By Anne Ward,2014-12-10 13:28
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    On Beauty

    For most people;beauty is a concrete concept, referring to the impressive beauty of nature or the good appearance of a famous person such as mysterious living creatures ,marvelous waterfalls ;

    the good outlook of a person and so on. There is no doubt that we are likely to pay more attention to the visible beauty of everything. We are always attaching importance to the outside aspects of everything, but sometimes we might habitually have ignored the inner beauty of a person.

    In my view, both outside and inner beauty of a person are precious and should be cherished, but there are some differences between them.

    Nowadays, beauty is a topic that women always concern, and the only one that could make women keep silent and even hold their breath. Because they always dream to be the fairest of all. However, outside beauty is temporary and cannot be possessed forever ,but inner beauty is treasure which is the source of confidence , self-dignity, glamor, and sense of morality and responsibility. A personinner beauty is invaluable, for it provides them with incomparable inspirations to pursue their dreams and the courage to face all the challenges and obstacles.

    Therefore, I strongly recommend that people had better not spend

    too much time or money on their appearance. Instead ,the energies and expenses on that should be issued to the construction of their abilities and improvement of themselves. In a word ,if you are neat and clean ,I believe that is adequate for a good first impression, anything more would be a waste.

    Then it would be easier for you to infer that cosmetic surgery must be nonsense to me .I would prefer natural things forever., so if it were me ,I would spend money that cosmetic surgery costs on the refinement of my qualities. I think that the charm of the latter would shine longer than the former.

    All in all, I think owning capabilities is always better than being beautiful, and the inner beauty of a person is always better than the outside beauty.

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