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Call for Papers Special Issue (doc, 30 kB - SPECIAL ISSUE ---

    SPECIAL ISSUE: Entrepreneurship and Education: Links between Education and

    Entrepreneurial Activity

    Guest Editors: Professor Mário Raposo and Professor Arminda do Paco University of Beira

    Interior - Department of Management and Economics

    The importance of individual entrepreneurial activity to economic growth and well-being at national level for both industrialized and developing countries is well established. Research has suggested important links between education and venture creation and entrepreneurial performance. To the extent that education can provide both a greater supply of entrepreneurs and higher levels of entrepreneurial performance, appropriate investments are justified.

    The definition of entrepreneurship education adopted at European level stresses that this concept is much wider than just training on how to start business. Entrepreneurship is firstly a

    mindset. As attitudes take shape already at an early age, school education can greatly contribute to fostering entrepreneurial mindsets, starting from primary school to the University level.

    The growth of entrepreneurship education and the associated research regarding the impact of such education present several important policy questions. Although the findings regarding the link between entrepreneurial education an entrepreneurial activity are not definitive, there is significant research suggesting this linkage.

    The editors of this special issue, Professor Mário Raposo and Professora Arminda do Paço would welcome articles, both theoretical and research based papers on any aspect and factors that explain why entrepreneurship education is considered a key competence to young people, and also the impact of education on entrepreneurship and in entrepreneurial performance. In particular they would welcome articles on:

    - General education and entrepreneurship

    - General education and entrepreneurship performance

    - General education and entrepreneurship firm survival

    - Entrepreneurial education and venture creation

    - Entrepreneurial education and entrepreneurial intention

    - Entrepreneurial education and opportunity recognition

    - Entrepreneurial education and entrepreneurial efficiency

    - Entrepreneurial education and entrepreneurial orientation

    - Entrepreneurial education and psychological characteristics

    - Entrepreneurial education and the creation of Technological based firms in


    - Methodologies associated with the entrepreneurship education

    - Pedagogical aspects of entrepreneurship education

    Researchers interested in publishing in this special issue should indicate their intention by sending an abstract (or preferably the full paper) to Professor Mário Raposo, or thProfessor Arminda do Paço, by 30 March, 2009. The full paper is due no later stthan 30 September 2009. Please clearly identify your submission in the email subject line, IEMJ Entrepreneurship and Education-Special Issue. Abstracts should provide a short introduction to the topic, an outline of the research methodology and a summary of the findings. No preference will be given to articles adopting any particular research paradigm. All papers will go through the regular double-blind review process, and must follow the IEMJ style guidelines. The special

    issue will be published in Issue 3, Volume 6 (2010).

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