    A) dignified B) clarified C) acknowledged D) illustrated 45. The financial problem of this company is further by the rise in interest rates. A) increased B) strengthened C) reinforced D) aggravated 46. We shall probably never be able to the exact nature of these sub-atomic particles. A) assert B) impart C) ascertain D) notify

    47. All the people in the stadium cheered up when they saw hundreds of colourful balloons slowly into the sky. A) ascending B) elevating C) escalating D) lingering 48. Many years had before they returned to their original urban areas. A) floated B) elapsed C) skipped D) proceeded.

    49. What you say now is not with what you said last week.

    A) consistent. B) persistent C) permanent D) insistent 50. Military orders are and cannot be disobeyed.

    A) defective B) conservative C) alternative D) imperative 5l. Some educators try to put students of similar abilities into the same class because they believe this kind of

     grouping is advisable.

    A) homogeneous B) instantaneous C) spontaneous D) anonymous 52. Even sensible men do things sometimes.

    A) abrupt B) absurd C) acute D) apt

    53. The commission would find itself at every turn if its members couldn't reach an agreement.

    A) collided B) savaged C) crumbled D) hampered

    54. Grain production in the word is but still millions go hungry.

    A) staggering B) shrinking C) soaring D) suspending 55. He developed a attitude after years of frustration in his career A) sneaking B) disgusted C) drastic D) cynical

    56. They believed that this was not the of their campaign for equality but merely the beginning.

    A) climax B) summit C) pitch D) maximum

    57. Several guests were waiting in the for the front door to open.

    A) porch B) vent C) inlet D) entry

    58. As the mountains were covered with a of cloud, we couldn't see their tops. A) coating B) film C) veil D) shade

    59. We couldn't really afford to buy a house so we got it on for purchase and paid monthly A) investments B) requirements C) arrangements D) installment 60. The magician made us think he cut the girl into pieces but it was merely an

    A) illusion B) impression C) image D) illumination 6l. A good education is an you can fall back on for the rest of your life. A) asset B) ethic C) inventory D) obligation

    62. Giving a gift can convey a wealth of meaning about your appreciation of their and the importance you place

    upon the relationship.

    A) solidarity B) priority C) superiority D) hospitality 63. The designer has applied for a for his new invention.

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    A) tariff B) discount C) version D) patent

    64. The toy maker produces a copy of the space station, exact in every detail.

    A) minimal B) minimum C) miniature D) minor

    65. An energy tax would curb ordinary air pollution, limit oil imports and cut the budget .

    A) disposition B) discrepancy C) defect D) deficit

    66. They have decided to physical punishment in all local schools.

    A) put away B) breakaway from C) do away with D) pass away

    67. Astronauts are all kinds of tests before they are actuaI1y sent up in a spacecraft. A) inclined to B) subjected to C) prone to D) bound to

    68. Individual sports are run by over 370 independent governing bodies whose functions usually include

     rules, holding events, selecting national teams and promoting international links. A) drawing on B) drawing in C) drawing up D) drawing down

    69. Up until that time. his interest had focused almost on fully mastering the skills and techniques of his craft. A) restrictively B) radically C) inclusively D) exclusively

    70. All the ceremonies at the 2000 Olympic Games had a unique Australian flavor, of their multicultural


    A) noticeable B) indicative C) conspicuous D) implicit

Group Four

    41. It is generally known that New York is a city for and a center for odd bits of information.

    A) veterans B) victims C) pedestrians D) eccentrics

    42. High grades are supposed to academic ability, but John's actual performance did not confirm this.

    A) certify B) clarify C) classify D) notify

    43. In spite of the , it seemed that many of the invited guests would still show up.

    A) deviation B) distinction C) controversy D) comparison

    44. The relatives of those killed in the crash got together to seek

    A) premium B) compensation C) repayment D) refund

    45. At first everything went well with the project but recently we have had a number of with the machinery.

    A) disturbances B) setbacks C) outputs D) distortions

    46. He tried to hide his ________ patch by sweeping his hair over to one side.

    A) barren B) bare C) bald D) bleak

    47. The old couple now still ________ for their beloved son, 30 years after his death.

    A) cherish B) groan C) immerse D) mourn

    48. Coffee is the ________ of this district and brings local farmers a lot of money.

    A) majority B) staple C) spice D) elite

    49. Before we move, we should ____ some of the old furniture, so that we can have more room in the new house.

    A) discard B) dissipate C) cancel D) conceal

    50. You cannot imagine how ________ I feel with my duties sometimes.

    A) overflowed B) overthrown C) overwhelmed D) overturned

    51. Anyone not paying the registration fee'by the end of this month will be__ to have withdrawn from the program.

    A) contemplated B) deemed C) acknowledged D) anticipated

    52. Although he was on a diet, the delicious food ________ him enormously.

    A) distracted B) stimulated C) inspired D) tempted t

    53. The police are trying to ________ what really happened.

    A) ascertain B) assert C) avert D) ascribe

    54. He said that ending the agreement would ________ the future of small or family-run shops, lead to fewer

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    books being published and increase prices of all but a few bestsellers.

