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    REVIEW December 2007

    Health and Safety Committee; December 2005 APPROVAL HISTORY Board; February 2006 DISTRIBUTION PCT-wide

    RELATED Policy and Procedure for Recording and Investigating Adverse

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Page 1 of 4 H&S Asbestos Policy Issue 1/Dec 2005 Review: Dec 2007

1 Introduction

     1.1 Policy Statement

    2 Responsibilities

     2.1 The Chief Executive and Board Responsibilities

     2.2 All Employee’s Responsibilities

     2.3 Estates and Facilities Manager Responsibilities 3 Refurbishment or Demolition of PCT Buildings Page 2 of 4 H&S Asbestos Policy Issue 1/Dec 2005 Review: Dec 2007

1 Introduction

There are three main types of Asbestos Chrysotile, Amosite and Crocidolite. They

    are usually called White, Brown and Blue respectively. However they can not be identified by their colour, laboratory analysis is required. Asbestos materials may occur in both natural and manufactured products. These products have been used in building, construction and equipment for many years. The particular grade and type of asbestos used varies.

    The risk posed by asbestos is greater when the fibres are airborne and can be inhaled causing a disease in the lungs, mesothelioma. Therefore the risk is increased when building projects are ongoing. Asbestos that is in good condition does not pose a significant risk to health. It is therefore very important that all asbestos is identified, monitored and removed before the building works commence.

    The PCT recognises its duty of care to its staff, patients and visitors and the responsibility for the environment. Through this policy the PCT intends to carry out all activities in a manner that demonstrates care for staff, patients, visitors and the environment whilst continuing to provide the highest standards of healthcare.

1.2 Policy Statement

    Bath and North East Somerset Primary Care Trust recognises it has a statutory responsibility as an employer and a healthcare provider under the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Management of Health and Safety Regulations, the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations and the Duty of Care Regulations (Environmental Protection Act 1990) to ensure the health and safety of patients, visitors and staff who may be affected by its activities. The PCT will use these regulations as minimum standards to be achieved. It is the intention of the Trust as far as reasonably practicable to identify and maintain all equipment, buildings and materials containing asbestos in a safe condition in order that no person is exposed to a known risk.

2. Responsibilities

2.1 The Chief Executive and Board Responsibilities

    While ultimate responsibility is vested in the PCT Board, executive responsibility is delegated to the Chief Executive for managing health and safety. Compliance with this policy will be achieved by:

    ? Systematic identification and assessment of risk.

    ? Allocating appropriate resources to achieve reduction in risk, so far as is

    reasonable practicable.

    ? Implementation of effective control measures.

    The Health and Safety Executive Approved Code of Practice requires that one person should be appointed as being responsible for over-seeing the assessment of risk associated with asbestos. This Responsible Person will be the Estates and Facilities Projects Manager.

Page 3 of 4 H&S Asbestos Policy Issue 1/Dec 2005 Review: Dec 2007

2.2 Director of Resources

    It is the responsibility of the Director of Resources to ensure:

    ? Adequate resources are available to manage asbestos identified on PCT

    premises. This includes control of exposure, or removal, as identified by

    surveys or other methods.

2.3 All Employees Responsibilities

    ? Inform the Estates and Facilities Projects Manager immediately of any

    suspicion of asbestos in PCT premises.

    ? Report any damage or exposure of identified asbestos immediately.

2.3 Estates and Facilities Projects Manager Responsibilities

The Estates and Facilities Projects Manager is the Nominated Responsible Person

    for the PCT. The responsibilities for the nominated responsible person are to ensure


    ? Condition Surveys (Type 1) are carried out yearly

    ? Type 2 and 3 Surveys to be carried out by HSE licensed contractor as required.

    ? The HSE licensed contractor provides clearance certificates to the PCT so that

    the information can be entered onto the PCT Asbestos register.

    ? A comprehensive register is maintained on all asbestos on PCT premises.

    ? Action is taken were required to ensure a safe working environment putting into

    place control measures that may be deemed necessary for identified damaged


    ? Identified problem areas of asbestos are removed by HSE approved

    contractors who have a safe working practices in place.

    ? All known asbestos is removed prior to refurbishments/ building works and

    demolition of buildings.

3 Refurbishment or Demolition of PCT Buildings

Prior to any refurbishment or demolition of PCT buildings, a HSE licensed surveyor is

    to be appointed by the Facilities Department to carry out a type 3 survey and to

    produce a risk assessment report. This report is to be supplied to the Estates and

    Facilities Projects Manager, who will inform the Health and Safety Advisor and the

    Maintenance Manager.

If asbestos is identified it is to be removed by an HSE licensed contractor before

    refurbishment or demolition works begin.

The asbestos removal contractor is required as part of the tender/selection process to

    supply to the Estates and Facilities Projects Manager the following before any

    asbestos removal work begins on any PCT site.

    ? A copy of their HSE License for the removal of the asbestos.

    ? A copy of the HSE Notification Form for the contracted work.

    ? A copy of the Special Waste Consignment Note (copies to be kept in the

    Facilities Department for 3 years). Page 4 of 4 H&S Asbestos Policy Issue 1/Dec 2005 Review: Dec 2007

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