Ln English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Engineering and Technology

By Alice Cunningham,2014-12-10 10:13
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Ln English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Engineering and Technology

    L l lateral circulation leg drill

     lateral pressure legend

    label lateral section Legendre approximation labeler lateral spread Legendre function laccolith latex particle Legendre polynomial lag lathe length-width ratio lagoon lathe bed lens

    Lagrange interpolation latitude and longitude lens release button (LRB) Lagrange interpolation formula lattice lens zoom control Lagranges theorem Laurent series Lenzs law

    Laguerre function lava lettering Laguerre polynomial lava-covered area letterpress lake current lava flow level

    lake seiche law of composition level command lamellar liquid crystal law of conservation of angular level of standards lamellar powder momentum level thrust laminar flow law of conservation of energy lever press laminate law of conservation of mass Liapunov direct method laminated packaging law of conservation of matter liar

    laminated structure law of conservation of momentum lifetime lamination law of refraction lifter

    lance bar method law of universal gravitation lifter cut land development blasting layer lifting rod landfill layered medium light amplification land form LBF (light balancing filter) light balancing filter (LBF) landmark knowledge LCD (liquid crystal display) light beam Landsat LDPE (low-density polyethylene) light dynamite landslide leach light-emitting diode landslide drumlin lead light excitation land subsidence lead-block expansion test light flux Langmuir interface lead-in lighting Langmuir trough lead-in chamfer light nucleus lantern ring leading wire light parameter Laplace differential equation lead seal lightproof Laplace operator leakage current light source Laplace pressure leakage current detector light water Laplace transform leak checking lightwave Laplace transformation leak detection method limitation lapse rate leak detector limiting frequency laser leakproof seal limiting pressure laser ablation leapfrog method limiting value laser deposition least square method limits of size laser fusion lecithin limit value laser strengthening ledge linear accelerator latent heat of evaporation ledge blasting linear algebraic equation lateral area left-hand rule linear comparator lateral burning left view linear component

linear dependence load low-velocity detonation

    linear equation load-carrying ability LRB (lens release button)

    linear interpolation loader lubricant linearity loading density lubricant powder linear low-density polyethylene load stress lubrication (LLDPE) local section view lug closure linear model location dimension lumen linear steady system lockout luminance linear strain lockup (LKUP) luminosity linear stress lock washer (LKWASH) luminous flux line blasting locus luminous intensity line drilling loess Luries method line frame logarithm luster line integral logarithmic function lux line of centres logging lysimeter line of curvature logical operation unit lysozyme line of reference long-hole blasting

    line-of-sight method long-hole type blasting liner longitudinal wave

    linerboard long-range electrostatic repulsion line relaxation long-range structural force line spectrum long-shaped matrix

    line width long-term memory

    lining long-term solution

    lip long-term working memory lipid bilayer loop

    lip seal loophole

    liquefaction loose blasting

    liquid crystal display (LCD) loose sintering

    liquid-liquid interface loose soil

    liquid outer core lopolith

    liquid phase sintering Lorentz force equation liquid-solid interface Love wave

    liquid state low-density polyethylene (LDPE) lithium deuteride lower punch

    lithography lower ram

    lithology low explosive

    lithophysa structure low flow

    lithosphere low frequency

    litre low friction

    living body low-order accuracy

    living model low-pass filter

    living organism low pressure

    LKUP (lockup) low pressure limit

    LKWASH (lock washer) low-temperature plasma LLDPE (linear low-density low vacuum

    polyethylene) low-value

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