    A) venture B) expose C) jeopardize D) legalize

    55. As we know, computers are used to store and ________ information efficiently.

    A) reclaim B) reconcile C) reassure D) retrieve

    56. His illness first ________ itself as severe stomach pains and headaches.

    A) expressed B) manifested C) reflected D) displayed

    57. The ________ they felt for each other was obvious to everyone who saw them.

    A) affection B) adherence C) sensibility D) sensitivity

    58. When construction can begin depends on how soon the ________ of the route is completed.

    A) conviction B) identity C) orientation D) survey

    59. The government ________ a heavy tax on tobacco, which aroused opposition from the tobacco industry.

    A) pronounced B) imposed C) complied D) prescribed

    60. Years after the accident he was still ________ by images of death and destruction.

    A) twisted B) dipped C) haunted D) submerged

    61. The boxer ________ and almost fell when his opponent hit him.

    A) staggered B) shattered C) scattered D) stamped

    62. In mountainous regions, much of the snow that falls is ________ into ice.

    A) dispersed B) embodied C) compiled D) compacted

    63. These continual ________ in temperature make it impossible to decide what to wear.

    A) transitions B) transformations C) exchanges D) fluctuations

    64. The post-World War II baby ________ resulted in a 43 percent increase in the number of teenagers inthe

    1960s and 1970s.

    A) boost B) boom C) production D) prosperity

    65. Elisabeth did not enter the museum at once, but ________ in the courtyard.

    A) resided B) dwelled C) lingered D) delayed

    66. Henry went through the documents again carefully for fear of ________ any important data.

    A) relaying B) overlooking C) deleting D) revealing

    67. The bank is offering a ________ to anyone who can give information about the robbery.

    A) reward B) bonus C) prize D) compliment

    68. It is a(n) ________ that the French eat so much rich food and yet have a relatively low rate of heart disease.

    A) analogy B) paradox C) correlation D) illusion

    69. For many years the Japanese have ________ the car market.

    A) presided B) occupied C) operated D) dominated

    70. The subject of safety must be placed at the top of the ________.

    A) agenda B) bulletin C) routine D) timetable

Group Five

    41. My grandfather, a retired worker, often ________ the past with a feeling of longing and respect.

     A) considers B) contemplates C) contrives D) contacts

    42. Medical students are advised that the wearing of a white coat ________ the acceptance of a professional code

    of conduct expected of the medical profession.

    A) supplements B) simulates C) signifies D) swears

    43. The doctors ________ the newly approved drug into the patient when he was critically ill.

     A) injected B) ejected C) projected D) subjected

    44. Apart from philosophical and legal reasons for respecting patients' wishes, there are several practical reasons

    why doctors should ________ to involve patients in their own medical care decisions.

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     A) enforce B) endow C) endeavor D) enhance

    45. This is a long ________ - roughly 13 miles down a beautiful valley to the little church below.

     A) terrain B) descent C) degeneration D) tumble

    46. She was deeply ________ by the amount of criticism her play received.

     A) deported B) deprived C) involved D) frustrated

     47. Some scientists are dubious of the claim that organisms ________ with age as an inevitable outcome of living.

     A) depress B) default C) deteriorate D) degrade

    48. Many manufacturers were accused of concentrating too heavily on cost reduction, often at the ________ of the

    quality of their products.

     A) expense B) exposure C) expansion D) expectation

    49. One witness ________ that he'd seen the suspect run out of the bank after it had been robbed.

     A) convicted B) conformed C) retorted D) testified

    50. Nothing Helen says is ever ________. She always thinks carefully before she speaks.

     A) simultaneous B) homogenous C) spontaneous D) rigorous

    51. She gave ________ directions about the way the rug should be cleaned.

    A) explicit B) brisk C) transient D) opaque

    52. It took a lot of imagination to come up with such a(n) ________ plan.

     A) inherent B) ingenious C) vigorous D) exotic

    53. A ________ official is one who is irresponsible in his work.

     A) timid B) tedious C) suspicious D) slack

    54. Most mathematicians trust their ________ in solving problems and readily admit they would not be able to

    function without it.

