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    Unit 4 Identifying telephone nuber

     Making complaints

     Giving warnings

     Talking about weather


    below freezing sunburn Frost degrees Celsius heat stroke Lightning Lightning heat-wave Mild

    Drought Drizzling Fahrenheit

    Icy Blizzard Drought

    Minus/negative fog/foggy Degrees

    Overcast Clear Hurricane

    Shower Cool "typhoon

    "cyclone" Centigrade Breeze

    Flurries Chilly Boiling hot

    thunder freezing cold Hail

     Whats the weather like in your hometown?

     Do you think weather and temperature can affect our mental activities? Why or why not?

    Breezy, Nice and worm, a light rain hot and humid(muggy, damp)

    sweating like crazy, sweltering

    Wet and miserable Sunny windy, a bit chilly

    Freezing, cold, snowy, overcast

    Tons of snow/ pretty cold/ heavily/hard Cool and dry, cloudy

    light sweater or jacket/Down jacket/thin/thick Temperature drops to single figures/reaches Unpredictable/changeable

     Feel depressed when it’s raining

     Feels cheerful/have a good mood

     in the sunshine/ in fair weather/ in breeze

     Get winter blues

     Easily lose temper in how weather

     I’m sentimental in cloudy/overcast day.

What do you think about global warming? How do we know the earth is getting warmer?

     A rise in the temperature of Earth

     an increase in earth temperature

     cause by exceeded methane and in atmosphere

     increased level of carbon dioxide.

     CO2 doesn't let go of all the heat emitted by Sun,

     keeping earth warm even in night.

     cause the ice to melt and will increase the sea level

     Due to industrialization/so many cows in the world Making complaints

     Pardon me, I wonder if it would be too much trouble to

     I wonder if you could help me

     I’m sorry to bother/trouble you, but…

     Excuse me, would you mind (not) doing…

     It’s/You’re getting on my nerves!

     Sorry for that/Alright/ I’m so sorry…

    Giving warnings

     Be careful!/Watch out!/Mind!/Take care!

     Be careful not to…!/ I wonder be extremely careful

     not to walk on slippery road …if I were you.

     Be careful of/Be aware of/ Watch out for…

     You’d better not to…it’s thrilling to surf in the storm

     Safety counts more than style/adventure ----No more outdoor activities for today ----Fine, let’s stay indoors.

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