Fn English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Engineering and Technology

By Curtis Gonzales,2014-12-10 09:58
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1 F f fabrication fabric cloth face face seal facies change facing facsimile factor factorial polynomial factorization factor matrix failed hole failing-film evaporator failure analytical procedure failure criterion failure rate fall fall hammer test falling rock falling weight test fall-off of energy false echo fan conveyor fan cut fan..

    F f fault earthquake filling condition

     fault lake filling conveyor fabrication fault mountain filling height fabric cloth fault rock filling position face fault tree filling ratio face seal fault wall filling ring facies change FDCB (flip-down camera bed) filling shoe facing feature of remote sensing filling weight facsimile information film

    factor feed film-air interface factorial polynomial feedback film elasticity factorization feed shoe film membrane factor matrix feeler film opaque failed hole feldspar film plane failing-film evaporator felt seal film stratification failure analytical procedure fender film strength failure criterion ferric oxide film theory failure rate ferricrete film thickness fall ferromagnetic material filter

    fall hammer test ferrous powder filtering falling rock fertile material filtrate falling weight test FFS machine (form-fill-seal machine) final examination and measurement

    fall-off of energy fiard final force false echo fibreboard final sintering fan conveyor fibre interference effect final value fan cut fibre reinforced metal finder

    fan-shaped fold fibrous powder fine-grained texture farad fibrous protein fine line Faraday constant fidelity fine powder Faraday effect fidelity smoothing function fine solid line Faraday law of electromagnetic fiducial probability fines

    induction field emission finger ring faraday screen field focus finish

    Faradays law field source finite automaton faradic current field theory finite difference faradism figure-8-fold finite difference equation far-infrared filament finite difference method fast ancient standardization file format finite element method fast film filled die finite product fast lens filled stoping finite series fast molecule filler ring fiord

    fast neutron fillet fire

    fast shot fillet gauge firedamp fast working developer (FWD) fill-flash firedamp explosion fault filling firing circuit fault cliff filling amount firing current fault contact filling capacity first angle method

first derivative flip-down camera bed (FDCB) focuser

    first invariant flip-flop focus lock first-order transfer equation float focus mode fisheye lens flo(a)tation foil

    fisheye view flo(a)tation cell foil-stamping fission floating axle fold

    fit floating crane folium

    fitting curve floating die follower Fitts’ law floating dot footage

    five-point interpolation formula flocculation force-balance model fixation flood peak forced layer fixed-axis rotation flood profile forced vibration fixed belt conveyor flood routing force of explosives fixed capacitor flood wave force polygon fixed error floor force vector flakiness floor conveyor foreign body flaky powder floor ripping blasting foreign gas flame coolant floppy disk adapter fork

    flammability flow concentration form-fill-seal machine (FFS machine)

    flange flow duration curve form of standardization flank plane flowing deformation form tolerance flank vertical line flow mark formulation flag flow plastic strain forward characteristic flapping wing flow rate forward current flashing fluid forward difference flashlight fluid dynamics forward voltage flash line fluidized mixing fossil

    flashover fluorescence found

    flashover capability fluorescence spectroscopy foundation flash sensor fluorescent imaging foundation bench flash slave unit fluorescent microscopy foundation bolt flask filling fluorite foundation settlement flatbed scanner flute founding flaw detection flutter Fourier series flex cracking flux Fourier transform flexibility flux-gate magnetometer Fourier transformation flexible automation fluxmeter fraction flexible constraint flysch fractional power flexible mechanism foam film fractionate flexible packaging foaming fractionator flexible sheet foam-in-place fracture flexography focal-ambient vision fracture density flexotir focal distance fragility flexural modulus focal point fragmentation time flight conveyor foco-collimator fragmented powder flinger focus fragmented rock flinger ring focus area selector lock frame of reference

    free acid test funnel free azimuth furnish free body fuse cut-out

    free electron fuse cutter free-flowing powder fused electrolyte

    free oscillation fused seal free running fusion free soil fusion electrolysis

    free-standing film FWD (fast working developer)

    free surface

    free vibration

    free wave

    freeze-thaw weathering freon baffle


    frequency converter frequency converter tube frequency curve

    frequency distribution frequency domain

    frequency response

    frequency transformer fresh surface


    frictional damping

    friction factor

    friction material

    friction sensitivity fringe area


    front plane

    front trace

    front view

    frozen soil


    full acceleration

    full face round

    full partial current full section view

    full-size tunneling shot fume



    functional response functional standard function-of-crater index fundamental deviation

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