Blueprint for Education Success

By Leon Morales,2014-08-17 18:17
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Blueprint for Education Success

    Blueprint for Education Success

    for Children in Foster Care

    The National Working Group on Foster Care and Education and the Legal Center for Foster Care and Education seek to enhance Educational opportunity and student achievement for children in foster care by advancing the following broad objectives:

; Educational stability for children and youth in foster care

    ; Seamless educational transitions for children and youth when

    educational placement changes do occur

    ; High quality educational experiences, expectations and aspirations

    for young people in foster care

    ; Greater national attention to the disparate educational outcomes

    for young people in foster care, particularly youth of color.

This Blueprint sets forth 8 concrete Goals for Youth, and provides

    indicators that help determine whether a state or jurisdiction has in place the policies and practices to advance each goal.

The Blueprint is a tool for change. We hope that all stakeholders

    (including youth, foster parents and other caregivers, parents, lawyers, caseworkers and state agencies) will use this blueprint to help identify what they can do to promote educational success for youth in their jurisdictions either on an individual level or through systemic change. We are entering into the second phase of our blueprint development: identifying and sharing current promising practices: examples at the

    federal, state or local level of policies or practices that improve educational outcomes for children in foster care. We are hoping to obtain input from various stakeholder groups and individuals to develop as comprehensive a document as possible. We will be doing this through a series of conference calls, to address 1 or 2 goals at a time and have an opportunity for meaningful dialog and information sharing.

    As we move forward with conversations about this Blueprint, we will be compiling the information we learn and distributing it to those working on educational reform for foster youth.

Goals for Youth

    1. Youth remain in school of origin when possible and in their best


    2. Youth are guaranteed seamless transitions between schools and school


3. Young children in foster care enter school ready to learn.

    4. Youth have access to and opportunity to participate successfully in all

    academic and non-academic aspects of the school experience, including

    all support services needed.

    5. Youth in care have dropout, truancy and school discipline rates equal to

    or less than those of all other children.

6. Youth are involved and engaged in all aspects of their education and

    educational planning and are empowered to be self advocates for their

    education needs and pursuits.

    7. Youth have at least one significant adult involved in his or her life and

    education that will remain engaged in their education pursuits after

    exiting the foster care system.

8. Youth in care enter into, and complete, post-secondary education

    pursuits at rates comparable to, or better than, those not in care.

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