unit3 who's that

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unit3 who's that


    Topic: Unit 3 whos that? Lesson 1

    Function: Indicating people, Introducing people. Structure: (new)

     Hi, Ken!

    Whos that?

    Thats Tommy.

    Hes from Britain.


     Who is this?

    Structure: (review)

     This isnt Ann.


     No. come on! Join us. Poor Mocky! Ouch Preparation:

    Make masks for Cathy,Tommy,and Wang Ling characters.

     Ts character masks for the other 6 of Unit1,2 Procedures:

    1. Review:

    ; structure: This is , This isnt (by using masks)

    ; use the Ken mask: T: This isnt Ann.

    S: this is Ken.

    ; use Lulu mask: S: this is Lulu.

    T: Ann?

    Elicit the Ss to say: This isnt Ann. This is Lulu.

    2. practise greetings:

    ; say, here are your friends .lets greet them. Hello,Ken.

    ; Have the class repeat . Add: we can also say: Hi!

    3. model the dialog:

    ; point to the mask, ask: Whos that? Model the Answer:Thats


    ; Introduce the new Characters: Cathy and Tommy

    ; Ask and answer the question in pairs.

    ; Explain: this : refer to sth. close to us.

     that : refer to sth. farther away.

    4. talk about the story: P26-27

    ; ask the questions about the pictures:

    Picture1: How many children are in the playground?

     What are they doing?

    Pic2: Where is Mocky?



     Pic3/4/5: What is Mocky doing?

     What happens next?

    Pic 6/7: What do our two new friends look like?

     Where are they from?

    Pic 8: what is Mocky doing?

    Pic9: What happened to Mocky?

    Pic10: Was he hurt?

     What is happening now?

    5. Listen to a story: P26--27

    ; Explain: Oh!poor Mocky!

     Say it because he fell down. Poor here means unlucky

    or unfortunate.

    ; Give the word in Chinese for Ouch!

    ; Repeat the phrases with plenty of expression. oh ! poor Mocky!

    Join us. Ouch!

    ; Say them after listening the story each time.

    6. Homework:

    ; Tell your families about Cathy and Tommy.

    ; Practise greeting the family and friends in English ,saying:


    Blackboard design: Hi,___! Whos that? Thats ____.

     Cathy Tommy this that


Topic: Unit 3 whos that? Lesson 2

    Function: Indicating people, Introducing people. Structure: (review)

    Whos that?

    That isnt ___. Thats ____.


    Core: America, China, Canada, Britain, Japan. Preparation:

    copy the Drillcards Master3(P70).

    Teachers 9 masks.




    1. Review:

    ; review the difference between this and that.(by using character,

    real objects.)

    2. Learn to say: P28

    ; Look at the national flags on the characters T-shirts. Guess

    where they are from.

    ; Touch the character whose name you hear .

    ; Give 4 students a mask each.ask the class name them. Listen and

    say : This is. Hes from.

    3. Listen to this: P28

    ; Point to Tommy in the first picture. Ask Whos that? the repeat

    for others.

    ; Listen and write the number in the box beside each picture as you

    listen to the tape. (pause 2 or 3 seconds after a short dialogue.)

    ; Again, check the answer.

    4. Lets sing. P29

    ; Learn a song about Mocky and Lulu.

    ; Read the words to the class, pointing to each word.

    ; Encourage the class to join in.

    Blackboard design:

     This is That is This is____. He/shes from_____.

     America, China, Canada, Britain, Japan


    Topic: Unit 3 whos that? Lesson 3 Function: Indicating people, Introducing people.

    Structure: (review) My names This is Thats.

    Phonics: Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn


    1. Language drill:

    ; Have the Ss pin on the name tags .Ask them to say their English

    names in turn.

    ; Divide the class into groups. Group work: (stand in a row)

     A: hello! My names A.

    This is B.( the close one )



    Thats C. (the far one)

    2. Talk together: P30

    ; Read the dialogue to the Ss, pointing to each word.

    ; Have the Ss repeat after me.

    ; Organize a speech chain, where the Ss substitute their English

    names for those that are underlined.

    3. Listen and Number: P30

    ; Ask: whos that? Where is he/she from?

    ; Listen and number the pictures according to the tape.

    4. Introduce the letters Jj --Nn:

    ; Recall the letters weve learnt.

    ; find the letters you know on Uncle Bookys ABC. then write down

    Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii on the blackboard.

    ; Learn J . ask: can you find the word that begins with J in Uncle

    Bookys ABC.

    ; Read jeep. Have the class say the word aloud.

    ; Repeat the procedures: kite lemon moon noodles

    5. Homework: P31 P78

    ; Color the letters in different color.

    ; Trace over the letters of Uncle Bookys ABC and color the pictures. Blackboard design:

     My names This is Thats.

     Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn


    Topic: Unit 3 whos that? Lesson 4 Function: Indicating people, Introducing people. Structure: (review)

    Whos that? Who is that? Thats That is That isnt . That is not.

    Phonics and Writing:

     Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn


     copy the Drillcards Master3(P70)

     drillcards with names of 8 characters from Lesson2 Procedures:

     1. Write the letters Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn ( P32 trace and copy)

    trace over the letter and write on the next line.



    2. listen for J ,K ,L, M and N.

    ; Point to the picture and say:

    kangaroo /kuh/ kangaroo,

    money /muh/ money

    nest /nuh/ nest

    ladder /luh/ ladder

    jacket /juh/ jacket

    ; have the class say the beginning sound.

    ; Trace the letters beside the picture.

     3. Uncle Bookys blackboard:

    ; Hold up the drillcards and read: whos this?, whos that?.

    ; Explain: Whos = Who is , s

     Thats = That is

    ; Hold up the drillcards and read :Thats That is That isnt

    That is not. He is from She is from Peter This is

    ; P33 read the structure for the Ss. Then have the class repeat

    question and answers after me.

    5. Touch and say: P33

    ; Give the wrong name of character on purpose in the picture,and try

    to elicit , That isnt . Thats . ( T can ask whos that?)

    ; Pair work.

    6. Homework:

    trace and wirte the letters. P32 blackboard design:

     Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn

     kangaroo money nest ladder jacket supplement:

Topic: Unit 3 whos that? Lesson 5

    Function: Indicating people, Introducing people. Structure: (review)

     Whos that?


     That isnt

     That is not




     Name drillcards from Lesson 2 of this unit. Procedures:

    1. Read, check and color P34

    ; Explain :there are two sentences are fault ,and one is true in each


    ; Point to the picture. Read each sentence ,Asking if this is correct.

    ; Have the Ss read again and check the correct sentence.

    2. Lets chant: P35

    ; Use the picture to review the words:

    girl, kite, hand, jacket, lemon.

    ; Read the rhyme to the class, pointing to each word.

    ; Listen and point .

    ; Again, have the class join in, hum or clap with it.

    3. Uncle Bookys blackboard: (continued)

    ; Use the mask and drillcards:

     Whos that?

     That isnt; Mocky Thats ; Lulu Leopard

    ; Explain: That isnt = That is not

    4. Additional activity: trace and color:

    ; Copy the page 80 of Ts book for each student.

    ; Trace over Cathys and Tommys clothes and color the picture.

    ; Read the sentence and match them.

    5. Homework:

    Color the picture. P34

    Blackboard design:

     girl, kite, hand, jacket, lemon



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