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    09-10学年高一第一学期语法练习 直接引语&间接引语 编者?张春暖 2009-09-17

    Direct Speech & Indirect Speech


    1. I said to them, Hell get excited.

    I ________ them that ________ _________ get excited.

    2. The geography teacher said to us, The earth turns around the sun.

     The geography teacher ________ us___________________________ 3. “I havent brought my dictionary. The student said.

    The student said ________ _________ ________ _________ dictionary. 4. “I really don’t think I can finish the work on time. he said.

    He said that ________ really ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ the

    work on time.

    5. John came to China ten years ago, and has been living here ever since, he said.

    ________ ________that John ________ ________ ________ China ________

    ________ ________ and ________ ________ ________ ________ ever since. 6. Is there anything wrong, Madam? asked the policeman.

    The policeman asked the woman ________ ________ ________ anything wrong. 7. Please explain why youre two and a half hours late, the boss said.

    The boss ________ him ________ ________ why ________ ________ two and a half

    hours late.

    8. My mother asked me, Do you want to go to the Great Wall with me?

    My mother asked me ________ ________ ________ to go to the Great Wall with


    9. Dont give up! Father shouted to him.

    Father ________ him in a loud voice ________ ________ give up. 10. Where are we to meet Joe? Betty asked.

    Betty asked where ________ ________ ________ ________ Joe.


    11. Shes preparing her lessons, I said.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 12. He said to me, Jane spent all her time doing that.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 13. My father said to me, “I read the book in 1986.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 14. “I’ll come and see you again today, Tom. He said.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 15. We shall write to you this week, they said.


    09-10学年高一第一学期语法练习 直接引语&间接引语 编者?张春暖 2009-09-17

    16. My bicycle has been stolen, he said, “I shall have to call the police.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 17. “I dont need your help today, Tom said.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 18. The book has been translated into several foreign languages, he said.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 19. “I’m going to the railway station to meet my uncle this afternoon, Jane said.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 20. She asked, What is it? Whats going to happen now?

    ______________________________________________________________________ 21. The boy was wondering, How does the computer work?

    ______________________________________________________________________ 22. Why do you speak English so fluently? I said to him.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 23. He asked me, Do you study English or French?

    ______________________________________________________________________ 24. Get everything ready in half an hour, the teacher said to the students.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 25. The teacher asked, How many pages have you read today?

    ______________________________________________________________________ 26. Learn the dialogue by heart, said the teacher.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 27. Lets start at once, said the group leader.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 28. I asked Li Ying, Where and when were you born?

    ______________________________________________________________________ 29. My brother ordered me, Go there at once.

    ______________________________________________________________________ 30. Did you come here by car or by train? he asked.


    09-10学年高一第一学期语法练习 直接引语&间接引语 编者?张春暖 2009-09-17


1. told, he, would 2. told, the earth turns around the sun 3. he/she, hadnt, brought,

    his/her 4. he, didnt think he could finish 5. He said, had come to, ten years before, had been living there 6. whether there is 7. asked, to explain, he was 8. if/whether I

    wanted, her 9. told, not to 10. where we/they are to meet

1. I said that I was preparing my lessons.

    2. He told me that Jane spent all her time doing this/that.

    3. My father told me that he read the book in 1986.

    4. He told Tom that he would go and see him again that day.

    5. They aid they should write to us that week.

    6. He said that his bicycle had been stolen and he should have to call the police. 7. Tom said he didnt need my help that day.

    8. He said the book had been translated into several foreign languages. 9. Jane said that she was going to the railway station to meet her uncle that afternoon. 10. She asked what it was and what was going to happen then.

    11. The boy was wondering how the computer worked.

    12. I asked him why he spoke English so fluently.

    13. He asked me whether I studied English or French.

    14. The teacher asked the students to get everything ready in half an hour. 15. The teacher asked how many pages I had read that day.

    16. The teacher told us not to be noisy when doing the experiment. 17. The group leader suggested us to start at once.

    18. I asked Li Ying where and when he had been born.

    19. My brother ordered me to come here.

    20. He asked whether I went there by car or by train.

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