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ASEANTFC 051 ...



    2 4 June 2009

    Vientiane, Lao PDR

    Tentative Agenda

    Agenda Item Subject Matters

    1 Opening Session

    2 Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

    3 Adoption of Agenda

    4 Business Arrangement

    5 Progress in the Implementation of Policy Framework Related to

    ASEAN Cooperation in Food Safety

    thth5.1 Matters Arising from the SOM-29 AMAF, PrepSOM-30 AMAF thand 30 AMAF Meetings

    5.2 Status of ASEAN Community Integration

    5.3 ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)

    5.3.1 AEC Blueprint

    5.4 ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC)

     5.4.1 ASCC Blueprint

    6 Matters Arising from Food Safety Related Meetings

    th6.1 Matter Arising from the 8 Meeting of the ACCSQ PFPWG, 21-

    22 August 2008, Palembang, Indonesia

    th7 Matters Arising from the 8 Meeting of the ASEAN Task Force on

    Codex, 26-28 May 2009, Bukittinggi, Indonesia 8 Update of activities by the appointed ASEAN Focal Points for the

    Codex Committees

    8.1 Indonesia: (Method of Analysis and Sampling; Milk and Milk

    Products; Food Additives and Contaminants in Food)

    8.2 Malaysia: (Fats and Oils; General Principles)

    8.3 Philippines: (Pesticide Residues; Nutrition and Foods for Special

    Dietary Uses; Processed Fruit and Vegetables; Sugar; Meat and

    Poultry Hygiene)

    8.4 Singapore: (Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification



    Agenda Item Subject Matters

    8.5 Thailand: (Residues of Veterinary Drugs in Foods; Fish and

    Fishery Products; Food Hygiene)

    8.6 Viet Nam: (Fresh Fruit and Vegetables)

    9 Joint ASEAN Position on Codex Issues Related to Trade in

    Commodities and Agriculture

    General Subject Committees

    9.1 Discussion Paper on the Need for Further Guidance on

    Traceability/ Product Tracing (CCFICS) Indonesia 9.2 Draft Guidelines for the Labeling of Foods and Food Ingredients

    Obtained Through Certain Techniques of Genetic Modification /

    Genetic Engineering (CCFL) Indonesia

    9.3 Discussion Paper on Methods Analysis of Veterinary Drugs on

    Lung, Heart and Skin in Ruminantia (CCRVDF) Indonesia 9.4 Guidelines for Settling Disputes over Analytical (Test) Result

    (CCMAS) Thailand

    9.5 Guidance on Measurement Uncertainty (CCMAS) Thailand 9.6 Guidelines for the Use of Nutrition Claims: Draft Table of

    Conditions for Nutrient Contents (Part B Containing Provisions

    on Dietary Fibre) (CCNFSDU) Indonesia

    9.7 Discussion Paper on the Proposals for Additional or Revised

    Nutrient Reference Values for Labelling Purposes (CCNFSDU)


    9.8 Discussion Paper On WHO’s Global Strategy On Diet, Physical

    Activity And Health (CCNFSDU and CCFL) Singapore 9.9 Draft Maximum Level for 3-MCPD in Liquid Condiments

    containing Acid-Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins (acid-HVPs)

    (excluding naturally fermented soy sauce) (CCCF) Thailand 9.10 The Establishment of additional Codex MRLs for Spices (CCPR)


    Commodity Committees

    9.11 Proposal Draft Standard Codex for Fish Sauce (CCFFP) Viet


    9.12 Discussion Paper on the Procedure for the Inclusion of

    Additional Species in Standard for Fish and Fishery Products

    (CCFFP) Thailand and Indonesia

    9.13 Designation of Numerical or Alphabetical System in Size Codes

    of Adopted Codex Standards (CCFFV) - Philippines 9.14 Proposed Draft Standards for Black Pepper (New Work/CCFFV)


    9.15 Methods of Analysis and Sampling for Processed Fruits and

    Vegetables Aqueous Coconut Products & Coconut milk and

    Coconut Cream (CCPFV) Malaysia


    Agenda Item Subject Matters

     CAC, Executive Committee, CCASIA, Task Force 9.22 Matters referred by the 28th Session of the Commission Terms

    of reference of Regional Coordinating Committees (CCASIA)


    9.23 Review of Codex Committee Structure and Mandates of Codex

    Committees and Task Forces Consideration of Merging or

    Dissolving Existing Committees (Executive Committee)


    9.24 Discussion Paper on Functional Food (CCASIA)

    10 New Proposals for Joint ASEAN Position on Codex Issues Related to

    Trade in Commodities and Agriculture

    General Subject Committees 10.1 Revisions of the Risk Analysis Principles Applied by the Codex

    Committee on Pesticide Residues (CCPR) - Thailand ‘s discussion


    Commodity Committees

     of Annex 2 of the 10.2 Proposed Draft Amendment to Table 2

    Guidelines for the Production, Processing, Labelling and Marketing of

    Organically Produced Foods: Rotenone(CCPR) - Thailand ‘s discussion paper

10.3 Draft Amendment to the Standard for Named Vegetable Oils: Inclusion

    of Rice Bran Oil (CCFO) - Thailand’s discussion paper

10.4 Proposed Draft Amendment to the Standard for Quick Frozen

    Fish Sticks, Fish Portions and Fish Fillets Breaded or in Batter (Nitrogen Factors) (CCFFP) - Malaysia’s information paper

    CAC, Executive Committee, CCASIA, Task Force

    10.5 Strategic Planning of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) - Malaysia’s information paper

    10.6 Proposed Draft Regional Standard for Chili Sauce (CCASIA) - Thailand’s discussion paper

Other Matters

    11.1 Progress on the Development of the CCASIA Website 11.2 Progress on the Establishment of ASEAN Task Force on Codex

    website through ASEAN Food Safety Network 11.3 US-ASEAN Business Council Presentation: A Global AP Coalition


    Agenda Item Subject Matters

    Program on National Approaches to Risk Management of Low-

    Level Presence (LLP)

    Date and Venue of the Next Meeting

    Adoption of the Report





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