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    (As of May 2006)

How to use this list: For your convenience, lawyers have been listed under three

    general headings: “family law,” “criminal defense.” and “general civil and commercial

    practice.” While lawyers in Jordan as a general rule do not specialize in particular areas of law, many attorneys in general practice are not equipped to handle family law or criminal defense matters. Thus, our list specifically notes lawyers who do work in these areas. Keep in mind that lawyers listed as family or criminal law “specialists” are usually ready to handle civil and commercial matters as well. Further, many of the lawyers listed under the heading “general civil and commercial practice” are willing to help with family or criminal matters, often by hiring a specialist on the client’s behalf, and acting as a go-between. In some cases this may be helpful, as many lawyers handling family and criminal matters do not speak English. Finally, the lawyers on this list vary considerably in the how much they charge clients for their services. Most will quote a flat rate to handle the entire case from start to finish, though some charge by the hour. It is a good idea to contact several lawyers about your case before choosing one. This will allow you to compare the attorneys’ various styles and personalities, their proposed strategies for your case, and their fees.

Credit reports can be obtained through the following banks in Amman:

-- Bank of Jordan: P.O. Box 2140 Amman 11181 Jordan

    -- Jordan and Gulf Bank: P.O. Box 1226 Amman 11118 Jordan

    -- Arab Bank Ltd.: P.O. Box 68 Amman 11118 Jordan

    -- British Bank of the Middle East: P.O. Box 444 Amman 11118 Jordan -- Jordan National Bank: P.O. Box 791 Amman 11118 Jordan

    -- Citibank: P.O. Box 5055 Amman 11183 Jordan

    The Embassy of the United States of America assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or reputation of the attorneys whose names appear on the following list.




Family Law:

A) Sharia Courts:

Ragheb M. Al-Qassim:

Address: P.O. Box 6982 Amman 11118 Jordan

    Location: Jabal Hussein, Firas Circle, Jordan Building

    Telephone: 566-9447

    Fax: 566-9447

    Mobile: 079-545-5479

    Born in Nablus in 1938. Graduate of University of Damascus (B.A.). Specializing in Sharia law, Civil law and Commercial law. Adequate fluency in English.

     Associate: Raed Ragheb Al-Qassim

     Associate: Hadeel Zuhair Al-Qassim

Usama Mohammad Saudi:

Address: P.O. Box 2365 Jabal Amman, Amman, Jordan

    Location: Sa’ad Commercial center, AlWaha Circle, Opposite No’man Mall

    Telephone: Office: 533-0837

    Mobile: 079-5552767 or 079-5144799

    Born in Amman in 1958. Graduate of Jordan University in 1981 (B.A. in Sharia Law). Specializing in Sharia law. No English.

Rateb Attallah Al-Thaher:

Address: P.O. Box 11441 Amman 11123 Jordan thLocation: Wasfi Al-Tal St. (Gardens) Maram Center, 5 floor, office no. 511

    Telephone: 551-8888 / 506-3070 / 506-3171

    Fax: 551-8888


    Born in AlMafraq, Jordan in 1950. Graduate of Jordan University, 1973. Obtained a high degree in Islamic law in 1990. Former judge of the Sharia Court of Appeals. Limited English.


B) Ecclesiastical Courts:

    Michael Dabit

    Yacoub Far

    Hala Nasser

    Tawfic M. Salem

    Note: See entries for these attorneys under General Civil Practice

Criminal Defense:

Saleh Hasan Al-Jeiroudi:

Address: P.O. Box 830315 Amman 11183 Jordan rdndLocation: Jabal Amman, 3 Circle, behind Firas Library 2 floor

    Telephone: 464-2129

    Fax: 463-6611


Born in Amman in 1934. B.A in Law. Former public prosecutor. Specializing in

    criminal defense. Fluent in English.

     Partners: Sakher M. Al-Jeiroudi

     Sahel Al-Jeiroudi

     Modar Al-Jeiroudi

A & T Najdawi Law Office:

Address: P.O. Box 921260 Amman 11192 Jordan

    Location: Sports City Circle, 147 Jameel Ben Naser St., Abu Al-Eithem Center, st1 floor

    Telephone: 569-8820

    Fax: 569-8821


    Web site:

    Ahmed Nejdawi: Born in Salt in 1934. Senior partner. Graduate of Damascus University (LL.B.). Served as a judge untill 1970. Has been in private practice in

    Amman since 1971 in private practice in Amman. Member of the Jordan Bar Association. Specializes in criminal

    defense, commercial, corporate, litigation and privatization.


     Managing partner: Thaer Najdawi:

    B.A. in law, University of Jordan. LL.M. in International Business Law

    “King’s College” University of London, UK. Member of the Jordan Bar

    Association since 1989. Excellent English.

     Senior associate: Rasha Ibraheim Abdullah:

    B.A. in law, University of Moutah. M.A. in law, University of Beir Zeit.

    Member of the Jordan Bar Association since 1994.

     Associate: Yazan Homsi:

    B.A. in law, University of Jordan. Member of the Jordan Bar Association since


     Associate: Mohammad Mohtaseb:

    B.A. in law, Amman Private University. Member of the Jordan Bar

    Association since 2000.

