CHILDHOOD EDUCATION In the Program Chart below, list all ---

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CHILDHOOD EDUCATION In the Program Chart below, list all ---

CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: In the Program Chart below, list all pedagogical

    courses in the proposed program, including those required by the General Pedagogical Core in 52.21(b)(2)(ii)(c) and the additional pedagogical study required for this program in 52.21(b)(3)(ii) below. Identify the courses by course number, title, number of credits, required (R) or elective (E), and instructor(s). If the Faculty Charts do not make clear each instructor’s qualifications to teach a particular course, provide that information below this Program Chart.

Number Title Credits R/E Instructor(s)

    At the end of the application, attach a description of each pedagogical course for this program, as the course description will appear in the catalog. Please note that the description of any course identified as meeting a general or specific Pedagogical Core requirement, in whole or in part, should reflect that requirement.

    52.2(b)(3)(ii) Programs leading to initial certificates valid for teaching childhood education (Grades 1 through 6).

    (a) Content core. In addition to meeting the general requirements for the content core prescribed in paragraph (2)(ii)(b) of this subdivision, the content core shall be a major, concentration, or the equivalent in one or more of the liberal arts and sciences, which, in combination with the general education core and pedagogical core, ensures that the candidate has a knowledge base for teaching to the State Learning Standards for students in the following areas of

    the childhood education curriculum: the arts; career development and occupational studies; English language arts; health, physical education, and family and consumer sciences; languages other than English; mathematics, science and technology; and social studies, as prescribed in Part 100 of this Title.

    State the requirements for the Content Core. (See definitions of major and concentration in 52.21(b)(1).) Identify the catalog pages where descriptions of existing liberal arts and sciences majors and concentrations are found that candidates may select for meeting the Content Core requirements of this program. If new liberal arts and sciences majors or concentrations are proposed for this purpose, list the requirements, including course numbers, titles, credits, and instructors; provide course descriptions; complete Faculty Charts for each; and see the Supplement for other required information.

    Describe how the program ensures that candidates are prepared with a content knowledge base for assisting students in grades 1 through 6 in meeting the State Learning Standards for that level in all seven areas of

    general knowledge:

The Arts:

    Career Development and Occupational Studies:

    English Language Arts:

    Health, Physical Education, & Family and Consumer Sciences:

    Languages Other than English:

    Mathematics, Science, and Technology:

    Social Studies:

    (b) Pedagogical core. In addition to meeting the general requirements for the pedagogical core prescribed in paragraph (2)(ii)(c) of this subdivision, the pedagogical core shall focus on childhood education and include, but need not be limited to:

    (1) study in the following:

    (i) processes of growth and development in childhood and how to provide learning experiences and conduct assessments reflecting understanding of those processes;

Course title(s) and number(s):

    (ii) teaching the literacy skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing to native English speakers and students who are English language learners at the childhood level, including methods of reading enrichment and remediation; and

Course title(s) and number(s) for courses in addition to the 6 semester hours

    of study required for the General Pedagogical Core in language acquisition and literacy development by native English speakers and English language learners:

    (2) field experiences and student teaching experiences in both

    childhood education settings, grades 1 through 3 and grades 4 through 6. The time requirements for field experience, student teaching and practica of paragraph (2)(ii)(c)(2)(i) of this subdivision shall not be applicable for candidates holding another classroom teaching certificate or for candidates who are simultaneously preparing for another classroom teaching certificate and completing the full field experience, student teaching and practica requirement for that other certificate. In such instances, the programs shall require such candidates to complete at least 50 clock hours of field experiences, practica, or student teaching with students in childhood education, including experiences in both childhood education settings.

    The general pedagogical core requirements for field experiences, students teaching and/or practica 52.21(b)(2)(ii)(c)(2) are repeated for ease of reference:

     52.21(b)(2)(ii)(c)(2)(i) The program shall include at least 100 clock hours of field experiences related to coursework prior to student teaching or practica. The program shall include at least two college-supervised student-teaching experiences of at least 20 school days each.

    52.21(b)(2)(ii)(c)(2)(ii) The field experiences, student teaching and practica shall:

     (A) be consistent with the program’s philosophy, purposes and objectives and carefully selected and planned by program faculty, with learning outcomes specified and their achievement regularly evaluated;

     (B) be accompanied by coursework or seminars and supervised by one or more faculty who participate actively in the program and in program development, and who have training and skills in supervision and the expertise to provide supervision related to content and pedagogy. Full-time faculty shall participate in supervising students during their student-teaching or practica experiences;

     (C) provide candidates with experiences in a variety of communities and across the range of student developmental levels of the certificate, experiences practicing skills for interacting with parents or caregivers, experiences in high-need schools, and experiences with each of the following student populations: socioeconomically disadvantaged students, students who are English language learners, and students with disabilities; and (D) for programs preparing candidates for more than one certificate, ensure that candidates have field experiences and/or student-teaching or practica experiences related to each certificate, as prescribed in paragraph (3) of this subdivision.

    Describe how the requirements in (A), (B), (C), and (D), cited above, are met for the field experiences and student teaching :




    (D) if applicable.

Identify courses that require field experiences:

    Course Course Title Instructor Grade Clock

    Number Level Hours

Identify courses/seminars for the college-supervised student-teaching


    Course Course Title Instructor Grade No. of Full

    Number Level School Days

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