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    NAME Vasili Krez

    YOB 1977

    CITY/COUNTRY Mogilev, Belarus (Eastern Europe)

    PHONE +375 222 243480

    CELL PHONE +375 29 3300920





     RESIDENCE COUNTRY Belarus (Eastern Europe)

     ICQ 333308309

     Skype none



1994 1999, State Linguistic University, Department of Spanish, Minsk, Belarus.

    Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Spanish and English philology. Qualified for English and Spanish academic training.

Number of years for translation/ interpreting experience 6 years (active experience)



English-related language pairs

    Preferable translation Minimum translation Preferable Minimum LANGUAGE PAIR Rates rates revision/proofreading revision/proofreading

    rate rate

    0,04? 0,025? 0,04? 0,025? English>Russian

    0,04? 0,025? 0,04? 0,025? Russian>English

    0,04? 0,025? 0,04? 0,025? Belarusian-


    0,04? 0,025? 0,04? 0,025? English-


Additional language pairs

    0,04? 0,025? 0,04? 0,025? Russian-Spanish

    0,04? 0,025? 0,04? 0,025? Spanish-Russian

    0,04? 0,025? 0,04? 0,025? Portuguese-


    0,07? 0,04? 0,04? 0,035? Spanish-English

    0,07? 0,04? 0,04? 0,035? English-Spanish

Payment terms

    1) Bank transfer (Israeli bank, IBAN code available) 2) Non-banking payment system: MoneyGram, Western Union, MoneyBookers

    Availability and Workload

Hours available to translate (daily) 12-15

    Number of words translated per day 35000

    Number of words proofread per hour 1000


    LANGUAGE PAIRS Interpreting Rate per hour (EURO) Russian <> Spanish 8

Specialist Fields

FINANCIAL/COMMERCIAL/BUSINESS/ (investment programs, business plans, financial statements,

    annual reports, news and financial analysis, audit reports, business proposals, quotations, market reviews,

    audit financial statements, risks, capital rates, accounting, funds, business correspondence)

    MARKETING: Marketing and promotional materials; brochures; proposals, training plans and programs.


    MANAGEMENT: (training materials, reports and etc.). TECHNICAL (General operating manuals and etc.) IT (menus tools, software user manuals, instructions for use, Internet Navigating menus, status messages






    CRANES: Manuals



Star Sattelite

    Trados 7 (Tag Editor, WinAlign)


Word 2003, 97


    Déjà Vu 7.00



    Photoshop CS2


    ABBY FineReader 7.0


    Adobe Acrobat Professional 6.00

    Emule Plus

    Adobe Reader 6.00

    Micromedia Dreamweaver MX

    Cute PDF

    PractiCount&Invoice 5.3



    Celeron 2500, 40 GB HDD, 256 RAM, xDSL internet connection

    Background and Work Experience

    Freelancing background

    Projects history: ENG<> RUS

    Virtual Network Gateway Purchase Order (contract) (eng>rus, 5000 words) Training services agreement + Exhibits (Safety and Security Policies, Letter of Engagement) (Eng>Rus, 9000 words)

    Two food grain supply contracts (Ru>En, 3000 words)

    Two telecommunication software SOWs (6000 words)

    OSS Professional Services Agreement (6500 words)

    Hotel promotional materials (14000 words)

    Clothes up-selling training program template (4000 words)

    Draft conclusions for European railroad organization meeting (2700 words) Software license agreement (4700 words)

    Minutes of meeting on Russian standards homologation (4140 words)

    University e-brochure (accommodation, programs, support, testimonials) (eng>rus, 4200 words)

    Manual for fruit sorting machine (eng>rus, 5100 words)

    Budgetary Offer on thermal coating facility for "shock absorbers shaft" applications (7000 words)

    Assessment on Reports to SME (Small/Medium Enterprise) Support Fund (eng>rus, 2000 words)

    Report on Visit to SME (Small/Medium Enterprise) Support Fund (eng>rus, 7000 words) Irrevocable Trust Agreement. Mortgage Note (4500 words)

    Knitted fabric machine operating manual (eng>rus, 90000 words)

    Books distribution contract (eng>rus, 2600 words)

    Beauty products bulletin (eng>rus, 14000 words)

    Railroad construction technical specifications: tracks, earthworks, roadwork (eng>rus, 9000


    Manual on software modeling, analysis, and simulation tool (eng>rus, 110000 words)

    Pharmaceutical quality assurance documentation (OMCL), policy on the estimation of uncertainty, scope of accreditation (eng>rus, 3600 words)

    Distribution agreement (Taiwan-Russia) (eng>rus)

    Cover note on distribution agreement (eng>rus)

    Corporate by-laws. Articles on stockholders, boards, officers, meetings of stockholders, share ownership, and board of Directors (eng>rus)

    Tender documentation package specification for a smelter (rus>eng)

    Moscow region country estate market survey (eng>rus 15000 words)

    Corporate internal regulations (rus>eng)

    Dental unit (Engle Systems) assembly instructions, compressor operation instruction (eng>rus

    17 thous. chars.)

    Core analysis of wells 1, 2, 3. (Shtokman field) Gas/water capillary pressure measurements by centrifuge technique eng>rus (appr. 40 thous. chars.)

    Tie-in project development; Delivery and fabrication of hydraulic units for a hydropower plant

    rus>eng (60 thous. char.)

    Instructions Manual for Installation and Operation of Modular Measurement and Automation System for Extruders. eng>rus (30 thous. chars)

    Glassware production development project: capital spending project details checklist, request

    for assistance in search for a partner on a joint venture eng>rus (10 thous. chars.)

    Addendum to sales-purchasing agreement related to submission of financial statements eng>rus (7 thous. chars.)

    Corona treatment process description, principle, functions. Study group materials: printing ink

    and color, Input angled splicing assembly, web guides eng>rus (80 thous. chars.)

    Management automation system description

    Report of Marine incident survey eng>rus

    Telecommunications: Carrier/Partner Engagement Guide. Provisioning Railway Construction Project Specifications - Track

    Distribution Agreement and Insurance Cover note to the same (Mobile devices, communicating devices, information handling units, computer hardware, accessories and spares). Investment Analysis (Acid proof products)

    Full-Time Service Experience

    Sausage casing manufacturing plant, attending translator

    Essential project history

    Patents related to viscose and cellulose casing process (over 50 in number) Production regulations

    Start-up instructions

    Shore durometer hardness indicator

    Mechanical drawings

    Onsite consultancy reports

    Basic working standards

    Description of staff's job content

    Job pattern

    Chemical section modernization and extrusion hall

    Working procedures/manual

    Business plan

    Investment plan

    Company rules

    Lease agreement

    Property appraisal objectives memo

    Company web-site

Regular jobs

    Judicial documents (agreements, contracts)

    Commercial papers

    Financial documentation

    Accounting records

    Machine performance data flow/Performance reports

    Production departments’ reports

    Finished product test reports

    Equipment and material specifications

    MFK Chemical Corporation, Belarus, chemistry products distribution company, attending translator, 2006-2006,

    Granulation machine supply follow up

    Legal/Commercial papers

    Translation Memory (most significant)

    Telecom (English Russian) - over 110 thousand units Business model software manual Software (English Russian) - 7 thousand units Spacelabs (medical telemetry) (English Russian) 12 thousand units Contract, Business, Law (English Russian) 24 thousand units

    Links to External Expertise Profiles



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