     Associate: Luda Faris:

    B.A. in law, University of Jordan. Member of the Jordan Bar Association since


Kamil El-Said:

Address: P.O. Box 13044 Jordan University, Amman, Jordan thLocation: Near Radisson SAS Hotel, Zahran Center, 4 floor

    Telephone: 569-4694

    Fax: 562-7689


    Born in Tulkarim in 1939. Graduate with Ph.D. degree in law. Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Jordan and Professor of Criminal Law. Fluent in English.

    Associate: Mohammed Kamil El-Said:

    L.L.M International Business Law from the University of Manchester, UK.

    Fluent in English.


General Civil and Commercial Practice:

Khalid Atwan:

Address: P.O. Box 72 Amman 11941 Jordan stLocation: Tla’ Al-Ali, Queen Rania St., Al-Bijawi Building, 1 floor

    Telephone: Office: 566-2244; Home: 534-5342 / 534-8302

    Fax: 565-0338


    Born in Kuwait in 1973. Graduate of University of Jordan in 1995 with LL.B. LL.M. from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland in 1997. Has been practicing law since 1998. Fluent in English.

Michael Dabit:

Address: P.O. Box 941389 Amman 11194 Jordan stLocation: Shmeisani, Al-Hindi Commercial Center, 1 floor

    Telephone: 568-2622 / 568-2633

    Fax: 568-2644

    Mobile: 079-5525917


    Born in Amman, Jordan in 1962. Graduate of University of Jordan in 1984 with LL.B from George Town University Washington D.C.; with studies in the U.S. legal system. Specialized in corporate law with general practices. Fluent in English and French.

Dajani & Associates Attorneys & Legal Consultants:

Address: P.O. Box 728 Amman 11118 Jordan

    Location: First Floor Dajani Group Building

    Al-Sharif Naser Bin Jamil St., Shmeisani

    Telephone: 551-0455

    Fax: 553-4688

    E-mail: or

    Web site:

    Rajaie Kamal Dajani: Born in Jerusalem 1963. LL.B University of Jordan 1985 and LL.M London University 1987.


    The firm composed of 11 members; half of them are capable of dealing in English. In addition to the English language, some team members speak Spanish, French and Russian.

Yacoub N. El Far:

Address: P.O. Box 20030 Amman 11181 Jordan stLocation: Jabal Hussein, Firas Circle, Sa’daldeen Center 1 floor

    Telephone: 560-3453

    Fax: 568-4992

    Mobile: 079-556-9222

    E-mail: &

    Born in Amman in 1950. Graduate of Damascus University in 1973 with LL.B. Practicing law since 1974. Member of the Jordan Bar Association since 1974. Practice areas: litigation, arbitration, corporate, commercial, banking, real estate, labor, insurance and family law. Legal consultant for several international corporations. Fluent in English.

     Partner: Tarek Yacoub El Far:

    Born in Amman 1982. LL.B., University of Jordan, Faculty of Law 2003.

    LL.M., University of Aberdeen, UK 2004. General MBA, New York Institute

    of Technology 2006. Practicing law since 2003. Member of the Jordan Bar

    Association since 2003. Practice areas: litigation, commercial, labor, insurance

    and arbitration.

Zaki Haddadin:

Address: P.O. Box 930130 Amman 11193 Jordan

    Location: Lulu’a Commercial Center, Al-Rabiah

    Telephone: Office: 553-6234; Home: 552-0061 / 566-7504

    Fax: 553-6234

    Mobile: 079-5560625


Born in Amman in 1970. Graduate of Mu’tah University in 1993 with LL.B. Has

    been handling all types of legal cases and general civil commercial and family law for the past 12 years. Fluent in English and French.


Hammouri & Partners:

Address: P.O. Box 930084 Amman 11193 Jordan

    Location: Shmeisani, 11 Abb St., Al-Qudos Commercial Center

    Telephone: 569-1112, 569-9590

    Fax: 569-1128


    Tariq Hammouri: Born in Irbid in 1975. LL.B. Faculty of Law, University of Jordan. LL.M. faculty of law, University of Edinburgh, UK. Ph.D. Faculty of Law, University of Bristol, UK. Assistant Professor of Commercial Law, University of Jordan. Partner at the law firm of Hammouri & Partners. Full time lecturer, Law School, University of Jordan. Member of the Jordanian Bar Association. Member of Arab Society for Intellectual Property.

George Hazboun:

Address: P.O. Box 5362 Amman 11183 Jordan rdLocation: Sweifieh, AlHamra St., Farah Commercial Center, 3 floor

    Telephone: Office: 586-1079; Home: 593-2074

    Fax: 593-2072

    Mobile: 079-5579720


    Born in Amman in 1951. Graduate of University of Alexandria with LL.B. Ph.D., LL.D. (Law) from University of Bordeaux, France. Professor of Law, University of Jordan. Visiting Professor at the Law Center Houston, Texas. Practicing general commercial and business law issues, admiralty, intellectual property, contracts (domestic and international), corporations, power and energy agreements, banking and agency issues, member in various professional arbitration associations, i.e. The American Arbitration Association, The ICC, DCCI and The GAC BAHRAIN. Fluent in English and French.

