Certificates And Opportunity

By Joe Jones,2014-03-20 13:32
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Certificates And Opportunity

    Certificates And Opportunity

    In our colleges ;the most commonly recognized standard of a student

    s academic achievement is certificates. Admittedlly , the certificate is essential for college students who want a prosperouus future , but for me , I dont think it is the only purpose at university ,and the certificate do not means more opportunity.

    For one thing , certificates means a waste of money. In most cases, students are tend to enroll in some training courses, which will help them getting the certificate. However , does those courses really do good to ones personal development ? I dont kown ,the only thing I kown is

    that the tuition fee is a large sum of money.

    For another, athough certificates is important for us, but considering all-round reward ,it is not that necessary for college student. Because university is a place provides one with enjoyable atmosphere of study and of activities. All these can shape ones inclination , widen ones

    horizen, enrich ones personality. If we spend lots of time in pursuing so called certificates, we would not have enough time in others. Form the above, we can easily see that certificate is the only purpose at university ,and does not means more opportunity . Therefore, as a university student,we should properly arrange our time ,make sure what you really want.

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