unit2 this is Danny Deer

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unit2 this is Danny Deer


    Topic Unit2 This is Danny deer Lesson 1 Function: obeying classroom commands;stating someones name.

    Structure: This is (Mocky). This isnt (ken).

    Commands: show me a (pencil).

    stand up.

    sit down.

    Open your books.

    Contextual:Super! Oh, no! come on! Nice to meet you ! what a lovely (deer)!

    Preparation: 1.Cut out,and color masks of Lulu and Danny. P161-162

     2.teachers masks from Unit1

    Procedure: 1. introduce new characters:

     This is Lulu/Danny. (have the class repeat several times.)

     2. model the dialog:

    ; Have the class repeat This is Mocky.after me. (Ann, Ken, Mocky,

    Uncle Booky, Lulu ,Danny)

    ; Mocky mask: This isnt Ken. This is Mocky. (subtitute name)

    ; Hold up a mask but say nothing. Have the students make a sentence

    of their own.

     3. introduce commands:

    ; Say, stand up. (do action) . have the class do as I do.

    ; sit down.

    ; open your books. Show me a pencil.

    ; Practise: repeat the commands. let the class do in response. about the story P14-15

    ; Ask questions about the pictures:

    Picture1: who can you see in the picture.What are they doing? What do you think they are talking about?Pic3: what are Ann,Ken, and Mocky doing? Pic4/5 who do they meet? Pic6/7:Do they like him?

     Pic8: who does Mocky see? Pic9: how does Mocky feel? Pic10:Has Mocky made a mistake? Pic11:what is happening to Mocky?

     5.Story P14-15

    ; T: were going to hear what the characters said. Lets Ss look at the

    pictures and listen.

    ; Ss:repeat after the tape.

    ; Explain: oh, no! : when you are surprised or worried.

     Come on! : means that you want someone to come with you.

     Super :means you feel wonderful.

    ; Have the class roleplay the dialog using their masks from unit 1.



     6. Set homework

     to tell your families about the new characters, Danny and Lulu.


Topic Unit2 This is Danny deer Lesson 2

    Function: obeying classroom commands;stating someones name.

    Structure: (review)

     This is (Lulu). This isnt (Ann).

    Hello! whats your name?

    My names (Ken).

    Classroom structures:

    What is this?

    Vocabulary: a book / a pen / a pencil / an eraser / a ruler /a pencil sharpener

    /a pencil box


     Word flashcards,name flashcards. Each students own character masks.

     Scissors.crayons,glue for making masks. Procedure:

    1. Review English names:

    ; Pin on themselves English name tags.让一名学生在我准备的全班的

    英文名卡片中任抽取一张?被抽到自己名字的同学站起来。The class say:

    hello!whats your name?

    2. Use the masks:

    ; Making masks of Lulu,Danny.

    ; Have the Ss put out all masks .

    ; Hold up the Lulu mask and let Ss do the same. Say This is Lulu,

    then say, This isnt Ann……” . have the class finish my

    sentence with This is Lulu.

    ; Repeat by all.

    3. Words to learn :

    ; Play the tape and touch each object. Ss follow me.

    ; Again, P16 look at the pictures, touch the picture,repeat when

    I point to the words.

    ; Ss read the words.



    ; T say to the class show me a pencil/book/…”

    4. Use the Flashcards:

    ; Hold up one card ,say what is this? have the Ss say this

    is a ……”

    ; Repeat the Q and A after me.

    ; Group work.

    5. listen to this:

    ; play the tape ,stoping after each sentence.then numer each


    6. Play the game:

    ; P17 name the objects and point to them.

    ; Look at the 4 pictures, pair work: give the word for a missing


     7.Extend the game:

    ; See the Ts book P37


Topic Unit2 This is Danny deer Lesson 3

    Function: obeying classroom commands;stating someones name.

    Structure: (review)

     This is (Cathy).

     Whats your name ?

     My names (David).

    Phonics: Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii


    1. Review:

    ; T: Whats your name?

     S1: My name s___.

     T: This is __S1__.

    ; Have Ss repeat the conversation.

    2. Talk together: P18

    ; Say, open your books.

    ; Read the words slowly,pointing to each word as I say it. Substitute

    names for the underlined names in the text.



    3. Listen an number:

    ; Look at the picture and repeat this is Danny Deer as pointing it.

    ; Repeat for other names.

    ; Listen and write the number in the box beside each picture as you

    listen to the tape.

    4. Introduce the letter P79 Ee

    ; Recall the letters weve learnt.

    ; find the letters you know on Uncle Bookys ABC. then write down

    Aa Bb Cc Dd on the blackboard.

    ; Learn Ee .ask: can you find the word that begins with E in Uncle

    Bookys ABC.

    ; Read eggs

    5. Introduce the letters Ff,Gg,Hh and Ii.

    flowers girl hat ink

    6. Set homework:

    ; P 19 color Ee--Ii letters in different colors. Blackboard design:

     Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee eggs Ffflowers Gg-girl Hhhat Ii--ink Supplement:

Topic Unit2 This is Danny deer Lesson 4

    Function: obeying classroom commands;stating someones name.


    Informal(review): This is (Danny) . This isnt (Lulu).

    Formal: This is not(Lulu).

    Phonics and writing:EeIi

    Preparation: copy the Drillcards Master2(P44).

    Teachers masks of Mocky and Danny.


    1. Write the letter Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii.( P20 trace and copy)

    trace over the letter and write on the next line.

    2. listen for E,F,G,H, and I.

    ; Point to the picture and say



    elephant /e/ elephant , goat /guh/ goat , fire /fuh/ fire,

    hand /huh/ hand, insect /i/ insect

    ; have the Ss say the beginning sound.

    ; Trace the letters beside the picture.

    3. Uncle Bookys blackboard:

    ; Hold up the drillcards: This is, Danny.

    ; This is ; Danny. ( read ,use its mask)

    ; This isnt; Danny.

    ; This is not ; Danny. isnt = is not

    ; Repeat the procedure for others and practise.

    4. Touch and say: P21

    Have one student say a sentence for the character and the other

    student use different names for the second part.

    5. homework:

     P20 trace and wirte the letters. Color the pictures. Blackboard design: (masks)

     This is____.

     This isnt ____.

     This is not ____.

     isnt =is not


Topic Unit2 This is Danny deer Lesson 5

    Function: obeying classroom commands;stating someones name.


     a desk, a book, a pen, a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, a pencil sharpner,

    a pencil box.


    1. match the names: P22

    ; say the all names of characters in the picture.

    ; Read the words cards: Lulu, Mock, Uncle Booky, Danny.

    ; Draw a line between names and characters.

    ; Color them.

    2. Sing a song : Ts book P46



    when you are happy see Unit 1,P10 for the procedures.

    3. lets chant: P23

    ; review the words by using pictures: elephant, egg, flower, fire.

    ; Learn a rhyme: point to the words, hum or clap, add some actions and

    act the rhyme out.

    4. Additional activity:

    Copy the Ts book P54 and give the students. Have them introduce the

    character This is___ after drawing it.

    5. homework:

    ; color the picture on P22.

    ; Sing the song and rhyme.



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