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    Unit 3 My dayPartA


Teaching Aims:

    1. Learn the sentences: When do you ? I at .

    2. Speak with correct pronunciation and intonation. 3. Enable the pupils to use English to talk about habitual actions in their

    daily life.

    Teaching Important Points:

    When do you ? I at .

     Teaching Difficult Points: Expression of different time

    Teaching Aids:

    Word cards, multi-media, a clock.

Teaching Procedure:

    Step 1. Warming up and revision

    1. Sing.

    2. Everyday activity: Little reporters interview English star. 3. Chant and do.

    4. Play a game to review the new phrases in Part A: Look, say and do


    5. Play a memory game.

    Step 2. Presentation

    1. Show the clock and ask the pupils “What time is it?”, then change the

    time ask gradually.

    2. Do the action of getting up and say I get up at six forty., write the

    sentence on board and get the pupils to repeat. 3. Go to one pupil and ask Do you get up at six forty? When do you get


    4. Write the new question on board and get the pupils to repeat, then ask

    individual pupils When do you get up?

    5. Show the sentences in Part B via multi-media and get the pupils to

    listen and repeat.

    6. Chant and do actions.

    7. Show different pictures via multi-media and get the pupils to ask and


    Step 3. Practice

    1. Play a guessing game: Ask and answer, then guess who he/she is. 2. Sing and do.

    3. A listening game: Listen and find the correct phrases, then answer


    4. Exercise: Show the multi-media and ask the pupils to complete the

    sentences according to the pictures, then check answers. Step4. Consolidation

     Show the sentences via the multi-media randomly and get the pupils to identify them.

    Step 5. Sum up

    Ask the pupils to tell what they have learnt in this class….

    Step 6. Homework

    1. Copybook

    2. Talk about the habitual actions with your friends or parents.

Writing on the board:

     Unit 3 My day

     When do you get up?

     I get up at seven fifteen.

     Thats .

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