A simple study about bruce lee

By Diana Myers,2014-12-12 01:45
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A simple study about bruce leeA,a,study,about,bruce,lee,Bruce,Lee,Study,About

    A Simple Study About Bruce Lees and Jackie Chans image

     BY Betty

    Most of time , a super star is a a star who meeting the demands of audience;quoting from

    PPT . From this angle , I’d like to do some study about Bruce Lees and Jackie Chans

    imageshow their images fit the audience.

    In Bruces days ,China was just a weak country and Hong Kong was still a colony of Britain.a Chinese actor could hardly draw great attention form Hollywood film maker. Bruce made the name of himself by fighting against 4 robbers with bare fists, in order to save a young girl. Therefore, when he first came into American’s sight, he was already real individual who was

    helpful, strong, brave, etc. As for Chinese audience, Li Xiaolong was exactly the right person who they were hungry for to represent a powerful Chinese image in front of the world.

     Under a background like that , Bruce Lee was supposed to show his real Kung Fu not just on screen but also off screen . In his films, he typecast himself as a powerful fighter with rich thought; in his life, he kept training and got more and more famous through his champion students and his Jun Fan Art Studios. Actually, in my opinion , there was little fictional element in his image. Bruces style of Kung Fu was serious(严肃的)realistic and actual combat (实战性

    ). It is obvious for us to learn it form his films, his figure, his action. And this was what American audience were interested in and what Chinese audience focused on in those days.

    However, with time goes by ,we are now in a time of worldwide entertainment(全民娱乐) in

    some way . Suffering from too much living pressure, most audience ask for more funs. Meanwhile, sense of humor do help international communications. So , it is acceptable for audience to recognize the not real Kung Fu and even special effects bring the film more box-office . If we say Jeet Kume Do (截拳道)and nunchakus (双截棍) are some kind of

    semiotics of Bruce Lee, then hyperbolic(夸张的) facial expressions and actions may can be some

    semiotics of Jackie Chan .

    Different form Bruce, Jackie has more identities to keep himself famous. He is not only a actor, but also a singer, a philanthropist(慈善家) and so on. He has taken an active part in

    charitable activities, including giving away money to charities, building hope school, voicing for public interest group (为公益团体代言). He appears in front of the media as a well-behaved

    citizen who takes great responsibility for society. This positive image helps him a lot to raise his influence in the public. Whats more important is that this responsible image helps him gain trust from the public. For example , when he was doubted he broke his promise of giving away 200,000,000 yuan to a school of Wen Chuan , a lot of people stood on his side and expressed that they believed Chen Long would handle this issue properly. Besides, his winning his forgives of

    Xiaolongnv Even(小龙女事件) from the public is also related to his great image in somg

    way .

    The last thing I want to mention about hi image is that he is packaged as a devoted country-love (爱国者). Like Bruce, he is a national entity as well . He wears Tang Suit ;he passed Olympic Torch; he took part in the publicity of Expo and so on . And his image of county-lover has great fanscination on patriotics;爱国主义者;.

    In a conclusion, a super star is always a star who meeting the demands of audience

This is my report, thanks for reading.

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