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    Refer to DAN325 entitled “Deemed Exports”

    Attachment 1

    Foreign National Visitor Registration Form

    FNRL Log NO. _________________

     All "Non-U.S. Citizens", or persons not having "Protected Individual Status" (green card holder), who visit [insert Company’s name]'s U.S. facilities must be restricted from accessing certain "controlled" technical data, software, and/or commodities, depending on the country of citizenship or country of permanent residency of the visitor, in accordance with U.S. export control laws and regulations. Please note that these restrictions also apply whether or not the visitor is an employee of Daniel's "non-U.S." facilities.

    Host/Sponsor:____________________ ___________

    Telephone: ________________________________

    E-Mail: ________________________________

    Visitor Name: Visitor Name: Passport Number: Passport Number: Country of Citizenship: Country of Citizenship: Company Name: Company Name: Company Address: Company Address:

    Visitor Name: Visitor Name: Passport Number: Passport Number: Country of Citizenship: Country of Citizenship: Company Name: Company Name: Company Address: Company Address:

    Visitor Name: Visitor Name: Passport Number: Passport Number: Country of Citizenship: Country of Citizenship: Company Name: Company Name: Company Address: Company Address:

Date(s) of Visit: From To

    Purpose of Visit (Please explain in Detail or attach agenda/Test Procedure/etc):

Sales Order Number (if applicable)


    Refer to DAN325 entitled “Deemed Exports”

Attach screening form to this Notification

     Will any technology or software be transferred or discussed during the visit? No:X Yes:

     If "Yes", please explain in detail:

Areas to be visited:

    X Daniel Corporate Facility

    X Daniel Manufacturing Facility Tour Track

    Meter Tube Bay

    Fittings and Plates



    Small Volume Prover

    Systems Manufacturing

    X Office Areas, Meeting Rooms, Cafeteria, Break Rooms, Main Hallways, General Facility Tour

    X (Insert any department or company name as applicable]: USM PRODUCTION

     Production Areas-matching FAT Parameters: (please specify):

     Other (please specify):

Technical Data to be Provided (check all applicable):



     Product Brochures

     Product Catalogs

     General Arrangement Drawings

     Software Specifications

     Factory Acceptance Test Procedure

     Other: Specify in Detail

    Requestor: (If different than

    Escort/Host) Print Name Signature Ext. Date

I understand my responsibilities as Escort/Host of this visit. I will communicate to all other escorts the technical data,

    software, and commodities to which access must be restricted to foreign nationals during this visit.


     Print Name Signature Ext. Date


    Escort/Host: Print Name Signature Ext. Date

    Compliance Department Comments:


    Refer to DAN325 entitled “Deemed Exports”

Compliance Department Signature: Date:

    Unescorted Privileges Approved by Compliance? YES: NO: (If approved, form DAN-325B also required)

    Export Controls need to be considered when hosting or escorting a foreign visitor ("Non-U.S. Citizens", or persons not

    having "Protected Individual Status"/green card holders) at Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc. and Daniel

    Measurement Services, Inc U.S. facilities. The transfer of technology through presentations, tours, or technical information

    represent "deemed" exports to foreign nationals and therefore may be subject to U.S. export regulations.

If you host a visit or escort a foreign visitor, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that all appropriate technical

    data, software, and/or commodities to which your visitors will have access are properly protected in accordance with U.S.

    export-control rules and regulations. Pay special attention to equipment and/or technologies that are considered

    "controlled" or "dual-use" and that could be used in conjunction with nuclear proliferation and chemical and/or biological

    weapons, as well as to other items that could negatively affect national security.

An export can occur through a variety of means, including oral communications, written documentation, computer software,

    and visual inspection of U.S. equipment or facilities. Of particular concern is the visual inspection by foreign nationals of

    equipment and technology that appear on Bureau of Industry and Security's "Commerce Control List". To ensure that

    technical data, software, and/or commodities are property protected, you must review these areas and resolve any export-

    control questions or concerns BEFORE the visit. An "export" can occur even if the transfer of information or technology

    (by oral, written, or visual means) takes place within the United States.

     BEFORE allowing a foreign visitor access to Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc. and Daniel Measurement Services,

    Inc U.S. facilities or technology:

1. Consider and review the technologies and software to be discussed or used during the visit.

    "Controlled" technology and software consists of specific information on the "Commerce Control List" which is required for

    the design, development, production, manufacture, assembly, operation, repair, testing, maintenance, or modification of

    the commodities or software in question. This information includes technical data in the form of blueprints, plans, diagrams,

    models, drawings, engineering designs and specifications, manuals, and instructions written or recorded on other media or

    on such devices as disk, tape, and read-only memories and to prevent database access to this information.

2. Complete the Advance Notice of Foreign National Visit form and indicate all areas and technology that you

    plan for the visitor to access during the visit.(This form is required for all foreign national visitors whether or not they are a Contractor or Emerson Process Management Employee).

3. Meet with any one of the following individuals: [insert appropriate persons or department] to review and

    approve the visit:

    Please note that depending on the visitor's country of citizenship, it may be determined that the visitor will not be allowed to access certain areas or technologies without first obtaining the appropriate export licenses/authorizations from

    one or more U.S. government agencies.

? A proprietary nondisclosure agreement signed by the foreign national, or the fact that the individual is an overseas

    employee of Daniel, does NOT allow the release of "controlled" technology for which export licensing is required.

? In general, limited viewing of a commodity will not promote a transfer of technology; however, in cases where details

    are evident (e.g., specific methods of production, specific configuration or specification details, etc.), an export can

    occur. Detailed photographs, technical manuals, and specification of commodities, etc. should not be given to a foreign

    visitor unless a compliance review has first been completed.

? Photography is prohibited without the express authorization of management.

? Some examples of "controlled" technologies at Daniel’s U.S. facilities which may require an export license before the

    visitor may access, depending on the visitor's country of citizenship, are as follows:

     [insert appropriate companies or departments or areas]

     Network Services/High Performance Computers 3

    Refer to DAN325 entitled “Deemed Exports”

     Certain Labs and Testing Facilities

     Research and Development Technologies

? Additional information related to "Deemed" exports may be found at the following U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security



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