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1.-Could I use your computer? Sorry, Im going to work ___ it now. A. for B. with C. on D. at

    2.I dont agree _____ you. Thats wrong. A. to B. on C. with D. from

    3.Therere fifty students in our class. Thirty are boys,_____ are girls.

    A. other B. others C. the others D the other

    4.The girl isnt outgoing . She ______ asking others for help. A. hates B. begins C. enjoys D. loves 5.Dont ______ that cat. Its very dirty. A. look at B. talk to C. take out D. play with

    6.Father asked me ______ A. swept the floor B. sweeping the floor C. to sweep the floor D. sweeps the floor 7.-Could you take out the trash ? A. Yes , I could B. No, I couldnt C. Yes , I can D. Sorry , I couldnt

    8.Dont forget ____ your bed after you get up . A. making B. to make C. make D. makes 9.I telephoned you but you ______ in. A, didnt B, wasnt C, werent D, arent

    10. Could I invite my friends _____ to our house ? A. come B. to come C. comes D. coming 11.She found a job ______ an English teacher. A. like B. be C. as D. become 12.He wants to stay in Beijing for _____.

    A. a day or two days B. a day or two C. a day and two D. one and two days

    13.There is going to _____ an exciting soccer game on TV tonight. A. have B. is C. has D. be 14.I like English , I like Chinese _____. A. in time B. at the same time C. on time D. at times 15.I want to live ______.I hate living here .

    A. else somewhere B. else anywhere C. somewhere else D. anywhere else

    16.They are going to exercise more _____. A. keep fit B. keep fits C. to keep fit D. to keep fits 17.-Whats your sister going to ____ when she ____ up? A. do, grows B. be , grows C. have , grows D. be , grows 18.Mr Brown is an actor. And he finds a ______job___a teacher in our school.

    A. part-time, as B. part-time, for C. full- time , as D. full-time , for

    19.That sounds __________. A. like good B. like a good plan C. likes good D. likes a good plan 20.Please stop ___ and ___ to the teacher.

    A. talking , listen B. talk , listening C. talking , listening talk , listen 21.Mr Smith always has ______ to tell us .

    A. some newses B. some piece of news C some pieces of news .D. some pieces of newses 22.The little boy wrote a _____ letter to his uncle .

    A. five-hundred-words B. fivehundred-word C. five -hundreds- word D. five hundreds-words

    23.The pianist ______ Li Yundi is playing the piano . A. calls B. to call C. calling D. called 24.He is always the first _______ to school. A. to get B. got C. get D. getting 25.Youre never _______ young ____ start doing things .A. very , to B. too, to C. to, to D. to , too 26.My mother ___ all her free time with her grandchildren. A. takes B. spends C. pays D. uses 27. He ____ a writing competition this summer holiday. A. joins B. Joined C. takes part in D. took part in 28.How did he make the boy _______?A. stop crying B. stop to crying C. to stop crying D. to stop to cry

    rd29.The baby was born ______ the evening______ April 3..A. in , of B. in , on C. on , of D. on , at

    30.-____ did you do homework last night ?-For about two hours.

    A. How long B. How often C. How many D. How much

    31.They went fishing _____ a sunny morning . A. in B. on C. at D. by

    32_____ the end of the street, you can find the hospital. A. In the end B. On the end C. By the end D. At the end 33.After school, we didnt leave the classroom ____ the rain stopped .A. after B. until C. because D. if 34.-Who cleaned the blackboard, Dick? Join ____.A. cleaned B. does C. did D. is

    35. _____ anyone else in the room just now ? A. There was B. There were C. W as there D. Were there 36. A lot of _______(visit) came to our school yesterday.37.We are the ______(read) of China Daily. 38.Could you please _________(not sweep) the floor ? 39.They _____(hang) with my mother last weekends. 40.He stopped ________(hiccup) after he took some pills. 41.You are never too old ______(learn).

    42.Bill _____(be not ) at home last night. 43. There _______(be) a meeting next week. 43._______(luck), I didnt go to school late . 44.I want to buy some____________(三明治).

    45. I _______() some books from the library tomorrow. 46.Is the old man _________(活着)?

    47. The workers ________(建造)many buildings last year. 48.How much ______(面包) do we need?

    49.The girl peeled the apples and ______ () up them. 50.Do you know the _______( win) with long hair?

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