Asia Now Education Team

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Asia Now Education Team

    Asia Now Education Team

    Conference Call

    Thursday, September 6, 2007


Aulia Rochaini CS Jakarta

    Edu Niala CS Manila (Deputy Team Leader and Note Taker)

    Jim Paul USEAC Boston, ODO Education Team Leader

    Nalin Phupoksakul CS Bangkok (Team Leader and Facilitator)

    Ngo Thuc Anh CS Hanoi (joins ConCall for the first time)

    Rose Mak CS Hong Kong

    Yiu Kei Chan CS Singapore

Nalin called the conference call to order at 9:12 a.m. and went over the proposed agenda

    for the call.

Item 1: Plans for NAFSA 2008 Jim Paul

    Jim Paul (Global EDS Team Leader / CS Boston) shared with the team that plans are under way for the EDS Team’s participation for next years NAFSA Conference in Washington DC from May 26 30, 2008.

    ; Team has submitted 7 session / presentation proposals for consideration. ; Proposals covers wide range of topics including international student recruitment

    initiatives; working with partners; performance measures (e.g., economic impact);

    online learning; working with State Department on hosting Education USA advisors

    on client campuses; and public-private partnerships

    ; Focus for the team is still client outreach and forming / strengthening partnerships ; EDS Team working on a free booth again to facilitate outreach.

    ; Partner Meetings being arranged again, as in last year’s NAFSA.

    ; Team is planning for Showtime appointments again.

    ; Team budget presentations are planned for mid-November will determine how much

    funds will be devoted to support NAFSA. Various fund sources being explored like

    last time, e.g., Professional Development (PD) Funds, CTDY bid, fund-raising

    activities (webinars/virtual fairs) proceeds of which could be used to support more

    Team members to participate at NAFSA.

Comment 1: AsiaNow support for NAFSA: Jim is glad that AsiaNow has identified

    NAFSA as a priority show to promote. Nalin Phupoksakul (CS Bangkok) says the AsiaNow team plans to support the show by (1) sending team members to the show; (2) providing market research. So far those who have indicated that they are planning to go to the show are: LayHwa Teh (CS Kuala Lumpur); Aulia Rochainin (CS Jakarta); Eileen Bai (CS Guangzhou); Nalin P. (CS Bangkok) and possibly Yiu Kei Chan (CS Singapore).

Comment 2: Maximizing OIO Involvement at NAFSA: Jim added that partner meetings

    during the conference have been helpful and he encourages continued participation of the

    OIO colleagues who share market insights and other inputs to the meeting. Jim would like to see more ODO-OIO collaboration on presentations (similar to Jim inviting Alex Choi of CS Seoul to join him on a presentation on a panel with Intensive English Programs). Like last year, Jim would like to have more exposure for OIO colleagues (e.g., in last year’s NAFSA, Jim introduced the OIO colleagues during partner-sponsored

    receptions) for networking and outreach purposes.

Comment 3: Maximizing Outreach during NAFSA: Edu Niala (CS Manila) remarked

    that more than anything else, NAFSA provided various opportunities for outreach so the more opportunities for one-on-one appointments and meetings with schools, the better use of team members’ time in the conference. Jim added that the response by schools to the Showtime appointments even after just one e-mail blast was overwhelming that they are looking to expand this option. Rose Mak (CS Hong Kong) suggested that instead of one-on-one meetings (where for the most part schools ask the same questions over and over again), perhaps the Team can organize some group sessions and arrange for a table discussion with the OIO specialists. This option could save time yet still reach out to as many interested schools / contacts. Edu added that a variation of this option would be to schedule presentation sessions where the OIO specialists will make a presentation on their respective markets followed by Q&A / discussions. Jim said these options are possible and could even be incorporated as “poster sessions” at NAFSA, with a 1.5 to 2 hour window for mini-presentations. Jim shared that previously, former team member Yiu-Chien suggested that the team arrange for a webinar prior to the one-on-one meetings to make them shorter but still address individual concerns raised by the schools. Jim says he’ll discuss this with the rest of the ODO team on the mechanics of the outreach. According to Jim, the trick is to know early on who from OIO will be coming to the show so the ODO team members can help promote the markets.

Comment 4: Matchmaking with Agents: According to Nalin, agents from Thailand who

    are planning to attend NAFSA would be interested in matchmaking meetings with U.S. schools. Jim says this is something that the Team can try to work out as well.

Item 2: Market Research to support NAFSA Nalin P.

    The deadline for the Market Research to support NAFSA is set for February 1, 2008. Previous EDS Market Research should not be older than two years to include updates as may be necessary.

Comment 5: Credit for Market Research - Rose says she clarified with Washington and

    shared with the team that when you prepare a 7-page Market Research (IO) report, you get two credits: one for supporting AsiaNow and one for your IO credit. However, if you submit only a one-page Market Brief, you only get credit for supporting the AsiaNow event.

Item 3: Proposed Team Activities Nalin / Edu

    Nalin shared with the team that CS Bangkok and CS Manila are planning to hold two joint events: (1) Webinar scheduled for November 28 focusing on International Student Recruitment in Thailand and the Philippines; and (2) Study USA Fair scheduled

    sometime February / March (timeframe and logistics still to be finalized). Nalin and Edu to work with ODO colleagues to help promote the two events.

Comment 6: Seeking More Stops for Study USA Fair - Nalin says the more stops for

    the Study USA fair, the more attractive the event becomes. Ngo Thuc Anh (CS Hanoi) expressed interest to join and wanted to know more how they can set up a complementing activity in Hanoi, while acknowledging suggestions from Nalin and Edu based on their experience setting up similar activities in the past. Rose shared that she is busy working with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council for the upcoming Education and Career Expo scheduled for February 21 to 24, 2008. Rose added that this event has been a certified trade fair by Washington, and the organizers have been generously supporting the participation of one International Trade Specialist (previously, CS Hong Kong has hosted Debra Rogers and Jennifer Woods and this year, the expect Young Oh of CS Seattle to participate). After previous discussions with Rose, Edu says it’s possible to tie up the Hong Kong event with the Study USA fair so as to attract more schools. Nalin agrees and says further discussions among interest posts to finalize dates, etc. are in order. Jim says ODO would be willing to support this multi-post activity, and requested to have a flyer ready as soon as possible so that they can help promote the show during the NAFSA regional conferences, for instance. Nalin says the flyer announcing this event may be available by mid-October as soon as the dates and stops are finalized. Rose requested Jim and ODO colleagues to assign someone from ODO who would be the main point of contact in the U.S. Jim says they’ll discuss this during the next team conference call.

Item 4: Study in the USA Guidebook Rose Mak

    Rose shared that she is working with the IIE office in Hong Kong for a Study in the USA Guidebook, a magazine-type handout for distribution to high schools in Hong Kong. Rose has been trying to reach out to as many U.S. colleges and universities who may wish to promote their academic programs by placing an ad on the guidebook. Rose says they have already sent out flyers to U.S. schools to determine interest and are asking the team’s help to reach out by sending their school contact lists.

    Comment 7: Nalin says he can put up the flyer on the AsiaNow EDS Team website, while Jim says he can share this with the rest of the ODO team and seek their support as well.

Item 5: Other Issues

No other issues were raised during the ConCall.

    Item 6: Next conference call tentatively set for Friday, October 26, 2007 at 9:30 (Hong Kong time)

Nalin adjourned the meeting at 10:00 a.m.

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