unit 10

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unit 10

Unit 10

    acclamation: a loud expression of approval or welcome欢呼

    automaton: machine, esp one in the shape of human being who without anyone controlling it barrel: a large curved container with a flat top and bottom, made of wood or metal cask: a round wooden container used for storing wine or other liquids

    chivalrous: behaving in a polite, kind, generous and honorable way, esp towards women commander: an officer of any rank who is in charge of a group of solders or a particular military activity

    commander-in-chief: someone in control of the military organizations in a country or a specific military activity

    contented: happy and satisfied

    convert: to change or make someone change their opinion, belief or habit corps: a group of people who work together to do a particular job

    corrupt: very bad morally

    creed: a set of beliefs or principles

    currency: the system or type of money a country uses

    diplomat: someone who officially represents his/her government in a foreign country discard: to get rid sth because it is useless

    doctrine: a belief or beliefs that form the main part of a religion or system of ideas elaborately: in a way that is intricate, complicated or painstaking

    elbow: the joint where your arm bends

    elegant: very beautiful and graceful

    emulate: to try to be like someone else , because you admire them

    erase: to remove marks or writing; to get rid of destroy sth so that it no longer exists expedition: a long journal, esp one made by a group of people, to a place that is dangerous or that has not been visited before

    extravagance: the act of spending a lot of money on things that are not necessary fiery: flaming, glowing, passionate like fire

    flatter: to praise someone in an insincere way in order to please or get sth from him or her fortifications: towers, walls, etc. built around a place in order to protect or defend it garment: a piece of clothing

    guffaw: to laugh loudly

    hermit: someone who lives alone and has a simple way of life, usually for religious reason hollow: to make a hole or empty space

    imprint: to print the mark of sth on

    inhabit: to live there

    kennel: a small hut where a dog sleeps

    lunatic: someone who behaves in a crazy or very stupid way; a mad man

    magnificent: wonderful, very impressive, extremely big and beautiful

    mighty: very strong and powerful or very big and impressive

    mischievous: playing tricks on people or doing things to annoy or embarrass them mock: to laugh at people and try to make them look stupid by making unkind remarks about them or by copying them

monarch: a king or queen

    neglect: to pay too little to sth that you should do

    nudge: to push someone gently, usually with your elbow in order to get their attention occasionally: sometimes

    page boy: a servant to a person of high rank

    paradox: a statement that seems impossible because it contains two opposing ideas that are both


    pebble: a small smooth stone found on the beach or on the bottom of a river perishable: easy to fall into decay if not keep under specific condition poetry: the art of writing poems

    privacy: the state of being able to be alone, and not seen or heard by other people procure: to obtain sth, esp sth that is difficult to get

    purple: a dark color that is a mixture of red and blue

    quantity: an amount or number

    ragged: torn and in bad condition

    realm: a country ruled over by a king or queen

    restrain: to prevent sth from doing sth harmful or stupid

    satirize: to use satire to make fun of people’s faults

    scant: not enough

    scoop: to pick sth up with a scoop, spoon or your curved hand scratch: to rub your skin with finger nails, esp it is itches sober: not drunk

    spring: a small stream of water flowing naturally from the earth storage jar: a round container used for keeping food or drinks in stroll: to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed way

    titter: to laugh quietly esp when you are nervous

    toil: to work very hard for a long period of time

    tottering: working or moving unsteadily from side to side as if you are going to fall over

    unanimously: without anyone who does not agree

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