16A Qualified Pilot

By Joanne Walker,2014-03-29 22:21
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16A Qualified Pilot

    A Qualified Pilot

    The captain of a small ship had to go along a rocky coast, but he was unfamiliar with it, so he tried to find a qualified pilot to guide him. He went ashore in one of the small ports, and a local fisherman pretended that he was a pilot because he needed some money. The captain took him on board and asked him where to steer the ship.

    After half an hour, the captain began to suspect that the fisherman did not really know what he was doing and where he was going.

    Are you sure you are a qualified pilot? he asked.

    Oh, yes, answered the fisherman. I know every rock on this part of the coast.

    Suddenly there was a terrible crash from under the ship. At once the fisherman added, And

    thats one of them.

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