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    Annex 9 to OIC/COMCEC/25-09/REP

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    (İstanbul, 5-7 November 2009)

     The Twenty-fifth Session of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (COMCEC), held in İstanbul, the Republic of Turkey, from 5 to 7 November 2009,

     Recalling the relevant Resolutions of the Islamic Summit Conference, the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) and the COMCEC, in particular

    thththereof, the 11 Session of the Islamic Summit Conference, the 36 Session of

    ththe Council of Foreign Ministers and the 24 Session of the COMCEC,

     Reaffirming the commitment of all Member States to the OIC Ten-Year

    rdProgramme of Action (TYPOA) adopted at the 3 Extraordinary Session of the

    Islamic Summit Conference, held in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, on 7-8 December 2005,

     Having regard to the objectives of the Strategy and Plan of Action to Strengthen Economic and Commercial Cooperation among the OIC Member States,

     Considering the progress reports, working papers and studies submitted by the OIC General Secretariat, the COMCEC Coordination Office, the Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Center for Islamic Countries (SESRIC), the Islamic Center for Development of Trade (ICDT), the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) and the Organization of Islamic Ship-owners Association (OISA) on the agenda items,

     Expressing appreciation for the efforts made by the OIC General

    Secretariat, the COMCEC Coordination Office and OIC institutions working in the area of economic and commercial cooperation, namely, SESRIC, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), ICDT, IDB, ICCI and OISA.


    Annex 9 to OIC/COMCEC/25-09/REP

    I. World Economic Developments with Special Emphasis on OIC Member


    1. Emphasizes that further efforts should be made by the Member States to decrease their vulnerability to adverse external shocks and to increase their share in the world economy and trade;

    2. Underlines the urgent need for more integrated and concerted policy actions to recover from the crisis and improve the economic situation of the OIC Community;

    3. Recognizes the need for the execution of infrastructure development projects in Member States to help improve the income of their commodity producers, and reduce producers' and Member States' vulnerability to price fluctuations in world markets;

    4. Recognizes that low cost energy is a prerequisite for economic and social development of the Member States, urges Member States to enhance

    cooperation regarding energy matters, to focus on environmental aspects of energy policies and to accelerate research and developing the use of new and renewable energy resources;

    5. Takes note of the recommendations presented by the SESRIC, ICDT, IDB and the COMCEC Coordination Office for the recovery from the crisis, and to improve the economic situation in the member states against the negative impact of the fluctuations of the commodity prices and urges OIC

    institutions and Member States to follow-up recommendations deemed appropriate;

6. Entrusts the SESRIC to continue to monitor world economic

    developments and their implications on the Member States and to report thereon to the annual sessions of the COMCEC with a set of policy recommendations.

    II. Review of the Implementation of the TYPOA and the Plan of Action to

    Strengthen Economic and Commercial Cooperation Among the OIC

    Member States

    th7. Welcomes the decision of the 36 Session of the CFM to organize, in

    2010, a mid-term review of TYPOA during the ordinary sessions of the OIC


    Annex 9 to OIC/COMCEC/25-09/REP

    Standing Committees and decides to include the mid-term review of the

    thprogramme in the agenda of the 26 Session of the COMCEC;

    8. Invites SESRIC and IDB to organize, in collaboration with the General Secretariat, COMCEC Coordination Office, ICDT, ICCI and OISA a workshop on the implementation of the OIC Ten-year Programme of Action

    thand report to the 26 Session of the COMCEC;

    th9. Takes note of the outcome of 4 Coordination Meeting of the OIC

    institutions in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on 7 April 2009, for the timely and successful implementation of TYPOA;

    10. Calls upon the Member States to contribute to the implementation of the TYPOA through their full political, moral and financial support;

11. Pays tribute to the government of Burkina Faso, OIC General

    Secretariat and the Islamic Development Bank Group for the successful organization of the Sub-Regional Ministerial Forum of West Africa on the Implementation of the Special Program for the Development of Africa held on Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso on 28-29 October 2009;

    12. Invites Member States, as well as national, regional and international development institutions to participate in the Economic Forum of the same nature that will be hosted by the Government of Cameroon 2010 for the OIC Member States from Central, East and West Africa;

