Commodities of Empire, International Workshop (1314 July 2007)

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Commodities of Empire, International Workshop (1314 July 2007) ...

    Commodities, Empires, and Beyond

    Commodities of Empire 1st International Workshop

    Open University, London Regional Centre, Camden (13/14 July 2007)



    ? Vibha Arora (Indian Institute of Technology Hauz Khas, New Delhi)

    ? Jonathan Curry-Machado (Caribbean Studies Centre, London Metropolitan University)

    ? Roberto Davini (European University Institute, Florence)

    ? Humberto García Muñiz (Instituto de Estudios del Caribe, Universidad de Puerto Rico)

    ? Sandip Hazareesingh (Ferguson Centre, Open University)

    ? Deana Heath (Trinity College, Dublin)

    ? David Hyde (University of East London)

    ? Harro Maat (Technology and Agrarian Development Group, Wageningen University)

    ? Javier Márquez (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

    ? Kaori O‟Connor (University College London) ? Ayodeji Olukoju (University of Lagos, Nigeria)

    ? Heather Scott (Ferguson Centre, Open University)

    ? Jean Stubbs (Caribbean Studies Centre, London Metropolitan University)

    ? Miguel Suárez Bosa (Estudios Atlánticos, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

Friday 13th July

0900 Welcome and Introductions

    ? Project directors: Sandip Hazareesingh and Jean Stubbs

    ? Project coordinator: Jonathan Curry-Machado

0930 Session 1: Ports, networks and commodity movements

    ? Sandip Hazareesingh, „“Chasing commodities over the whole surface of the

    globe”: Shipping, port development, and the making of networks between

    Glasgow and Bombay, c.1850-1880‟

    ? Miguel Suárez Bosa, „Ports and Commodities in Iberian Atlantic Islands‟

    ? Discussant: Harro Maat

    ? Chair: Vibha Arora

1100 Coffee

1130 Session 2: Sugar, technology and global trade in comparative perspective

    ? Jonathan Curry-Machado, „Sub-imperial Globalisation and the Phoenix of

    Empire: Sugar, Engineering and Commerce in Nineteenth Century Cuba‟

    ? Harro Maat, „Technology and the Colonial Past‟

    ? Discussant: Humberto García Muñiz

    ? Chair: Robert Davini

1300 Lunch

1400 Session 3: Commodities and the local/ global interplay in the late colonial era

    ? Ayodeji Olukoju, „The United Kingdom and the Political Economy of the Global

    Oil-producing Nuts and Seeds Business during the 1930s‟

    ? David Hyde, „“Paying for the Emergency by displacing the settlers”: global

    coffee and rural restructuring in late colonial Kenya‟

    ? Discussant: Sandip Hazareesingh

    ? Chair: Deana Heath

1530 Coffee

1600 Session 4: Comparing tobacco and sugar in the Hispanic Caribbean

    ? Jean Stubbs, Reinventing mecca: tobacco in the Dominican Republic, 1763-


    ? Humberto García Muñiz, „La plantación que no se repite: las historias

    azucareras de la República Dominicana y Puerto Rico, 1870-1930‟

    ? Discussant: Miguel Suárez Bosa

    ? Chair: Kaori O‟Connor

1730 Finish

Evening Drinks by Camden Canal, then supper and socialising at the house of Jean Stubbs

    (Crouch End)

Saturday 14th July

0900 Coffee

0915 Session 5: Commodity networks beyond imperial bounds

    ? Vibha Arora, „Routing the Commodities of the Empire through Sikkim (1835-


    ? Javier Márquez, „The Canary Islands in the British Empire, 1850-1914‟

    ? Roberto Davini, „A Global Commodity within a Rising Empire. The History of

    Bengali Raw Silk as Connective Interplay between the Company Bahadur, the

    Bengali Local Economy and Society, and the Universal Italian Model. c.1750-


    ? Discussant: Jonathan Curry-Machado

    ? Chair: David Hyde

1115 Coffee

1145 Session 6: Empire, the regulation of bodies, and domestic consumption

    ? Deana Heath, „Obscenity, Empire and Global Networks‟

    ? Kaori O‟Connor, „The King‟s Christmas Pudding: Consuming the Empire at


    ? Discussant: Jean Stubbs

    ? Chair: Ayodeji Olukoju

1315 Lunch

1415 Session 7: Developing the Commodities of Empire Project: collaboration issues

    and possibilities

     Round Table discussion

    ? Chair: Jonathan Curry-Machado

1615 Conclusion and Thanks

    ? Project Directors

1630 Finish

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