    Associate: Muawia Khammash:

    Born in Ajloun in 1940. Graduated from Damascus University with LL.B.

    LLM in commercial law from Bristol University England. Specialized in

    Banking and Companies.

    Associate: Dr. Hashem Jaber:

    Born in 1950. Graduated from Tulane, USA, LLM. And SJD from the

    University of OTTAWA, Canada. Practicing General International Business

    Law, Corporations, Banking and Commercial Agencies.


    Associate: Jameel Salman:

    Court lawyer, graduated from the University of Mutah, Jordan, with fifteen

    years of court practice.

Abdullah Al-Khalil:

Address: P.O. Box 211393 Amman 11121 Jordan thLocation: Jabal Hussein, Karim Center 4 floor

    Telephone: 462-4623

    Fax: 463-7543


    Web site:

Born in Nablus in 1951. Graduate of Arab University - Lebanon in 1974 with

    LL.B. Has handled general civil and commercial cases for domestic and international clients since 1975. In 1980 obtained MCL degree from S.M.U. in Dallas, Texas. Fluent in English.

Legal Consultants & Disputes Resolution Center (LCDR)

Address: P.O. Box 1148 Amman 11118 Jordan

    Location: Jabal AlWeibdeh, Husni Fareez St., near the Jordanian National stGallery, Ala Complex, 1 floor

    Telephone: 462-2456 ext. 102

    Fax: 463-6975

    Mobile: 079-562-0140



    Majdi Al-Qsous: Education: LL.B., University of Jordan, LL.M., International Commercial & Business Law, University of East Anglia, UK. Member of JIPA (Jordanian Intellectual Property Association). President of the Legal Commission (Arab Society), Norwich, UK. Member of Democritus Aristidou Law Firm, Cyprus. Member of the Jordanian Bar Association. Member of the Young Solicitors, Law Society, London. Fluent in English


Nabulsi & Associates:

Address: P.O. Box 35116 Amman 11180 Jordan rdthLocation: Jabal Amman 3 Circle, Riyad Center, 6 floor

    Telephone: 465-4411 / 465-4422

    Fax: 465-7555


    Omar Nabulsi: Born in Nablus in 1936. Education: Victoria College, Alexandria, Egypt; LL.B., LL.M. (Cairo/London). The Coordinator in Jordan of the American Bar Association (ABA); Member of the Consultative Committee of the Ministry of Industry & Trade in Jordan. Fluent in English.

    The firm specializes in the following areas of the law: Commercial, corporate, banking, aviation, transport, construction, taxation, foreign investment, insurance, information technology, telecommunications, intellectual property, international business transactions, international finance, litigation and arbitration.

Elias Nasser & Associates Law Firm - 1934:

    Address: P.O. Box 432 Amman 11118 Jordan th Location: Shmeisani, Abdul Hamid Shuman St., Jawharat Amman Building, 4


    Telephone: 568-6311 / 568-6312

    Fax: 568-6313


    Areas of practice: General Civil and Commercial including corporate, banking, maritime issues, intellectual property, unfair competition, construction, foreign investment, insurance, taxation, securities, mergers and acquisition, enforcement of foreign judgments, licensing and transfer of technology.

     Partner: Hala Elias Nasser:

     Born in Amman in 1966. Graduate of University of Jordan LL.B., University

     of London (The London School of Economics and Political Science), England,

     LL.M. in Maritime and Commercial Laws. Admitted to the Jordanian Bar in

     1992. Member of the Jordanian Bar Association and the Franco Jordanian

    Businessmen Club. Fluent in English and French.



    Associate: Firas Nazih Sharaiha

    Born in Amman in 1971. Graduate of University of Jordan LL.B. Admitted to

    the Jordanian Bar in 1995. Member of the Jordanian Bar Association and the

    Committee for Judges' Conduct Law and Mediation Law upon assignment by

    the Minister of Justice. Fluent in English


George Nazha:

Address: P.O. Box 2815 Amman 11953 Jordan

    Location: AlAbdali Al Sayegh Commercial Center 10th floor

    Telephone: 464-8420

    Fax: 464-9080

    Mobile: 079-5566881


    Born in Jerusalem in 1940. Graduate of Damascus University in 1966. Joined Ministry of Justice in 1969. Served as judge from 1971 - 1984. Legal Advisor to Ministry of Interior. Fluent in English.

Waleed M. Sadi:

Address: P.O. Box 940715 Amman 11191 Jordan

    Location: Shmeisani, Jerusalem Building, 2nd floor

    Telephone: 560-6678

    Fax: 567-7837

    Mobile 077-754-6960


    Born in Jerusalem in 1943. Education: B.A. Economics Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas; J.D. University of Chicago Law School. Fluent in English.

    Associate: Adib Tahboub:

    Born in 1932. Graduated from Alexandria University La Faculty in 1954.

    Associate: Abdul Raouf Abdeen:

    Born in 1931. Graduated from Cairo University Law Faculty in 1954.


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