    13. Notes that the Statute of Islamic Civil Aviation Council as a subsidiary organ of the OIC, has entered into force and urges the General Secretariat, in

    stcollaboration with the Government of Republic of Tunisia, to organize the 1

    General Assembly of the Council in 2010;

    14. Emphasizes the need of furthering the cooperation in the area of tourism and urges all Member States to implement the Short Term Plan and Program for the effective realization of the Framework of Development and Cooperation Among the OIC Member States in the Domain of Tourism, which

    stwas adopted at the 1 Coordination Committee Meeting held in Damascus in March 2009;


    Annex 9 to OIC/COMCEC/25-09/REP

    15. Welcomes the offers of the Republic of Turkey to host the Second

    thCoordination Committee Meeting and Islamic Republic of Iran to host 7

    Session of the Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers in 2010 respectively;

    16. Underscores the success of the Seminar on the Development of Tourism in the Muslim World held in Girne, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, from 15 to 17 April 2009, in increasing awareness on the investment-generating potential of service and tourism sectors in the Member States;

    st17. Supports the decision of the Joint Meeting of the 31 Executive

    rdCommittee and 23 General Assembly of the OISA, which took place in Dubai, to undertake a comprehensive reform of the OISA that is aimed at rejuvenating its activities and appeals to Member States provide necessary

    assistance to OISA in this regard;

    18. Takes note of the report and recommendations submitted by OISA regarding transportation sector in the Member States;

    19. Decides to reactivate cooperation in agriculture, tourism and transportation sectors and requests the Follow-up Committee of the COMCEC

    th to take into consideration while developing the agenda of the 26Session of the

    COMCEC accordingly;

    20. Requests the OIC General Secretariat and the COMCEC Coordination Office to examine the relevance of the existing Plan of Action and submit a

    threport on this matter to the 26 Session of the COMCEC.

Sessional Committee

    21. Supports the initiative of the Republic of Sudan to organize the Expert Group and Ministerial Meetings on the "OIC Dakar Port-Sudan Railways Line Project" in Khartoum, on 9-10 December 2009, and invites all Member States

    and OIC Institutions concerned to actively participate in these events;

    22. Appreciates the effective follow-up of the regional project of “Sustainable Tourism Development in a Network of Cross-Border Parks and

    Protected Areas in West Africa” by OIC General Secretariat, ICDT and



    Annex 9 to OIC/COMCEC/25-09/REP

    23. Takes note of the two project proposals by the OIC General Secretariat on an Islamic Air Transport Organization and an Federation of Islamic Road Transport Association as private sector entities, and requests the OIC General

    Secretariat to take views of the member states on the matter by sending the

    thproposals with explanatory notes and present its evaluation to the 16 Sessional

    Committee Meeting;

    24. Takes note of the two project proposals suggested by the COMCEC Coordination Office on the establishment of an e-marketplace and a grand OIC/IDB scholarship program in major academic fields and requests

    thsubmission of these proposals according to the Project Profile Form to the 16

    Sessional Committee Meeting;

    th25. Takes note of the report and recommendations of the 15 Sessional

    thCommittee Meeting held prior to the 25 Session of COMCEC on

    development projects initiated by the Member States;

    26. Calls on Member States to propose new projects and programs to enrich the agenda of the COMCEC through the Sessional Committee.

III. Enriching the agenda and substance of the COMCEC

    27. Thanks the COMCEC Coordination Office and SESRIC for conducting a study on "Enhancing Economic and Commercial Cooperation among the Member States of the OIC" aimed at enriching the agenda of the COMCEC annual Ministerial Sessions and achieve more tangible results; and requests the

    Member States to communicate their views to the COMCEC Coordination

    thOffice to be submitted to the 26 Meeting of the Follow-up Committee

    Meeting which will examine and prioritize the project proposals.

