Quiz 1

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Quiz 1

    Quiz 1

    I. Word dictation.

    II. Word transformation.

    1. purgatory ? adj.

    2. devastating? n.

    3. illusion?adj.

    4. persuade?n.

    5. strong?v.

    III.Grammatical mistake correction. 1. Mayblum continued to descent. 2. Finally I found my way to home. 3. You dont need tell me that. I knew it already.

    4. I dont like dance. So does my brother. 5. The test was finished, we began our holiday.

    IV. Translation.

    1. 他只是小时候断断续续地读过小学。

    2. 母亲得癌早逝?艾米受到了严重打击。

    3. 石油泄漏破坏自然环境?危害公众健康?污染饮用水且扰


    4. 我们在身后留下什么并不重要?重要的是?我们是怎么活


    5. 我与另一位作家会合?两人慢悠悠地穿过市中心。



    1. purgatorial 2. devastation 3. illusive 4. persuasion 5. strengthen


    1. descent?descend 2. to home?home

    3. need tell me?need to tell 4. So?Neither/Nor

    5. was finished?finished


    1. He just received junior education off and on when he was a


    2. Her mother’s early death from cancer devastated Amy.

    3. Oil spills devastate the natural environment, endanger public health, imperil drinking water and disrupt the economy. 4. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.

    5. I meet up with another writer and we went our way through downtown.

Translation in Textbook

    1. Thanks to modern technology, the film about that ancient battle gives the audience the illusion of being on the battlefield themselves.

    2. That ancient city was devastated by the fire, but fortunately the stone tablet survived.

    3. Thanks to modern technology, the film about the ancient war gives the audience the illusion of being on the battlefield themselves.

    4. In that earthquake, we heard many stories of teachers who had refused to leave their students behind and laid down their lives.

    5. The construction of Yuyuan Garden began in 1558, but it was not completed until 1578 because building went off and on for lack of money.

    6. In 1980, when I met up with her, she had just returned from abroad with a masters degree.

    7. It was my first visit to N.Y., but I managed to find my way to the little company.

    8. Its hard to make it to the top in the movie industry, but as a director Xie Jin did it.

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