Self-Reflection Questionnaire

By James Warren,2014-11-22 11:52
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Self-Reflection Questionnaire

Self-Reflection Questionnaire

1. List your most favorite experiences work, projects, social and extracurricular activities.

    Describe what you enjoyed about those experiences the people, results, etc.

    2. List your best work skills (ones where you are highly capable and highly motivated to use).

    3. List your talents ways in which you exhibit natural skills (often things that family and

    friends will tell you that you’re great at, or things that you get very energized from).

4. List things that most interest you today. (You may know little about these things. “Things,”

    not industries. Examples: fashion, soccer, photography, data analysis, environment, etc.)

    5. List five or more jobs, or people who have jobs, that sound very interesting or exciting to you.

    What about each of these appeals to you? (Be creative.)

6. List the values / conditions that MUST exist in your next job.

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7. List the job level (e.g., Associate, Manager, Director, VP, CEO) and salary range you’d

    prefer to have in your next job. (Be realistic.)

    8. List the characteristics of a work environment you would enjoy. (Examples: private offices,

    chaotic, very quiet, suburban, etc.)

    9. When you attended business school, what did you say you wanted to do after earning your

    Stanford MBA? In what time frame? Is that still a goal or dream or has it changed?

    10. What knowledge, skills, and experiences do you need to achieve your above goal?

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    B. Review the list of industries and functions on the following pages, and do the


    1. Cross out the industries and functions that are not of interest to you today.

    2. Circle industries and functions that are of interest to you today. List them below.

3. Place a dot next to the industries and functions that might be of interest. List them below.

4. Add any other careers that interest you that are not listed above.

    5. List at least 10 organizations that interest you today and note the reason for your interest.

    (Look at Vault, WetFeet or use Google to develop a preliminary list.)Stanford Career Management Center Page 3 of 5

Industries and Functions Lists

    Below is a comprehensive list of industries and functions to explore and prioritize based on your




     MANUFACTURING Advertising/Marketing/ Human Services

    Public Relations Social Enterprise/Social Chemical

     Advertising Purpose Organization Chemicals

     Marketing Services Social Services Rubber/Plastics

     Public Relations

     Industrial Services Consumer Products Consulting Environment/Waste Mgmt/ Agriculture

     For Profit Recycling Apparel/Textiles

     Nonprofit Transportation Food/Beverages

     Services/Shipping Household/Personal Products Consumer Services

     Food/Lodging International Development Health Care

     Retail/Wholesale For Profit Biotechnology

     Travel Services Nonprofit Medical Prod & Instruments

     Pharmaceuticals Economic Development Media Healthcare Services

     For Profit Print/Publishing/Journalism

     Nonprofit Radio/TV/Cable/Film Industrial/

     Transportation Equipment Education Public/Nonprofit Aerospace

     For Profit Organizations Automotive

     Nonprofit Foundations/Philanthropy Industrial Equipment

     Other Public/Nonprofit Transportation Equipment Entertainment

     Arts Real Estate Natural Resources

     Entertainment/Leisure/Sports Commercial Energy

     Corporate Extractive Environment Development Forest/Paper

     Nonprofit Finance Petroleum

     Residential Other Natural Resources Finance

     Commercial Banking Utilities Tech

     Consumer Banking Utilities Consumer Electronics

     Hedge Funds Hardware

     Investment Banking/Brokerage Other Services Internet Services/E-Commerce

     Investment Management Architecture Networking

     Private Equity/LBO Construction Optics

     Venture Capital Engineering Services Semiconductors

     Diversified Services Software Financial Services Import/Export/International Telecommunications Products

     Accounting Services Trade Telecommunications Services

     Diversified Financial Services Legal Services Other Tech Products

     Insurance Marketing Other Tech Services

Food/Lodging Services


     Federal Government

     International Government

     State/Local Government

Human Resources

     Human Resources/Recruiting

     Other Human Resources

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    Artist/Entertainer/Athlete Manufacturing/R&D Management

     Artist/Entertainer/Athlete Manufacturing Operations/Production Mgr.

     Project Manager Brand/Product Manager/Marketing Research & Development Manager

     Sales/Account Manager Research

     Supply Chain Manager Business Development/

    Strategic Planning Marketing

     Business Development Brand/Product Mgmt

     Corporate Development Communications

     Strategic Planner Market Research

     Product Development Consulting Public Relations

     Management Consultant Other Marketing

     Other Consultant


    Education Fundraising/Development

     Education Administrator Human Resources/Recruiting

     Education Faculty IT System




     Commercial Banker

     Corporate Investment Banker

     Equity Research

     Investment/Portfolio Mgmt

     Investor Relations



     Private Client Services

     Private Equity/LBO

     Public Investment Banker



     Venture Capitalist

     Other Finance

Health Care

     Health Care Professional


     Attorney Corporate

     Attorney Other



     Corporate Officer Board Member

     Corporate Officer CEO

     Corporate Officer CFO

     Corporate Officer CMO

     Corporate Officer COO

     Corporate Officer CTO

     Corporate Officer Other


     Executive Director/General Mgr.

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