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     Purchasing Division

    951 Old Okeechobee Road

    Suite “D”

    West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

    Telephone: (561) 838-5406

    FAX: (561) 835-4688


Dear Representative:

Your company is listed on the Town of Palm Beach's vendor database. We are updating this list

    in order to ensure that the Town has the correct information regarding your company and to add

    additional features now becoming available - faxing or e-mailing of the Purchase Orders.

All vendors are required to complete a new Vendor Registration Form. A copy is attached for

    your convenience. This registration form includes a Commodity list so that your company may

    be included in the bidder's list. Please indicate the commodity (ies) that your company provides

    by checking the box next to the commodity. Select only the commodities that apply to your


Failure to complete and return this registration may cause your company's name to be deleted

    from the active listing. Additionally, each vendor is responsible for providing updates to the

    Town for any changes to their information in order to maintain their active listing.

Please follow these instructions when submitting your registration:

    1. Complete the Vendor Registration Form.

    2. Select the commodity (ies) supplied by checking the appropriate box.

    3. Sign the completed form.

    4. Mail or fax to: Town of Palm Beach Purchasing Division

     951 Old Okeechobee Road

     Suite “D”

     West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

     Fax: (561) 835-4688

We look forward to working with your company in the future. Thank you for your continued

    interest in doing business with the Town of Palm Beach.


    Lynda S. Venne, CPPB

    Purchasing Agent

Attachments: Vendor Registration Form

     Commodity Index (Listing)


     Purchasing Division

    951 Old Okeechobee Road

    Suite “D”

    West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

    Telephone: (561) 838-5406

    FAX: (561) 835-4688

    Please mail or fax completed application to the Purchasing Division

    Vendor Information

     Vendor Legal Name: _____________________________________________________________

     Federal Tax Identification #: ________________________________________________________ (If no Federal Tax Identification) Social Security #: __ __ __ - __ __ - __ __ __ __

     Subject to 1099: _____ (Y/N) 1099 Type: _______ 1 African American Type of Organization: 2 Hispanic 3 Asian America Corporation ________ Sole Proprietorship________ 4 Native American Partnership ________ 5 Woman Owned Business Minority: ______ (Y/N) Minority Code : ________

     Name of Principal Officer(s): ______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________

     Contact Name: _______________________________________________________________

     Address Line 1: ________________________________________________________________

     Address Line 2: ________________________________________________________________

     Address Line 3: ________________________________________________________________

     City/State/Zip: ________________________________________________________________

     Phone Number: ________________ Ext:_________ Fax Number :________________________

     Fax Purchase Orders: Y / N (Circle one) E-Mail Address: _____________________________E-Mail Purchase Orders: Y / N (Circle one)

     Services and/or Products Offered: __________________________________________________



     Typed/Printed Name and Title

    *Authorized to commit company

     The Vendor database is maintained by the Purchasing Division as a courtesy and in no way guarantees that you will be given a notice of any or all bids, proposals, or quotes that pertain to your commodities. However, the Town places their bids on the website and advertises all bids in the Palm Beach Post.

     FIN 01312003-032




     Abatement Services Asbestos

     Abatement Services Lead

     Acoustical Tile, Sales, & Installation


     Aggregates, Sand, Gravel & Crushed Stone

     Air Compressors & Accessories

     Air Conditioner & Heaters

     Air Conditioning Equipment & Accessories

     Air Conditioning Service & Installation

     Analytical Services

     Analytical Services Environmental Water Testing

     Analytical Services Soil Foundation Testing

     Animal Care Supplies

     Appliance Parts & Supplies

     Appliances Small, Household

     Appliances & Household Equipment

     Aquatic Plant Control Services

     Architectural Design Services

     Arts & Crafts Supplies

     Athletic & Fitness Equipment

     Auction Services

     Audio Visual Equipment/Supplies/Maintenance

     Auto & Truck Bodies/Custom

     Auto & Truck Equipment (special Police & Fire)

