Contemporary Issues in Education

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Contemporary Issues in Education

Contemporary Issues in Education:

    International Perspectives

    Edited by George Karlis & Gregory T. Papanikos




    Contemporary Issues in Higher Education: Challenges Chapter 1 1

    and Suggestions

    George Karlis

    Qualitative Research and Ethical Considerations in Chapter 2 5

    Education: The Ethical Importance of

    Researcher’s Cultural Identification and Self


    Nectaria Karagiozis

    The Vocational Paradigm in Education: A Critique Chapter 3 17

    Maria Eliophotou Menon

    Support Mechanism and Social Inclusion: The Scottish Chapter 4 27

    Educational Perspective

    Carole Doyle and Audrey Cumberford

    Cultural and Educational Re-Engineering to Enhance Chapter 5 41

    Entrepreneurship in Singapore

    Rayim Cooper Maysami and Pong Ling Cherng

    Higher Education and Research in Leisure Studies: Chapter 6 55

    Current State of Condition

    George Karlis

    From Extra-Mural to Lifelong Learning: UK Universities Chapter 7 63

    and the New Lifelong learning Agenda

    Peter Ryley

    Experiences of Delivering Guidance on Personal Chapter 8 73

    Development Planning for Undergraduates: An

    Exploration of Tutors as Role Models

    Sheila Ryan and Susan Williams

    Common Grading in Universities: Single Currency or Chapter 9 83

    Holy Grail

    Win Hornby and David Lines

Technology and Curriculum Reform in Higher Chapter 10 107

    Education: Policy Implications

    Vivian .W. Ipka

    Enhancing Quality of Higher Education Teaching Chapter 11 117

    Through Staff Development: An Institutional


    Charles Juwah

    Tertiary Education Expansion in the Period of Transition Chapter 12 131

    in Slovenia: Causes, Consequences and Policy


    Janez Malacic

    Managing Innovation in Educational Organisations: A Chapter 13 143

    Comparative Study of Public and Private

    Schools in Greece

    Marina Stefania Giannakaki

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