    IV. Trade Preferential System among the OIC Member States (TPS-OIC)

    28. Reiterates the importance of the TPS-OIC as the institutional basis for enhancing the intra-OIC trade and achieving the TYPOA 20% target by 2015;

    29. Welcomes the recent ratification of the PRETAS by Bangladesh, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, thus bringing the total number of ratifications to


    Annex 9 to OIC/COMCEC/25-09/REP

    eleven Member States, namely Bangladesh, Bahrain, Jordan, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and the UAE;

    30. Reaffirms commitment to the 20% target of intra-OIC trade by 2015 as stated in the TYPOA and urges all Member States to sign and ratify PRETAS

    and the TPS-OIC Rules of Origin at the earliest convenience to make TPS-OIC operational;

    31. Recommends the Trade Negotiating Committee to consider convening as soon as possible to consider the necessary arrangements for the operationalization of the TPS-OIC.

V. Intra-OIC trade

    i) Recent Developments of Intra-OIC Trade

32. Takes note of the progress on the implementation of the “Executive

    Programme of the Road-MAP for achieving intra-OIC Trade Targets of Intra-OIC tradeprepared by relevant OIC institutions and requests IDB to mobilize

    necessary funds in order to expedite its implementation;

    33. Requests the OIC Institutions to carry out their activities according to the executive program of the Road Map and urges the Member States to lend necessary support to the OIC Institutions in this regard and to actively participate in those activities;

    34. Requests the Member States to keep on providing the ICDT with data relating to trade and investment statistics and regulations and entrusts IDB and

    ICDT with following on the issue of the expansion of intra-OIC trade and reporting to the COMCEC and to other OIC fora.

    35. Takes note of the proposal by Morocco that movement of persons among Member States should be facilitated by removing barriers to it.

    ii) Trade Financing Activities

    36. Takes note of the efforts of ITFC in increasing intra-OIC trade by financing trade activities of Member States and by providing technical assistance to Member States mainly in trade promotion and capacity building


    Annex 9 to OIC/COMCEC/25-09/REP

    and urges Member States to increase their support, coordination and cooperation with the ITFC and IDB Group to attain greater achievements in these areas;

    37. Recognizes the importance of availability of funds for trade operations of LDMCs and SMEs in Member States to accelerate their economic development and acknowledges ITFC’s efforts in developing and introducing new financial services and products particularly in favor of LDMCs and SMEs; 38. Calls on ITFC to expand its Export Finance Operations while applying internationally competitive mark-up rates for these operations; 39. Urges Member States who have not been actively identifying viable trade finance opportunities and proposals for ITFC financing to actively support the corporation in the drive to increase intra-OIC trade volumes; 40. Reaffirms the importance of building human and institutional capacity in Member States to support their economic development and welcomes the

    announcement of the ITFC concerning three technical assistance projects aim at strengthening training capacity of some Member States Trade Promotion

    Organizations (TPOs) to enable them to act as regional training centers for the benefit other OIC Member States;

    41. Takes note of the roles of ITFC in supporting “Aid for Trade Initiative

    for SPECA Region” and recognizes the importance of this initiative, which is expected to identify trade development needs of the concerned Member States.

    iii) Trade Fairs of Islamic Countries and other Trade-Promoting Activities

    42. Expresses its appreciation to the ICDT, Egypt and Saudi Arabia for

    thorganizing 12 Trade Fair of Islamic Countries in Cairo in October 2009 and nd2 Agro-Industries Exhibition of the OIC Member States in Jeddah May 2009 and urges the Member States to actively participate in the upcoming Trade Fairs and Tourism Fairs of OIC Member States;

    nd43. Urges the OIC Member States to actively participate in the 2 Tourism

    Fair of OIC Member States to be held in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt from thth10 to 13 December 2010;


    Annex 9 to OIC/COMCEC/25-09/REP

    th44. Urges the Member States to actively participate in the 13 Trade Fair of

    OIC Member States to be held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates from 24 to 29 April 2011;

    45. Welcomes the offers of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic

    ththof Guinea to host the 14 and the 15 editions of the Trade Fair of OIC

    Member States in 2013 and 2015 respectively and requests ICDT to follow up

    on this matter;

    46. Also welcomes the offers of the Syrian Arab Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran to host the Third and Fourth Tourism Fairs in 2012 and 2014 respectively and requests ICDT to follow up on this matter;

47. Further welcomes the offer of the Republic of Senegal (the

    International Exchange Centre of Dakar) to host the First “Building and Real

    Estate Exhibition of the OIC Member States” (OIC Building Expo) in Dakar

    from 11-14 March 2010 and urges the OIC Member States to actively

    participate in this Fair;

