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By Marcus Parker,2014-06-26 22:20
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About the Company ...


We are in the process of adding a “Grower’s Spotlight” section to our web site, where

    Southern U.S. producers will be profiled. If you would like to provide photos to

    accompany your Grower Profile, please send jpeg images to Alyssa Stuart at The information you provide in this questionnaire will also be used to update our Go South! Grower Directory. NAME OF COMPANY Primary Contact Person for Canadian Produce Buyers


    City, STATE, Zip

    Phone / Fax


    Web URL

Introductory Paragraph about your Company:

    Please provide a profile of your company.


    Please note your company’s key differentiator or unique point of difference. A bulleted list of practices your company follows is also helpful.


    Please note your core commodities and acreage size for each commodity.

Primary sectors (please delete those that are not applicable):



    Food Manufacturing

    Industrial food processing



    Please note whether your commodities are hand or machine picked, as well as the time period

    during which each commodity is available to ship. Any additional information you would like to

    share is welcome.



    Please note your full size/grades for each commodity.


    Please list all packaging options, including value-added options.

Good Agricultural Practices:

    With food safety and traceability top of mind, Canadian buyers want to know what growers are

    doing to ensure safe production and shipping of fresh produce. Please summarize your

    company’s food safety and traceability protocols, policies and/or requirements as well as

    relevant certifications. This information will be summarized in the next revised edition of the Go

    South! Grower Directory.

    ? Are you Global GAP, Primus and/or HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

    certified? Please specify any certifications relevant to fresh produce production, packing

    or shipping.

    ? Has your company prepared Best Management Practices” literature? If so, and if it is

    available online, please note the full web URL and we will provide a hyperlink via as well as in our Go South! Grower Directory.

    ? Please note any additional information you would like to share about your commitment

    to safe food production.

Additional Information:

    Please note any additional information that you would like to share with Canadian buyers in the

    retail, wholesale, food manufacturing, and foodservice sectors.


Please return this completed questionnaire via email to:

Alyssa Stuart

    Account Supervisor

    Go South! Fresh from the Southern U.S.

    Phone: 905-206-0577



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