Higher Writing

By Alice Matthews,2014-12-10 18:42
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Higher Writing

Part One

    Question 1

    - The bar chart below shows the forecasts of

    unit sales by Toller Electrical Ltd for the

    four quarters of next year in each of its

    three main product areas.

    - Using the information from the bar chart,

    write a short report describing and

    comparing the sales forecasts for the three

    product areas for next year.

    140 words. - Write 120

    Report on sales forecasts for Toller Electrical Ltd

The aim of this report is to compare the sales

    forecasts for three product areas for next year.

Unit sales of fridges are likely to remain at

    5,000 during all four quarters of next year.

TV sales, on the other hand, will significantly

    increase during the second quarter from 10,000 to 15,000. Unit sales will remain at

    15,000 during the third quarter and soar once

    again to 20,000 during the fourth quarter.

Unit sales of cookers, however, are likely to

    fluctuate, starting off at 5,000. sales will

    increase to 10,000 during the second and third quarter of next year, only to decrease to

    5,000 unit sales during the fourth quarter.

It was concluded that TVs will be Toller

Electrical Ltd's strongest product area in the

following year.

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