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    Tax Advantaged Investments for Canadians

About The Jaymor Group :

; Helping Canadians through Tax Advantaged Investments since 1989

    ; Over this period of time, Jaymor has developed into one of Canada's premier real

    estate investment companies, with a proven track record of successfully structuring,

    syndicating and developing multi-family residential investment properties

    throughout the state of Florida. The Jaymor Group has syndicated and acts as

    asset manager for numerous investment properties in Florida

    ; Has recently expanded its' own development activity to North Carolina and Ontario. ; Currently has in excess of $200 Million under asset management

    ; Has successfully refinanced many of its assets, sending substantial proceeds to


    ; Superior track record

    ; Consistently outperformed financial projections

Mission Statement

The Jaymor Group's mission is to provide Canadian investors the opportunity to

    participate in strategically located, high quality real estate based investments. Jaymor's strategy in creating investment opportunities is to first select performing properties in cities experiencing economic growth and are expected to continue doing so in the foreseeable future. Then, to financially structure the investment so as to yield to the investors in the short term; cash flow, substantial tax deductions and equity build up through mortgage pay down. In the long term, substantial capital appreciation may be realized.

Why Florida?

    Florida has consistently experienced significant job creation and population growth. It is the fourth most populous state and leads the top ten States in economic growth. From 1987 to 2001, Orlando ranked second in the United States in terms of percentage population growth. Furthermore, Central Florida is projected to lead the nation in population growth to the year 2007. Strong job growth has fuelled a migration of individuals seeking new employment opportunities in the technology, defense and service industries. Increased demand for both residential and commercial real estate creates an attractive investment environment.

Why Invest In Real Estate?

    The new millennium ushered in a dynamic era for real estate investment. Fueled by a new wave of investor money, the current real estate market is a hotbed of opportunity. Remember... You can't send all of your money to the boys on Bay Street. One must diversify and have some good performing real estate in one’s portfolio.

    Real Estate is a vital part of good financial planning. The bigger your portfolio, the more you need to diversify with Real Estate. Performing Real Estate.

    Vacant Land does not pay the loan or taxes.

    Tenants pay the bills and taxes... You risk less as the number of tenants increases. That is why apartments are much better than speculating on single family


    If you don't want to be bothered with the day to day workings, try a Syndication or Limited Partnership with a professional management service. We have helped many investors this way.

Limited Partnerships… Can be a good fit

    Diversification is part of any sound financial planning strategy. The Limited Partnership has the two-fold benefit of affording limited liability to the investor and permitting the flow through of tax benefits derived from the investment. Tax deferrals provided could allow a taxpayer to reduce taxable income after the RRSP route has been fully maximized. Any resulting tax savings can be reinvested to augment your return on equity. Here are some considerations:

CCRA (formerly Revenue Canada) must allow the tax deduction that a Limited

    Partnership (or LP) creates. Precedents from similarly structured LPs that have passed Revenue Canada scrutiny in previous tax years are also beneficial.

    As a limited partner, you are a passive investor, therefore relying on the competency of the managing or General Partner. A proven track record of the asset managers is probably the most important aspect of any Limited Partnership.

    A real estate offering is the pooling of funds to finance a large-scale real estate investment, enabling investors to achieve collectively what they cannot readily

    achieve on their own. Advantages of real estate LPs are that they are real property

    and therefore a tangible or “hard” asset. Vacancy rates are known, therefore cash flow from rent can be projected with reasonable accuracy. Most operating costs are known, and professional property management can be retained. Other noteworthy advantages are:

    Syndication costs (associated with structuring and selling the offering) can be used as tax deductions and can be spread over a five-year period. Some LPs offer limited liability, meaning, as a limited partner you are not responsible for any more money than your initial investment. This is unlike conventional real estate where once you buy a property, you can lose more than your initial equity capital. Your equity capital can be borrowed, hence interest deductibility on the borrowed amount. Borrowing your down payment is forbidden when buying real estate directly.

Why Invest With The Jaymor Group?

    The Jaymor Group is taking advantage of this exciting market by actively buying properties with an eye to adding value.

    Jaymor's success is based on our ability to acquire and develop properties at the optimum price; to maximize returns through professional property management; and to implement successful exit strategies, which are carefully planned from the time of acquisition.

    Most importantly, The Jaymor Group has stood the test of time. Since 1989, we have proven our capacity for outstanding performance in every economic climate. We have the reputation, the diversity, and the integrity needed in a real estate investment firm. Our strict criteria for investments and our high ethical standards are your best assurance of maximum return on your money.

    At Jaymor, we are confident that you will benefit from our solid foundation of success and our strategic approach to investments for the future.

Proven Track Record

    The Jaymor Group's offerings have continually provided investors with superior real estate investments that have:

     Substantially outperformed revenue projections

     Been successfully refinanced and distributed surplus funds to investors

     Continued to build equity while providing tax relief

    Many of these partners have received these benefits soon after investment

    The Jaymor Group is responsible for investment decisions, asset management, legal and accounting functions and reporting regularly to all investor partners.

How Recent Offerings Have Performed:

    Historical Rates of Return (Cdn$)

     Original Tax Tax Tax Cash Flow After Tax Annual

    Partnership Investment Years Deductions Savings Distributions Return Return

    114.95% Atrium $55,125 2 $13,340 $6,670 $25,013 $31,683

    41.89% Palm Bay Club $52,500 3 $28,938 $14,469 $7,525 $21,994

    26.59% Paradise Cay $56,250 4 $41,897 $20,949 $8,963 $29,911

    24.18% Riverlake $54,675 5 $35,434 $17,717 $15,335 $33,052

    22.49% Spring Valley $52,833 6 $37,193 $18,597 $17,054 $35,651

    13.90% Golf Terrace $52,512 7 $45,695 $22,847 $2,700 $25,547

Jaymor’s newest investment offering, Lighthouse Pointe Limited Partnership, is

    now available. Lighthouse Pointe will offer investors the same blend of tax deductions,

    cash flow and capital appreciation potential previous investors have come to enjoy and expect.

    Jaymor firmly believes that the basic risk/reward fundamentals of investing are the main criteria for an investment decision. The fundamentals are determinants in their search for properties that demonstrate potential for significant future capital appreciation. In other words, it’s not simply about tax deductions. The quality of the underlying investment is paramount.

    At Jaymor, we are confident that you will benefit from our solid foundation of success and our strategic approach to investments for the future.

Specialists in income properties. Earn a better return on your investment. Invest right.

    The Jaymor Group


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