Jim-Zjx writing

By Francis Tucker,2014-03-28 19:27
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Jim-Zjx writing


    It has been 8 years since I started to learn English when I was a junior high school student. I experienced a lot and learned a lot.

    At the very beginning, I was not interested in English at all. I spend little time learning English, and as a result, I didnā€™t get a good

    grade in English and even lose exams. I still remember the lowest score I have got ---45. Things changed when I was three grade, I have to work hard to get a high score so that I can go to the number one school in Yueyang city. I started to recite words and texts, practice listening and do a lot exercises. Through those, I got great progress, and I got 115 in the enter high school exam and went to the high school I wanted to.

     It was a hard time for me when I spent much more time in English study at high school and still could not catch up with other students. I tried several ways to change the statement and finally found learning grammar was the best way for me to improve my English. Through learning grammar I caught up with and exceeded most of my classmates. The only bad thing was that I did very bad in English in the enter university exam.

    I had thought I neednā€™t to learn English at university and I

    found I was fully fault when I got 24 English books the second day I went to school. It was a new challenge for me, I did not do that well

    for I paid little attention on it, but I will not stop learning English.

    Itā€™s a great experience for me to learn English, I love it.


    Thank you for sharing your English learning experience with me. From your essay, I could see your English grammar is good, because you did not make many mistakes in your writing. However, you will not only be good in grammar, but also communicate with others fluently, for testing examinations is not our final goal. So keep trying! And I am sure you will make it! -Zjx

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