     Auto & Truck Parts & Accessories

     Auto & Truck Repair Service

     Auto Shop Equipment & Supplies

     Automobiles/Lease & Rental



     Backflow Prevention Inspections & Testing

     Badges, Buttons & Emblems

     Banking Services

     Batteries Auto, Truck & Equipment

     Batteries Dry Cell & Rechargeable

     Batteries Golf Cart

     Beach Cleaning Services

     Bedding Mattresses, Pillows, Blankets

     Brass Fittings & Accessories

     Bricks & Other Clay Products

     Cement, Portland & Masonry

     Chemicals Industrial

     Chemicals Laboratory

     Chemicals Pesticides/Herbicides

     Chemicals Wastewater & Sludge

     Chemicals Water Treatment

     Cleaners & Sweepers

     Clothing & Apparel

     Collection Services

     Communications Cable/Wiring


     Computer Equipment * Peripherals

     Computer Hardware


     Computer Software Systems & Applications

     Computer Supplies All

     Computer Supplies Cable

     Computer Supplies Diskettes & Ribbons

     Concessionaire Food & Beverage

     Concessionaire Restaurant

     Concrete Blocks

     Concrete Products & Supplies

     Concrete, Ready Mixed

     Consultant Services Architectural

     Consultant Services Business

     Consultant Services Computer/Network

     Consultant Services Environmental

     Consultant Services Financial

     Consultant Services Land Development

     Consultant Services Planners

     Consultant Services Water Management

     Consultant Services Other (please specify)

     Containers Dumpsters & Rolloffs

     Containers Recycling

     Containers Waste Receptacles, Smokers’ Urns, Ashtrays, etc.


     Dirt, Fill

     Door Hardware/Locks

     Doors (all types)

     Drafting Supplies

     Dredging Services

     Drugs, Medical

     Dry Cleaning

     Electrical Contractor

     Electrical Supplies & Equipment

     Electronic Components & Equipment

     Electronic Supplies

     Electronics, Testing, Analyzing Equipment & Demonstrators

     Elevators & Elevator Maintenance

     Embroidered Emblems & Patches

     Engineering Services

     Engineering, Surveying & Mapping Equipment, Instruments & Supplies


     Engines Diesel

     Environmental Air & Water Purification

     Environmental Drinking Water Analysis

     Environmental Lab Testing

     Environmental Pest Control

     Environmental Solid Waste Hauling

     Excavating Services

     Fencing Chain Link

     Fencing Wood


     Filters Air Conditioning

     Filters (all kinds other than air conditioning)

     Financial Advising (includes CPA’s)

     Fire Alarm Equipment Inspection & Testing

     Fire Detection Equipment (including alarms)

     Fire Equipment

     Fire Extinguishers, Rechargers & Recharging Material

     Fire Hydrants

     Fire Protection Supplies

     Fireworks Companies


     Flags & Banners

     Floodlights & Poles

     Floor Covering (tile, carpet, etc.)


     Forklift Sales & Service

     Forms (stock & continuous)

     Fuel Dispensing Equipment

     Fuel Tank Cleaning & Services

     Fuel Tank Sales & Installation

     Fuel Tank Testing

     Fuel, Lubricants, Oil

     Furniture Chairs

     Furniture Computer

     Furniture Desks

     Furniture Dormitory

     Furniture Outdoor/Site/Park

     Furniture Restaurant/Concession

     Furniture Standard Office

     Furniture Unfinished

     Gas L.P. Propane

     Gasoline Diesel

     Gasoline Regular, Unleaded

     General Contractors

     General Contractors Bridges

     General Contractors Drywall & Framing

     General Contractors Interior Remodeling

     General Contractors Landfill

     General Contractors Reservoirs/Dams

     General Contractors Resurfacing

     General Contractors Seawalls/Docks/Pilings

     General Contractors Stucco & Plastering

     General Contractors Tennis/Basketball Courts

     Generators Sales/Service/Maintenance

     Glass & Glazing Supplies

     Golf Carts

     Golf Course Ball Retrieval

     Golf Course Fertilizer/Chemicals/Top Dressing

     Golf Course Tee Renovation

     Golf Course Construction

     Golf Course Construction Bridges

     Golf Course Construction Cart Paths

     Golf Course Construction Curb Edging

     Gold Course Construction Greens

     Golf Course Construction Lakes

     Gold Course Construction Renovation

     Golf Course Construction Speed Bumps

     Golf Course Maintenance & Lawn Equipment

     Golf Equipment & Supplies

     Grass Seed & Sod

     Guns & Weapons

     Handcuffs, Leg Irons (Police)

     Hardware (all kinds)

     Heavy Equipment

     Hose, Nozzles, Valves & Couplings (Fire)

     Hoses (except auto & fire)

     Hurricane Shutters & Storm Panels

     Hydraulic Cylinders & Valves Parts & Repairs

     Hydraulic Equipment

     Ice Machines


     Insurance (all types)

     Irrigation Installation

     Irrigation Systems, Supplies, Parts & Accessories

     Janitorial Supplies

     Janitorial/Custodial Services

     K-9 Equipment for Dogs & Handlers

     Laboratory Analysis/Testing Services

     Laboratory Equipment

     Lamps & Lighting

     Landscape Architecture

     Landscape Installation & Maintenance

     Lawn Equipment (mowers, blowers, edgers, hand tools, etc.)

