Lesson plan

By Phyllis Boyd,2014-04-05 18:19
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Lesson plan

    Lesson plan

Background information:

    Students: 48 junior high school students, grade 1

    Lesson duration: 45 mins

    Content: Silent Wheels.

    Teaching objectives:

    a. To learn some new vocabularies and useful expressions. b. To make a comprehension of the passage.

    c. By the end of the lesson, students should be able to use English to have a debate with others.

    d. To get the concept of different cars attributions and impacts on human

    beings life.

    Teaching aids: tapes, blackboard, PPT, chalks, tape-records

    Teaching procedures:

    1. Warm-up: teachers use the PPT to show the pictures of electric cars to draw the attention of the students and move to the topic to the lesson. Rationale: Showing the pictures of the electric car can both catch the attention of the students and widen their horizon.

    2. The teacher gives the topic to be discussed by the whole class.

    Oral activity: ask the students to generate the advantages of these two kinds of cars. It can be done by several groups or directly narrated by

    students themselves. The teacher could give some key words like clean, quite, cost, environmental, pollution, ect.

    Rationale: Discussion is a good way for students to practice their oral ability and open their minds.

    3. Listen to the tape and ask the students to follow it. As done, the

    teacher should display the new vocabularies on the blackboard. Rationale: Tape is aim to practice the listening ability of the students. 4. The students read the passage as quickly as they can at the first time. Reading activities: Require some students to act the dialogue loudly in the whole class and generate the main idea of that passage. Rationale: This part is to drill their ability of fast reading. 5. Ask some students to find their partners to act the role of the dialogue

    and the rest of the class concentrate on listening to them. Rationale: This part is, on one hand, to release the pressure of learning the passage, on the other hand, its an exercise of speaking and listening.

    6. Students then read again the dialogue to write down the combination

    of their own points and the primitive ideas from the dialogue. Reading and writing activities: students read again the passage and then complete a table of information on the advantages and disadvantages of the electric engine car. This done, the teacher should help the students to analyze the passage and teach them the grammar.

    Rationale: It is for students to learn the grammar.

7. Debating

    Students can be divided into two groups and have a discussion on which kind of car is better. Teachers should told them not to only concentrate on the matter of environment but also the price and the living conditions of our country. Try to find a new way to solve the problem of popularizing the electric car.

    Rationale: Its a good way to help the students to form the ability of debating.


    1. Remember the new words and expressions.

    2. Review the text.

    3. Write and arrange students their own opinions thought out in the class. Rationale: Homework is to ask students to review the knowledge theyve

    learnt in this lesson.

    After class reflection: (to be filled right after class)

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