assignment 2

By Francisco Matthews,2014-03-28 20:40
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assignment 2

Part I Blank filling Part I Blank filling

    Get Fired Get Fired

    A: Please come in, John, and close the door __1__ you. B: All right. Mr. Brown.

    A: __2__ a seat over there. How are things going out in the office?

    B: Pretty well. Everyone is working hard.

    A: But you see, our business is going __3__ sharply these couples of months. And weve to reduce some staff to __4__ the costs.

    B: You mean I’m __5__ the people who have to go?

    A: Im sorry to say so.

    B: Did I do something wrong?

    A: Well, youre the marketing manager. But our sales dont go __6__.

    B: But you know I’ve been working very hard. And I have family to __7__. A: I feel sorry, but thats the decision of the board.

Part II Translation

    1. 他是我见过的最卑鄙的人。

    2. 从这个角度看;我们这么做是合理的。

    3. 不要把我的话看成是针对你个人的。

Part III Transcribe the video clip ( 3′35- 3′50)

Part IV

    Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to

    ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth. This is what we call the

    . Name one example in your mind that fulfills this great dream. American Dream

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