     Leasing Services

     Lights, Racks & Speakers for Emergency Vehicles

     Lumber, Plywoods, Shingles, Stakes & Sheetrock

     Mailroom Equipment & Supplies

     Manhole Products

     Medical Supplies

     Membrane Softening Systems

     Metal Aluminum

     Metal Stainless

     Metal Steel

     Meter Boxes


     Meters Hydrant

     Meters Parking

     Meters Water

     Microfilm Equipment & Supplies

     Microfilm Services

     Motors Electric

     Motors for Water Plant

     Motors Gear Motors

     Motors Sales & Service

     Moving Services

     Nursery Supplies (bulbs, seeds, plants & trees)

     Office Machine Maintenance

     Office Machines, Equipment & Accessories

     Office Supplies (all types)

     Paint Spraying Equipment & Accessories

     Paint, Varnish, Wallpaper & Related Supplies

     Painting Services

     Paper, for Office & Print Shop use

     Paper, Plastic & Synthetic Products (disposable)

     Paving Equipment

     Paving Maintenance & Repair

     Paving products

     Pest Control Services

     Pipe Fittings & Accessories

     Pipe, Mallable, Galvanized & Black

     Pipe, Plastic, PVC

     Plumbing Contractor

     Plumbing Equipment, Fixtures & Supplies

     Police Equipment

     Polyphosphate Type Corrosion Inhibitors

     Portable Walls/Modular Buildings

     Pressure Cleaning

     Print Shop Equipment

     Printing (all types)

     Professional Services Appraisal


     Professional Services Property Management

     Professional Services Real Estate

     Promotion Items

     Pumps Submersible Well

     Pumps & Accessories

     Radio & Telecommunication Equipment & Accessories

     Recreation/Playground Equipment

     Recycled Products


     Recycling Batteries

     Recycling Lamps & Ballast

     Recycling Scrap Metal

     Road & Highway Building Material (asphaltic)

     Road & Highway Building Material (non-asphaltic)

     Road & Highway Equipment, asphalt & concrete

     Road & Highway Major Equipment

     Roof, Repair & Re-roofing Services

     Roofing Supplies

     Safety Equipment & Supplies

     Safety Equipment, Protective Clothing

     Scales & Weighing Apparatus

     Security & Alarm Systems & Equipment

     Security Guard/Detective Services

     Sewer Video Equipment

     Sewer Cleaning

     Sewer Construction & Services

     Sign Posts & Mounts


     Solid Waste Collection

     Solid Waste Products

     Solid Waste Vehicles

     Sound & Audio Equipment & Components

     Steel Fabricating

     Streetlights & Standards

     Surplus Sales Bicycles

     Surplus Sales Computer Equipment

     Surplus Sales Golf Course Equipment

     Surplus Sales Miscellaneous

     Surplus Sales Office Equipment

     Surplus Sales Vehicles

     Tape, Recording (cassette, VCR)

     Telecommunications Date & Telephone Equipment

     Television & Video Equipment & Accessories/Supplies

     Temporary Help

     Testing Apparatus, Instruments & Machines

     Tire Disposal

     Tires, Tubes & Valve Stems

     Tools Hand

     Tools Power

     Towing Services

     Tractors & Earth Handling Equipment

     Traffic Control Equipment

     Trailers Cargo

     Trailers Custom Built

     Trailers Flat Bed

     Trailers Mobile

     Trailers Utility

     Transportation Services

     Trophies, Ribbons & Awards


     Trucks Fire/Ambulance

     Trucks Fire/Pumper

     Trucks Heavy Duty (26,000 GVW & up)

     Trucks Light Duty (up to 10,000 GVW)

     Trucks Medium Duty (10,000-26,000 GVW)

     Trucks Sanitation/Garbage

     Trucks Sanitation/Recycling

     Trucks Sanitation/Trash

     Trucks & Vans Lease/Rental

     Trucks & Vans Purchase

     Trucks Other (please specify)

     Turnstiles & Crown Control Equipment

     Uniforms Athletic

     Uniforms Industrial

     Uniforms Police & Fire

     Uniforms Rental & Laundering

     Utility Construction

     Utility Contractors

     Vacuum Cleaners

     Vending Machines Services

     Wallpaper Supplies/Installation/Removal

     Wastewater Disposal Systems

     Water Coolers

     Water Tower Repair

     Water/Wastewater Treatment

     Welding Equipment, Supplies & Gases

     Welding Services


     Wells Injection

     Wells Monitoring


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