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Interior Accessories

    Ashtray kit

    Featuring a UV protected plastic cup and hinged lid that fits snugly inside the Sienna’s cup-holder, this self-contained unit offers an easily removable ashtray. Convenient for both driver and passenger use, it helps prevent flyaway ash.

BLU Logic Hands-free System

    Enjoy the ultimate convenience of hands-free cell phone useand comply with

    regulations restricting use of cell phones while drivingcourtesy of the BLU Logic?

    Hands-free System. BLU Logic integrates with your factory audio system speakers, allowing you to answer incoming calls with the push of a button, while outgoing calls are as simple as speaking into the fixed microphone provided.

Cargo Net

    Keep your cargo area organized and protected from spills with this hammock-style cargo net, designed to hold a variety of everyday itemsfrom groceries to athletic

    gear—helping to ensure they don’t shift around or tip over. Made of a durable mesh netting, the cargo net attaches to defined points in the rear cargo area, making it easily accessible. It installs in seconds and folds flat for storage.

Cargo Organizer

    This durable cargo organizer helps you arrange and keep various items such as groceries, sporting goods, gardening equipment, tools and more secure, separated and organized. Designed to be inserted into the well behind the rear seats, it fits flat to the floor and provides a level load floor for loading various cargo items into the back of the vehicle. It includes both large (approx. 25 x 29 x 8in.) and small (approx. 25 x 19 x 8in.) bins that can be easily removed from the vehicle for cleaning or transporting items contained inside. For added convenience, the bin’s covers can be stored in the upright positionproviding a place to hold taller items. Quick and

    simple installation.

Cargo Tote

    Extra storage and organization when needed. Collapses when not in use for easy storage.

Carpet Floor Mats

    Custom-tailored for an exact fit to your Sienna's floor pattern, the carpet floor mats are constructed of high-grade plush nylon carpet, color-matched to your vehicle’s

    interior and include an embroidered Sienna logo. A retention clip helps keep the mats in position, protecting your original carpet from premature wear and stains. They’re also removable and easy to clean.

Door Sill Protectors

    These door sill protectors are constructed to help protect the door sill area from the countless scuffs and scrapes your vehicle might encounter on a daily basis. Featuring a practical, skid resistant surface and the Sienna logo, these durable door sill protectors help provide a long-lasting, new vehicle appearance. Quick, simple installation.

Emergency Assistance Kit

    This durable nylon kit features tools and supplies for handling minor emergency situations and repairs, without having to wait for a tow truck or repair service. Contents include booster cables, tire pressure gauge, hose clamp/tape, pocket tool and work glovesplus essential emergency supplies such as survival wrap blankets, poncho, flashing LED lights, flashlight/lantern and water bag.

First Aid Kit

    This soft-sided, black PVC zipper case is designed to mount inside the cabin or cargo area, ensuring practical first aid supplies are always close at hand. Contents include tweezers/magnifier, insect sting pads, towelettes, adhesive bandages, butterfly strips, sterile gauze, stretch bandage with metal clips, muslin sling, adhesive tape, scissors and an emergency blanket.

iPod Interface Kit

    Enjoy the convenience of operating your iPod? through your vehicle’s audio system,

    using either the steering pad or audio system controls, courtesy of the interface kit for iPod. Using a proprietary 30-pin Apple iPod? connectorvia a connection point

    in the glove compartmentyou can connect, control and charge your iPod while it remains concealed in the glove compartment.*

    *iPod? and accessories not included. iPod? is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Rear Seat Entertainment

    This dual headrest Rear Seat Entertainment System lets your rear passengers watch movies, play video games and even listen to music. Featuring two seven-inch LCD Touch Screen Display monitors with integrated DVD players, the system is compatible with the Active Headrest Safety System. A fit kit is used to mount the docking stations on the top of the driver’s and passenger’s front seats just below the headrest. Each monitor can operate independently to allow for separate video or video game use and includes a pair of infrared wireless headphones1 with two user selectable channels (A and B) that offer superior stereo sound quality. Both monitors also feature RCA A/V jacks for connecting external inputs such as video game systems or digital cameras.

    Headphones are for passenger use only. Do not use while operating vehicle.

Remote Engine Start

    Enjoy the luxury of having your vehicle ready and waiting with a comfortable interior temperature on cold winter mornings or hot summer afternoons, courtesy of the Remote Engine Starter. This clever accessory allows you to start the engineand to

    activate the air conditioner, heater, defroster and defogger functionsbefore

    entering your vehicle. It’s fully integrated into your factory security/keyless entry system, so there’s no need for an additional remote.

The VIP RS3200 Plus (Vehicle Intrusion Protection)

    The VIP RS3200 Plus (Vehicle Intrusion Protection) is a complete vehicle security system with alarm and glass breakage sensor for vehicles that already have factory keyless entry with remote lock/unlock. When equipped with the VIP RS3200 Plus, your vehicle’s security system is activated immediately if the glass is broken or if forced entry of a side door (or the trunk) is attempted. The system includes a wide range of security and convenience features including: automatic rearming and relocking, door ajar warning, interior light activation, panic alarm, rolling code technology and disabling of the starter.

Wireless Headphones

    Stylish, lightweight and fully adjustable, wireless headphones complement your rear seat entertainment system with rich, dynamic sound quality. Cushioned padding helps ensure comfort, while individual volume control allows passengers a personalized audio experience. There’s also an "Auto-off" mode to help extend

    battery life.

XM Satellite Radio

    Celebrate freedom from static and ensure you always have the perfect soundtrack for the streets at your fingertips with XM Radio1. With over 170 channels, XM brings you more of what you love. Get commercial-free music plus all of your favorite sports, news, talk and entertainment along with dedicated channels for instant traffic and weather reports. Everything worth listening to is now on XM.

    * Functioning XM Radio requires a compatible receiver and monthly service fee. See your Toyota dealer for further details. Reception of the satellite signal may vary depending on location. All fees and programming subject to change. Subscriptions subject to the terms and conditions available at XM Radio U.S. service only available in the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia

Exterior Accessories


    Equip your Sienna with durable front and rear mudguards, designed specifically to integrate with your Sienna's styling, body panels, structure and clearances - while helping to provide protection for your factory paint from mud and dirt, as well as stone-chipping. Utilizing existing vehicle attachment points, mudguards are simple to install and can be painted to match your Sienna.

Paint Protection Film

    Help protect your vehicle's factory paint from sand, stones, insects and other road debris that can chip and scratch the finish with paint protection film. Constructed from durable, colorless urethane and nearly invisible, it can be applied to the leading edge of the hood, helping to maintain a like-new appearance.

Roof Rack Cross Bars

    Engineered to integrate with your Sienna’ s factory roof rails, this set of two fully adjustable roof rack cross bars enhance your vehicle’s cargo management versatility and provide additional secure tie-down points for all types of roof rack accessories. They can support a maximum of 150 lbs. (68 kg) when evenly distributed across both bars and meet Toyota’s high quality standards for performance and strength.

Wheel Locks

    Constructed of forged, thoroughly hardened and tempered steel for structural integrity, with triple-nickel or zinc plating, Toyota wheel locks provide inexpensive, dependable protection against wheel and tire theft. All wheel locks are precision weight-balanced to the stock lug nut weight, eliminating the need for rebalancing after installation.

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