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    LUNG Cancer Network Site-Specific Group

    WORK PROGRAMME 2007/2008

    Action Lead(s) Timescale Critical Success 1. SERVICE PLANNING

    Develop Summary Action for the Implementation Dr. Ganes Lingam Agreed plan with milestone Agreed plan containing high level key recommendations arising from the Dr David Blainey dates complete March 2008 support and sign-off Mesothelioma Framework” (gateway Ref:7907) Kevin McKenny

     stRevise and agree referral pathways for Lung Mr A. Ritchie CTC opens 1 July 2007 The majority of lung cancer surgery Cancer Thoracic Surgery from London providers Dr N. Chanarin - Pathways and processes to for Essex population taking place at to the Essex CTC Centre at BTUH. CTC Management lead be agreed in advance Essex CTC

     (BTUH) Review and streamline Lung Pathway from 4 x acute lung cancer lead Complete March 2007 For all suspected lung cancers to GP/presentation to confirmed diagnosis. clinicians reach decision to treat before day

     31 in Cancer pathway timeline


    Action outstanding concerns arising from SECN 4 x Acute Trust lead March 2008 Deliver full compliance against the and MACN Peer Review Assessment clinicians Peer Review measures as they

     relate to Lung NSSG and MDTs


    Work with IS procurement SHA lead to secure Network Director Colchester to be go live late Local timely access to PET/CT for timely access to PET/CT within Essex (Basildon SHA lead 2007 ECN population and Colchester proposed sites) 4 x Acute Trust lead Basildon to go live early

     clinicians 2008



    Develop and agree Essex-wide clinical Dr Nic Chanarin For review and agreement Agreed Comprehensive guidelines guidelines for management of Lung Cancer. Dr Duncan Powrie September 2007 in place

    Commitment to enter data on the national Lung 4 x Acute Trust lead December 2007 100% of ECN diagnosed lung Cancer dataset (LUCADA) for ALL lung cancer clinicians cancer patients on LUCADA data patients diagnosed in ECN presented at network audit event

     March 2008 5. EDUCATION & WORKFORCE

    Commit to Network-wide Lung Cancer Audit and 4 x Acute Trust lead Audits topics to be agreed Lung NSSG to run half day event presentation of results at annual event. clinicians September 2007. March 2008, presenting local and

     agreed network-wide audit results


    Ensure Network-wide commitment to lung cancer 4 x Acute Trust lead Ongoing Evidence that all lung cancer teams clinical trials maximising recruitment. clinicians actively recruiting to trials activity

     data being presented to NSSG and

     network audit event 7. ANNUAL WORK PROGRAMME AND REPORT

    Generate an annual report for submission to Dr Chanarin May 2008 Submission of Annual Report to Network Board Network Director Network Board May 2008

    Signed Signed (Chair of Lung NSSG) (Chair ECN Board) Date Date th10 July 2007

     Date for Review April 2008 Document No


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