Memory can be improve

By Carol Johnson,2014-04-06 17:14
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Memory can be improve

Memory an be improved

    Memory is very important for everyone in learning, Improve memory, in essence, try to avoid and overcome forgotten. In learning activities as long as a conscious exercise, control laws and methods of memory, you can improve and enhance memory.

    Then how to improve memory and how to improve memory it?

    First,in memory of the time to concentrate on knowledge,cant be

    half-heart.In our brain will leave a deep memory trace is not easy to forget

    Scend ,to study the information on their own have a strong interest If you are not interested,even speng to more time, it is difficult to remember.

    The thied,by rote, not easy to remember. For the important learning content, such as can be done to understand and memorize the combination of memory would be better

    Next,using various means, compiled an outline, notes, cards and other memory methods, can enhance memory.

    Finally,newly learned knowledge, and timely review to consolidate this often recalled learning, ongoing attempt to recall, memory errors can be corrected, omission be remedied, so that learning content difficult to remember the prison.

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