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The History of The Devereux

    Our historic 1890's homestead was originally a grand home for the Burns family in the good old days of early Auckland. The downstairs was specifically planned around a huge ballroom which the family often used to entertain their friends in style. The homestead was originally called “Doune” after the famous Doune

    Castle in Scotland. Certainly the architecture of the entrance of The Devereux is very bold. Imposing and ' Castle like'. The Burns sold it in the late 30's and the homestead became a private hotel.

    The Devereux has had interesting life. A boarding establishment, private hotel, bar & restaurant and even for a short while a high class bordello! Renovated and redecorated by Charlotte Devereux, from whom it takes its name. Our villa has been extensively restored to its former glory. The Devereux continues to impress and delight visitors to Auckland with value for money accommodation that is memorable, something different and definitely special.

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