Ellipsis in Written English

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Ellipsis in Written English


     教师11 中小学课外辅导 Long Wen Huan Qiu Education


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    Ellipsis in Written English


     Ellipsis in Written English

     This article about expressing “Ellipsis in Written English” can be divided into following

    three parts: ? Why should Ellipsis be in written English?

    ? What does cant be omitted in an article? ? What does can be omitted in an article?

    Given the chosen title from a ranged topic, three key words will be mentioned through accordingly: Ellipsis; Article; Written English.

     Why should Ellipsis be in written English?

    English as a language which evolutes from Latin but runs through logic and inference, with some principles indicative of concision, coherence and compaction. Above all, Ellipsis is often

    used not only in written English but also in oral to communicate.

    What does cant be omitted in an article? Even though English is different from Chinese overall, its pattern illustrates as

    opening/introduction, body, and closure/conclusion still can be figured out in various forms of writing.

    First of all, what we orientated is a title which depends on some certain points of view from a

    given topic; moreover, it decides an article whether will be structured in rational way as a key.

    Secondly, subjects should always be clear even they changed with linking words in description,

    comparison, and contrasting.

    After all, to keep the symbols of numbers, capitalizations, punctuations, etc. in a united way of

    written English.


     教师11 中小学课外辅导 Long Wen Huan Qiu Education

    What does can be omitted in an article?

    Besides what above mentions, a lot of words, sentences can be omitted in written English which concentrates upon accurate, brief, and cohere.

    Omission or ellipsis needs to be considered in these four parts: words in a title; words in a sentence; sentences in a paragraph; paragraph in an article.

    The first two parts regard to grammar Ellipsis, of which will be stressed in this article while

    the last two parts relate to omission which allowed from the authors sight and points of view, and in this article, be omitted.

? words in a title

    Title is a phrase/a sentence to summarize the whole article. It always points out what the

    following paragraphs talking about by keys words, without strictly grammatically correct. Sometimes, it should be interesting.

    e.g. Fish dying out in Pearl River

    Colombian fan is dead loyal

    Tianya eyes overseas market

    Antarctica going green

    Digging to Earths mantle

    JP criminal groups send aid

    Russia on DST permanently

    Lower online payment caps

    Baidu: no unauthorized works

    Meerkats use friend as cushion


    ? words in a sentence

    It is basic to raise one common question here: what is a sentence?

    The definition of sentence from OXFORD ADVENCED LEARNERS ENGLISH-CHINESE DICTIONARY explains: n 1 C(grammar) largest unit of grammar, usu containing a subject, a verb, an

    object, etc and expressing a statement, question or command.

    From my point of view, punctuations ., … (.), ?, ! with/without word(s) made up a


    And Ellipsis in OXFORD ADVENCED LEARNERS ENGLISH-CHINESE DICTIONARY explains: C, U(grammar) (instance of) leaving out a word or words from (the grammatical structure of) a

    sentence when the meaning can be understood without it/them.

1. Noun changed into verb

    Shoppers jammed the stores at Christmas time.

    His refusal iced our enthusiasm.

    They tabled the motion at the meeting.

    The flower girls carpeted the floor with rose petals before the bride’s entrance.

    As soon as I saw his gun;I floored my car.

    The tax-cut issue will top today’s agenda.

    The beach life-guards usually flag one another for communication.

    These tax reforms attempt to bridge the gap between the rich and poor.


     教师11 中小学课外辅导 Long Wen Huan Qiu Education

    He tried to doctor the number before tax time.

    Powerful shock absorbers cushion our landing.

    The new law has capped the crabbing season in our area.

    The real estate company is showcasing many new houses in the newspaper. Our current employees will be grandfathered under the existing health insurance. Finally, the escaped criminal was cornered.

    The parents advise their daughter to distance herself from her boyfriend. All U.S. ships will have to radio the Coast Guard when they are in trouble. He was dogged wherever he went.

    He has fathered two children before his remarriage.

    I prefer questioning my pupils to lecturing them.

    I bicycle to work when the weather is good.

2. Subject demands

    Believing he could walk on water, he jumped off the boat and immediately sank.

    Believed to be the biggest modern animal, the Blue Whale can grow to a length of 32.9m.

    When visiting my cousin who lived in the country, I was very envious.

    While operating on the patient, the doctors found the light went off suddenly.

    Before reading a new passage in the textbook, students are often asked to answer some

    questions according to the passage, and required to underline what they will have difficulty in


    Every weekend, unless tired, she will spend some time helping her mother with housework.

3. Use the active voice

    Passive voice: There were a great number of dead leaves lying on the ground. Active voice: Dead leaves covered the ground.

    P: The reason that he left college was that his health became impaired. A: Falling heath compelled him to leave college.

    P: It was not long before he was very sorry that he had said what he had. A: He soon repented his words.

    P: The sounds of the falls could still be heard.

    A: The sound of the falls still reached our ears.

    P: Gold was not allowed to be exported.

    A: It was forbidden to export gold.

4. If in inversion

    Had I time; I would go and help you.

    Were I you, I would go abroad.

    Should he come, tell him to ring me.

    She has already imagined all the awful things that could have happened had he not stopped. My father would buy me a lap-top computer, were I to be admitted to a key university. Were there no light, we could see nothing.


     教师11 中小学课外辅导 Long Wen Huan Qiu Education

5. when, as as…” , than

    Where they fared less well was number ability (how quickly you can multiply, add, subtract and

    divide) and perceptual speed how fast you can push a button when prompted.

    This car doesnt run as fast as that one.

    The Summer School in Classics caters for a wide range of interests and for both school &

    university students as well as those who wish to learn Greek or Latin, or to recall their

    knowledge of the languages.

    I now appreciate city life more than ever before.

    To prove the latter, one would have to show in a controlled experiment that children who have

    read fairy stories were more often sorry for cruelty than those who had not.

6. that, which, who, whom , when, where, why represent OBJECTS in

    restrictive attributive clause

    She has found the necklace that she lost two weeks ago.

    This is the place which he would like to visit.

    That is the girl who/whom I met at the party yesterday.


    I insist/order, command/suggest, propose, advise/demand, require, request, ask he (should) fly.

    It is necessary (important, impossible, strange, natural, a pity, no wonder) that he (should) fly

    at once.








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