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Housekeeping SOP ...



    Standard Operating




    Housekeeping Standard Operating Procedure Update:

    Sequence of the Daily Room Cleaning Service


This SOP is to ensure that the daily service has been done properly in accordance with the room attendant task




    ; Check guest name (from worksheet assignment list)

    ; Knock on the door

    ; Get guest amenities for assigned rooms

    ; Keep your cart and working areas organized

    ; Prepare the guestroom for cleaning

    ; Place caddy in bathroom

    ; Begin to clean the bathroom

    ; Clean the bathtub and shower area (remove shower head if possible and deep clean carefully) ; Clean the toilet

    ; Clean the sink and vanity

    ; Clean bathroom floor

    ; Finish cleaning the bathroom

    ; Clean the guest room closet

    ; Make the bed

    ; Dust the guest room

    ; Replenish amenities and supplies, towels and bathrobes

    ; Strip-down bed, collect dirty linen and note down supplies needed to be replenished ; Clean windows, line tracks and gaps

    ; Cleaning of balcony equipment and floor (if applicable)

    ; Check room for maintenance request; all TV channels, air-condition, all lights, hot and cold water and

    pressure, etc.

    ; Collect rubbish

    ; Check mini bar

    ; Remove dirty linen replace with clean linen, supplies and mini bar items from the pantry ; Clean closet and all furniture

    ; Replenish mini bar

    ; Quality check (arrangements, amenities) - use the standard check list only ; Cleaning of floor

    ; Close/Set curtain to standard

    ; Update status on telephone

    ; Exit room and secure door

    ; Update the room as cleaned on the worksheet assignment list


During service of a guest room 1. Fruit basket trays, room service items are to be removed to the HK pantry 2. Every maintenance order is written down for every room, and send to Engineering 3. Valuable items found in the room are recorded and informed to the Head of Department



    Housekeeping Standard Operating Procedure Update:

    Room Attendant/Room Maid Tasks and Responsibilities


; Follow sign in/out procedures

    ; Follow key control procedures

    ; Follow the work assignment sheet

    ; General safety

    ; Enter the guest room

    ; Clean and dust the room

    ; Make up room

    ; Set up amenities

    ; Restock the mini bar and prepare a charge slip

    ; Report and submit “Lost and found” items

    ; Maintain linen

    ; Assist in turn down service

    ; Any other tasks assigned by the Executive Housekeeper or his/her Assistant





    Housekeeping Standard Operating Procedure Update:

    Key Control Procedure


This SOP is to ensure that all keys are requested and returned in the correct order with reference to the issuer.


1. A key for the assigned floor is issued from the Housekeeping Department. 2. The key is signed out in the key log book. 3. Name is signed next to the corresponding key number. Write in the time the key is issued. 4. Key(s) must be kept on a key chain holder (key holder is with the respective person at all times), or on the

    housekeeping trolley.

    5. Return the key to where it was signed out. Sign in the sign-in section.





    Housekeeping Standard Operating Procedure Update:

    Work Assignment Sheets


This SOP is to ensure that all assignments are completed in a legible manner.


    1. Pick up the work assignment sheet at the Housekeeping Office. 2. The assignments will be written on the assignment sheets regarding the rooms to be done. 3. Prioritize the completion of tasks with; the arrival rooms to be completed first, then unblocked vacant

    rooms, and check-out rooms last.

    4. Tick-off the rooms as they are completed. 5. Return the completed assignment sheet to the Housekeeping Office at the end of the shift. 6. All assignment tasks must be completed. If however the assignment sheet can be not completed within

    the given shift, the sheet is to be hand-over to the shift which is doing the turn down service.





    Housekeeping Standard Operating Procedure Update:

    General Safety Points


    Safety is of everyone’s concern. Below is a list of some procedures to increase the safety of all hotel Housekeeping associates:

; Care should be taken when working with chemicals. ; Use rubber or cloth gloves when handling cleaning solutions and when emptying trash.

    ; Keep traffic areas clean and free of obstructions, i.e.; tools, equipment and cords.

    ; Do not overload trucks or trolleys so that one can not see over the load.

    ; When moving tall trucks or tall pieces of furniture there should be at least two person involved.

    ; When transporting item such as mops from one place to another, hold the handle parallel to the body.


    ; Walk, never run.

    ; Put up notice signs before and while cleaning floors.

    ; Make sure that cleaning solutions are correctly identified and properly diluted.

    ; Follow label instructions; never mix chemicals.

    ; Chemical equipment is kept separately and locked.

    ; When hands are wet or when standing on the wet/damp floor; do not touch light switches or handle

    electrical appliances.

    ; When unplugging electrical equipment, do not pull the cord from a far distance, pull-out the plug from

    the socket. ; Never use equipment with defective electrical cords or plugs.

    ; If equipment is not functioning properly, have it repaired immediately.

    ; Long electrical cords from lamps or electrical fixtures should be wrapped and tied properly to prevent


    ; If ladders are used, make sure they are firmly placed. There may be local regulations, which may require

    one person holding the base of the ladder while the other is on it. ; Know the location of the First Aid Box and fire extinguishers.

    ; Never reach into wastebaskets with unprotected hands.

    ; Loose or broken faucets, handles, grab-bars, soap dishes, broken chairs, dressers or tables must

    immediately be reported to the Head of Department.

    ; Tools of all kinds are a tremendous help, however to fully benefit from them and avoid

    accidents, each and every tool must be used properly and safely. ; Unplug any unattended appliance(s) you may find. Be alert to things, which may cause accidents.

    Report them to the Housekeeping Office. Report any unusual electrical equipment the guest may have

    brought in to the room. ; Look before walking through doorways, around corners, out of elevators, out of rooms, etc.




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