Waste on the tip of the tongue

By Raymond Rogers,2014-12-11 21:04
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Waste on the tip of the tongue

    Waste on the Tip of the Tongue

    We are familiar with this kind of very funny scene: after dinner in a restaurant, many eaters refuse to pack the food that is hardly touched. This reflects a serious problem in China: waste on the tip of the tongue.

    Luxurious odds and ends after dinner is a common phenomenon seen in daily life. The reasons causing it are very complicated. One possible is to show off, just aw many peacockish persons like to do. Since our country adopted reform and opening policy, peoples behaviors to compare wealth

    had come in vogue with their purses thickening. Another is that officers with diminished political consciousness use public funds to make a pig of themselves without adequate supervision. Corruption fuels waste on the tongue.

    Some effective measures should be taken to prevent epidemic of wasting behaviors. All media should be mobilized to popularized methods to save and preserve resources and call on people to take action. Whats more, we should cultivated thrift habits while reminding those around us to refrain from luxury.

    How to Reduce Stress

    There is no denying that people living in modern society suffer more stress from many aspects, including work, study and so on. We strive for better education, decent jobs , and better housing, etc.. All these efforts produce tremendous stress.

    Too much stress can lead to many undesirable results. First of all, people may suffer from many physical problems, such as insomnia, tiredness or pain. Secondly, people may undergo mental disorder, including irritability, depression and so on. Worst of all, in some cases, people commit suicide due to the unbearable stress.

    Many steps can be taken to reduce stress. To begin with, a right attitude towards life and work is essential for people to reduce stress. Dont be a workaholic nor expect too much from life. In

    addition, share the stress you are experiencing with your family members or friends. A proper out let for stress will do you much good. Most important of all, enjoying whatever you do will make your life meaningful and fruitful.

    A Letter to the Local Government

    Dear Sir or Madam:, May 2, 2013 I am a college student in this city. I am writing to you complain about the ever-deteriorating pollution around our campus. Because of the poor environment , many students have fallen ill. Many more lose interest in their study and extra-curriculum activities.

    Several factors contribute to the serious situation. Firstly , the pharmaceutical plant next to our campus emits disgusting smell, which makes many students feel nausea. To make matter worse, the food stands outside the campus produces much pollution, coupled with the unhealthy food

they provide.

    I do believe it is high time that our local government took some prompt and effective measures to stop the pollution. Technical innovation should be introduced to the pharmaceutical plant to clean its air emission. As to the food stands, they should be banned from processing and selling food in the open air.

    Thanks for you time and efforts for a cleaner environment for us.

     Yours truly,

     Jia Ping

    Food Security

    Nowadays , people are getting increasingly concerned with food security because of the disclosure of several serious food insecurity cases and group poisoning. Food security has become an urgent problem that no one can afford to ignore.

    There are several reasons accounting for this problem. First of all, a lack of responsibility and a thirst for illegal gains drive many food manufacturers to disregard the quality of food. Secondly , food administration agencies are not effective in their monitoring of food industry. Still worse, the awareness of food security is badly in need of being enhanced.

    As far as Im concerned, I suggest prompt and effective measures be taken to tackle this problem. For one thing, our government should spare no efforts in the administration of food industry, as well as educating the public the awareness of food security. For another, stricter law should be enforced to guarantee food quality. Only in this way can consumers feel at ease when purchasing food.

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