     A) conception B) perceptionC) intuition D) cognition

    55. He had an almost irresistible ________ to talk to the crowd when he entered Hyde Park.

     A) impulse B) instinct C) stimulation D) surge

    56. Encouraged by their culture to voice their opinions freely, the Canadians are not afraid to go against the group

    ________, and will argue their viewpoints enthusiastically, though rarely aggressively.

     A) consent B) conscience C) consensus D) consciousness

    57. He still ________ the memory of his carefree childhood spent in that small wooden house of his grandparents'.

     A) nourishes B) cherishes C) fancies D) scans

    58. She expressed her strong determination that nothing could ________ her to give up her career as a teacher.

     A) induce B) deduce C) reduce D) attract

    59. The microscope and telescope, with their capacity to enlarge, isolate and probe, demonstrate how details can be

    ________ and separated from the whole.

     A) radiated B) extended C) prolonged D) magnified

    60. Lighting can be used not only to create an atmosphere, but also to ________ features of the house, such as

    ornaments or pictures.

     A) highlight B) underline C) activate D) upgrade

    61. By turning this knob to the right you can ________ the sound from the radio.

     A) intensify B) amplify C) enlarge D) reinforce

    62. One of the attractive features of the course was the way the practical work had been ________ with the

    theoretical aspects of the subject.

     A) embedded B) embraced C) integrated D) synthesized

    63. They couldn't see a ________ of hope that they would be saved by a passing ship.

     A) grain B) span C) slice D) gleam

    64. The traditional markets retain their ________ for the many Chinese who still prefer fresh food like live fish,

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    ducks, chickens over packaged or frozen goods.

     A) appeal B) pledge C) image D) survival

     65. ________ efforts are needed in order to finish important but unpleasant tasks.

     A) Consecutive B) Condensed C) Perpetual D) Persistent

    66. A number of students ________ in flats, and others live in the nearby holiday resorts, where there is a

    reasonable supply of competitively priced accommodation.

     A) revive B) inhabit C) gather D) reside

    67. He bought his house on the________ plan, paying a certain amount of money each month.

     A) division B) premium C) installment D) fluctuation

    68. He could not ________ ignorance as his excuse; he should have known what was happening in his department.

     A) petition B) plead C) resort D) reproach

    69. Many ecologists believe that lots of major species in the world are on the________ of extinction.

     A) margin B) border C) verge D) fringe

    70. Any salesperson who sells more than the weekly ________ will receive a bonus.

     A) ratio B) quota C) allocation D) portion


    Group One

    41-50 BADADCA

    51-60 CCBADDA

    61-70 BCCCBCD

    Group Two

    41-45 DBBBC 46-50 BDABB

    51-55 CDCAA 56-60 CDCDB

    61-65 CCBDA 66-70 DADDC

Group Three

    41. B 42. B 43. A 44. C 45. D

    46. C 47. A 48. B 49. A 50. D

    51. A 52. B 53. B 54. C 55. D

    56. A 57. A 58. C 59. D 60. A

    61. A 62. D 63. D 64. C 65. D

    66. C 67. C 68. C 69. D 70. B

    Group Four

    41. D) eccentrics 42. A) certify 43. C) controversy 44. B) compensation 45. B) setbacks 46. C) bald 47. D) mourn 48. B) staple 49. A) discard

    50. C) overwhelmed 51. B) deem 52. D) tempted 53. A) ascertain 54. C) jeopardize 55. D) retrieve 56. B) manifested 57. A) affection 58. D)

    survey 59. B) imposed 60. C) haunted 61. A) staggered 62. D) compacted 63. D) fluctuations 64. B) boom 65. C) lingered 66. B) overlooking

    67. A) reward 68. B) paradox 69. D)dominated 70. A) agenda

    Group Five

    41.B) contemplates 42.C) signifies 43.A) injected 44.C) endeavor 45.B) descent 46.D) frustrated

    47.C) deteriorate 48.A) expense 49.D) testified 50.C) spontaneous 51.A) explicit 52.B) ingenious

    53.D) slack 54.C) intuition 55.A) impulse 56.C) consensus 57.B) cherishes 58.A) induce 59.D) magnified

    60.A) highlight 61.B) amplify 62.C) integrated 63.D) gleam 64.A) appeal 65.D) Persistent 66.D) reside

    67.C) installment 68.B) plead 69.C) verge 70.B) quota

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