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    First part from the Angle of the psychological, to explain several internal factors of "self" is how to influence the individual emotional reactions in the social communication. Then, take a deeper exploration on “Love” and “Hostility” relationships and analysis "Sons and Lovers" between the various characters in capital


    After three parts according to the first part of the theory, the paper concretely analyzes "Sons and Lovers" in the “Love” and “Hostility” relationships between the three groups of people. Father Morel and his four children and mother Morel wife and her two sons - William and Paul the “Love” and “Hostility” relationships. Four pairs

    of men and women lovers - though the couples son William and lily Paul and Miriam Paul and Clara “Love” and “Hostility” relationships. Through the application of

    psychological theory of "self", based on each of the characters in the novel of emotional expression, combed the people of "self" internal factor is how to cause the individual in the social emotional reactions.

    Conclusion summarizes the main points, points out the practical significance of the study. The people of modern society it is easy to ignore the understanding of "self", Lawrence alarmed by its works of art to the world.

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