Dn English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Engineering and Technology

By Bertha Gonzalez,2014-12-10 09:58
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Dn English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Engineering and Technology

    D d decomposition matrix demulsification

     decomposition method dendritic powder d' Alemberts principle decomposition theorem dense phase damp decompressor dense sintering damped vibration deconvolution filtering densification damper decoupling effect density

    damping decoupling index deoxidant damping force decrepitation dependability damping material dedicated flash dependent variable damp-proof machine dedust depletion D & P (developing and printing) deep-channel viscometer depletion curve Darcys law defective rate depletion force dark conductivity definite integral deplection interaction dark lightning definition deposit

    dash-and-dot line definitive standard deposit contact dash line deflation deposition dashpot definitive standard depression data-ink ratio deflation depression detention data standardization deflection depression storage datum deflection angle depressor daub deflection method depth cue dead axle defoam depth of field dead fold deformation depth of fill dead weight deformation value depth perception dead zone degauss depuration debinding degradation derivation debris degree factor of product structure derivative debris flow standardization derivative formula debug degree of adoption desaturate decanoic acid degree of decay desaturator decanol degree of freedom describing function decanol system degree scale descriptive standard decay dehumidizer descriptor decay dehydrator descriptor index method decay coefficient del desensitization decelerated motion delay blasting desiccation crack decelerator delayed sweep designation decibel delay electric detonator design brief decimal delay number design concept decimal fraction delay relay design flood decision support delay time designing for construction reliability

    deck charge deliquescence design standard deck loading de-magging destabilization declination demarcation circle destructional bench declivity demarcation point detail drawing declutch demixing detector decomposition form demodulation detergency

    determinant die formed ring dihedral angle determination of density dielectric dilatational elasticity deterministic automation dielectric constant dilatational modulus de-to-ac converter dielectric strength dilatational strain detonability limit die lubricant dilatational viscosity detonating cord die plate dilute phase detonating fuse die slotting machine dilution gauging detonating fuse blasting die-wall lubrication diluvial deposit detonating relay difference dimension

    detonation difference approximation dimensionality detonation pressure difference equation dimension chain detonation velocity difference formula dimension line detonation velocity test difference limen dimension standard detonation wave differential dinosein

    detonator differential equation diode

    detrital mineral differential geometry diorite

    deuteron differential measurement dip

    developer differential of high order dip angle

    developing and printing (D & P) differential pressure dip-angle electromagnetic method development blasting differential settlement dipole

    deviation differential transformer dipole electrode arrangement deviation permit differential value dipole method Devonian Period differentiate dip shift

    Devonian System diffraction direct correlation function D horizon diffraction pattern direct current Diabase diffuser direct current bridge diagenesis diffuse reflection direct current main diagonal diffusion direct evaluation method diagonal dimension diffusion-controlled model directional pressure diagonal element diffusion current directional view diagonal line diffusion deposition direction cosine diagram of particle distribution diffusion equation directive standard dial indicator diffusion process direct manipulation dial plate diffusion rate direct measurement diameter diffusion seal direct method diametral clearance diffusion wave direct priming diamond digging blasting direct proportion diaphragm digit direct stress diapir digital emulation direct thermal stratification diapiric feature digital-frequency filter disability glare diapositive digital output terminal discard

    diazotype digital printer discharge

    dichotic listening digital pulse discharge coefficient dichroic fog digital ratio discharge current die digital ratio equation discharge measurement die body digital storage accessory discipline of standardization die-cut digital versus analogue discontinuity

    discontinuity surface distributive law double series discontinuous sintering distributor double shear discrete error disturbance double spiral cut discrete form disturbed magnetic field doublet fragmentation time discrete probability distribution ditch blasting double vector divergence discrete stochastic variable diurnal correction double-wall board discrete system diurnal variation downcast discriminability di-vacancy down-the-hole drill discriminant divergence downward continuation disintegrating method divergent lens drafting instrument disintegration divergent series drag

    disintegration equation diversion drag conveyor disjoining pressure diverter drag structure disjoining pressure isotherm diverter resistance drainage disjoint event divide drainage area disk dividend drainage basin disk dryer division drainage divide dislocation division plane draper conveyor disorder-order transition divisor draw-and-iron can dispenser doctor blade draw-and-redraw can dispersed phase ratio dodecagon draw cut dispersion doghouse drawing board dispersion coating dolomite drift

    dispersion error dome drifting blasting dispersion force dominating integral drift round dispersion-strengthened material donor charge drill

    made by powder metallurgy Doppler effect drill carriage dispersion strengthening Doppler system drill cuttings displacement dosimeter drilling-and-blasting displacement chromatography dot product drilling machine displacement fault double-acting seal drilling pattern disposal cap double-action press drilling speed disposal of explosives double-action pressing drill jumbo disruptive explosive double-broken line D-ring

    dissipation double clover-leaf cut Drive

    dissociation double distribution driving axle distance of distinct vision double exposure driving force distant-point double image point drop height distil(l) double integral drought

    distinguishability double lathe drum

    distorting lens double-layer repulsion druse

    distortion double mass curve dry-bond laminating distributary double root dry cell distribution double sampling dry delta distribution chart double scale dry friction distribution curve double seal dry plate distribution packaging double seam dry running

dry seal

    dry separation

    dry valley

    DS blasting



    duality principle dual property

    Dubrovin gauge



    duplex paper


    durometer hardness dust arrester

    dust-collecting electrode

    dust explosion

    dust ring

    dust seal


    dynamic compression dynamic effect

    dynamic equilibrium dynamic friction dynamic loading dynamic metamorphism dynamics

    dynamic seal

    dynamic simulation dynamic standardization dynamic stress

    dynamic surface pressure

    dynamic surface tension dynamometer


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