    48. Calls on the member states to give importance to the exhibition of High Tech industrial goods with high value added in their participation in the next fairs;

    49. Requests the ICDT to hold more sector-specific trade fairs and to keep up utilizing professional expertise in these activities.

    iv) Private Sector Meetings

    50. Expresses its appreciation to the ICCI for undertaking activities

    leading to the fulfillment of the objectives of the TYPOA and adoption of a new strategy on increasing intra-OIC trade, and welcomes its efforts on

    designing alternative formats of Private Sector Meetings in order to attract more businessmen from the Member States;

51. Notes with satisfaction that ICCI, in particular FORAS, the investment

    arm of ICCI, is concentrating its activities on the agriculture, real estate and energy sectors in the African Member States;


    Annex 9 to OIC/COMCEC/25-09/REP

    52. Welcomes the decision of Syrian Arab Republic to facilitate issuance of visas for business people from the member states and calls on the other

    member states to consider the possibility of similar facilitation; 53. Welcomes the offer of the Arab Republic of Egypt to host the th 5Businesswomen Forum in Cairo, in April 2010;

    54. Invites the ICCI, to explore the holding of Private Sector Meetings concurrently with the Trade Fairs of OIC Member States which organized every two year by ICDT.

    v) Matters related to World Trade Organization (WTO) Activities 55. Supports the positions of countries accessing the WTO so as to limit the imposition of conditionalities which exceed WTO’s usual regulations and which surpass the ability and the development level of the accessing countries particularly least developed OIC Members, and underlines the importance of

    an early conclusion of the Doha Development Round (DDA) with the objective of fully realizing its developmental components;

    56. Reiterates its call on IDB and ICDT to continue to pool and coordinate their efforts to reinforce human and institutional capacities of the Member States, so as to facilitate their full integration into the multilateral trading system on equal and fair basis;

    57. Entrusts IDB and ICDT to monitor matters relating to WTO activities and report to the annual sessions of the COMCEC and other fora concerned.

    VI. Financial Cooperation among the OIC Member States and Enhancing

    Intra-OIC Investment Flows

     a) Report by IDB

    58. Requests the ICIEC to expand its investment insurance programs to the investments of the Member States in non-Member States.

    b) Cooperation among the Stock Exchanges of the OIC Member States

    rd59. Welcomes the progress made at the 3 Forum of Stock Exchanges of

    OIC Member States and calls on the Member States’ Stock Exchanges to

    actively participate in the meetings and activities of the Forum;


    Annex 9 to OIC/COMCEC/25-09/REP

    60. Calls on Member States and relevant OIC Institutions to develop a similar cooperation mechanism for Capital Markets Regulatory Bodies of

    Member States.

    c) Cooperation among the Central Banks of the OIC Member States

    61. Expresses appreciation to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey stand SESRIC for organising the 1 Meeting of the Central Banks and Monetary Authorities of the OIC Member States, and takes note of the decision of the

    Meeting to convene on an annual basis;

    62. Welcomes the offer of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey to

    ndhost the 2 Meeting in Turkey in September 2010.

    VII. Development of the OIC Halal Food Standards and Procedures

    63. Expresses appreciation to the Standardization Experts Group (SEG) for finalization of the three documents, namely “OIC General Guidelines on Halal Food"; "Guidelines for Bodies Providing Halal Certification"; and "Guidelines for the Authorized Accreditation Body Accrediting Halal Certification Bodies";

64. Takes note of the Report of the SEG and requests the SEG to clarify

    pending issues mentioned in the Report and propose the details of the implementation mechanism of the OIC Halal Food System;

    65. Requests the OIC General Secretariat to circulate the Report to the Member States for any additional comments and report back to the 26th Session of COMCEC for consideration and adoption.

    VIII. E-government applications and their economic impact on the OIC

    Member States

66. Takes note with reference to the report presented by SESRIC on “E-

    Government Readiness: the Performance of the OIC Member States;

    67. Urges Member States to actively participate in the "International Conference on e-Government: Sharing Experiences" (eGOVsharE2009) which will be co-organized by SESRIC, Republic of Turkey and UNDP on 8-11 December 2009 in Antalya, Turkey;


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